Oh, Hello! Want to Play?

Every Saturday between mid-May until mid-September, the  104 Street City Market  in downtown Edmonton invites you with sights and sounds of summer. With a wonderful variety of  vendors there’s something for everyone.  The really nice thing is you may bring your dog, on leash, while you enjoy the day.  I think that’s just fan-furry-tastic!

One of my favorite finds was at ‘The Frosty Pumpkin’ where Brandie and Heather had hand-made home decor.  I fell for this Garden Tea Cup Bird Feeder, isn’t it cute?  I’m using it as a dainty bird bath in my o’ so small condo garden.  I think it adds a little class.

As Mr Boomdeeadda and I made our way through the fresh flowers and produce we came to meet a new friend.  She happily introduced me to her new kitty, all black and white just like Sylvester.  Of course I wanted one of my own and set out to find “The Balloon Girl”.

As it turns out, the lovely and effervescent ‘Daphne’ is a University student paying her way through school with her balloon twisting skill as “Twist For Tips”. She’s a triple threat: smart, cute and talented. Her summers are cram packed with birthday parties and events, but today she’s making me my very own ‘Black Cat’ (you should have guessed).  With her magic balloons, a twist here, a turn there and voila!  My little Black Cat is complete with its very own aqua ball of yarn. Thank’s Daphne!

Of course Petals and Blossum were very interested in my new friend.  Although Petals was suspicious, I do believe that Blossum was saying “oh, hello! want to play”?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

3 thoughts on “Oh, Hello! Want to Play?

  1. Okay, so my cat Lindy just walked across the key board, mi- comment, so forgive me if something strange posted before this. What I was saying was that I love the name the Frosty Pumpkin and what a great idea turning the tea cup into a bird bath. I hope you capture a feathered visitor on camera.


    1. Sweet Lindy must be saying “oh hello, want to play?” ha. I do hope I see a feathered friend stop to ‘wet the whistle’….& it’d be great to catch a picture. Do you have a water feature in your fabulous garden?


      1. We do! It’s a small, inexpensive fountain (under $100) that we bought nearly 16 years ago. We’ve replaced the pump several times, but the little structure still stands. Between you and me, it’s not very pretty…but we love the sound of water and enjoy watching the squirrels and cats take a drink.

        We had a bird fountain in the front yard (away from our cats who are confined to the house and back yard) but the neighbor’s cat was after the birds on a daily basis, so I stopped filling it. I love all animals, and understand it is part of nature, but well-fed domesticated cats don’t need to kill wild birds to survive. We do feed the hummers, up high near our kitchen.

        And thanks for the compliment!


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