DIY – Vintage Suitcases say “Happy Travels Ahead”

I seem to gravitate to all things vintage. Vintage suitcases are no exception. They make fun and functional storage where space is limited.  I recently came across a set of three vintage suitcases on Kijiji for only $10.00.  Say what? You can’t even buy three Rubbermaid Storage containers for $10.00.  They were an unattractive grey with nasty, repeat NASTY old interiors.  But, if you have a vision anything is possible right?

If you are planning a similar project feel free to email me here at Boomdeeadda for complete details. Long story short:

  1. Clean well and remove old linings, saving some parts for templates for new lining
  2. Mask with painters tape any hardware you don’t want to paint. Accuracy will assure a happy ending.
  3. Make new patterns from cardboard using old icky linings
  4. Sew lovely fabric to new cardboard patterns
  5. Use contact cement to adhere new lining to interiors (follow label directions).
  6. Most importantly, Admire you’re hard work!

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I have just finished the cute little cosmetic travel case and simply couldn’t be happier.  One down, two to go.  I choose to use Sunbrella Indoor/Outdoor Fabric for the interiors because it is durable, wipe able and of course it was Aqua!

Time for a little break and maybe a daydream or two……Bonjour, it’s 1961, I imagine a stylish woman, perhaps with a jaunty pillbox hat and clever clutch stepping off a train in Paris. With her lovely luggage in hand she runs into the arms of her handsome  lover for a weekend of careless abandon in the romantic City of Lights….yes vintage suitcases say “Happy Travels Ahead”.


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

21 thoughts on “DIY – Vintage Suitcases say “Happy Travels Ahead”

    1. Thanks Cindy. They continue on duty in my craft room and hold a lot of stuff. I’ve finished the whole set and love them. They’re fun to plan and do. I also did one for Alys as a birthday gift last year but using warmer colours.


    1. Thank you Alys, I really love them too. I’m storing all my Big Shot Die Cuts in the Train Case and the Big Shot and accessories in the biggest case. The middle case holds a couple of other craft room tools. I sent the seller an email of my finished project but never heard back. Maybe she was sad to sell them for only $10.00


        1. Oh you, (another hand wave past face). How come you live so darn far, I wanna hug you!

          I’m sure you’re right, I probably got the wrong email address. I haven’t been on Kijiji in a while (garage sale on line, like ebay but local stuff), maybe there’s more treasure out there. xoK


        2. Truth? Not presently, but it’s fun to look. I dream of a craft room done by California Closets in a permanent home. I applied on a job opportunity there and got two interviews but in the end a fellow was hired. It was advertised as part time but was going to be 40 hrs/wk and in the end I didn’t want to work full time again….I bet he’s having fun though.


  1. Hi!

    I found you while looking up mint green beaded clutch purses. I saw your aqua one! Awesome!

    I am, like you, a vintage addict! I have an online shop, and was trying to figure out a good price. Your addictions make me smile! I feel you. BIG time! 🙂

    I also love old luggage, especially train cases!! I also love housewares, and gloves and ultimately… HATS! I have so many hats that I had to start selling! haha! They say it is not hoarding if it is “Inventory”! Hahaha! Of course, I can’t drive past a thrift store without veering in! LOL

    Right now, I am on Etsy. Don’t you LOVE Etsy?? Great shops with soooo much great stuff! A girl could go broke. That’s why your site is so good. Cool ideas for DIY and save $$$.

    After the first of the year I am launching “Hataholique”, my new shop. You’ll have to stop in and “see” me. I will be following you. Maybe when I learn how to blog and all that you can follow me. 🙂

    Keep up the good stuff!! Have a great weekend!



    1. Jello fellow Vintage Girl, thanks for your fabulous response. I’m making great use of these in my craft room. It’s all about the aqua with me (you probably noticed). I have my favorite haunts and sometimes will just stroll thru with my IPOD on shuffle and a Starbucks just to chill. It’s like window shopping without the crowds. I’ll totally come on by your Etsy. I’ve snooped there at times but I’ve never ordered anything. We get killed on duty and still pay GST even though it’s purchased out of the country 😦 But you never know, I might find something I just can’t live without. Thanks for looking back at all my Obsessions…er, I mean collections.


    1. Thanks for visiting the post and for your kind comment. I probably will never use them for travel, but super handy in my craft room now that they’re done.


  2. I absolutely adore this! You did such an amazing job, I wouldn’t even wait for a travel opportunity to use this, it would brighten up any girl’s ensuite and a neat way to incorporate storage into limited space for all those pretty face cloths and lotions/perfumes and endless products we seem to use. I’ve always wanted to DIY a floating wall storage unit with a vintage or naturally distressed look out of maybe an old cabinet or cupboard for my washroom at home.. Just can’t seem to find the right piece, and then there is always where to start?! You definitely were blessed with an intuition for these things, everything you make is to die for!


    1. Hi Tina, thanks for visiting Boomdeeadda & all the sweet compliments. Sounds like you have a great idea for your ensuite. I had great luck finding these cheap on Kijiji. Spent a few $$$ on the updates, but love them now. Maybe try there, you might find the perfect thing. Good Luck!


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