Should It Be Pink, Lavender Or Both?

Attention all gardener’s, spring is nearly sprung!  It’s that time of year again when all green thumb enthusiasts start to think about their annual displays of gorgeous color in their yards, decks, balconies or just window box’s.  Seems there’s no place that is ‘un-garden-able”, if that’s even a word.

For the past 25 years, I’ve patiently (or barely) survived winter in our country home.  Saved only by the thought of warm days, buzzing  bee’s and the sweet song of birdies amongst the riot of blooms in the garden.  I would spend dark winter evenings engrossed in a generous pile of  magazines, planning every pot, spot and enclave.  Every spring I would head to my local garden centre ready to execute “My Best Garden Ever” plan, only to return with completely different colors and plants.  The few years I worked at Hastings Lake Gardens weren’t any easier, every bloom a temptation, every blooming pot placed on the wish list.  I never really made any money there, much to Dot’s pleasure.

This year will be different though. Having sold the house in October and still shopping for the perfect dream home, I will be in our rental condo while all other garden enthusiasts are gleefully filling their carts at their favourite nurseries.  The good part is I’ll be saving money and freeing up time for many other hobbies. The bad part is I’m not sure if I can go “cold turkey”.  I’m already eyeballing the front stairwell, surely there’s room for a couple of pots there?  If I do any shopping at all, I will have to show great control, like a dieter in a cupcake store (been there, done that). If not, there’s always next spring with the promise of a new garden in a new home. Either way, one thing is certain I’ll probably be thinking “should it be pink, lavender or both”?

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