So Far, So Fab

I’ve been nurturing my little ‘condo style’ flower garden.  Perhaps you read the earlier post May 16th, “From Drab to Fab”.  Just a wee update to brag about the progress. All day sunshine has its benefits.

Makes me happy when I open the door to see all this color. It would be especially cheery if my sweet cousin Sherri popped over for a little spot of tea….saddly, not today, she lives in Ottawa.

One of my new favorites is this petunia with a yellow throat.  Not to long ago, if you said ‘yellow petunia’ to a gardener, they’d think you’d been in the sun too long.

One challenge was, once you pack your annuals in, there’s not room for a lot of dirt in these containers   The tendancy was to wilt before I knew they needed watering.  So I bought this handy Moisture Testing Wand. It was under $10.  What I like about it is, I can quickly check the pot and only water as needed and not re-water a wet pot. That should make for healthier plants and save me a lot of trips back to the kitchen to refill the water can.  I also like that I won’t have to dig dirt out from my finger nails as I’m hopping in the car (previous water meter was ‘the finger stab’, not too high-tech).

I hope your gardens are doing well too. Really, it’s only June, so there’s much more summer to come but so far, so fab.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

6 thoughts on “So Far, So Fab

  1. Charming photos! I love those blue pots and the way they contrast nicely with the pink and yellow flowers.

    Where did you find those over the railing planters? I’ve not seen that style before.


      1. Oh my. I think I lost track of time on those two sites. Thanks for the links. I’ve not heard of hayneedle before. The green land garden site is beautiful, but I guess local to your area. Lucky you!


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