Gone But Not Forgotten

I bought my first home when I was 25, with all kinds of gumption and a mite bit of naivete. There wasn’t much on the land except for the house when we moved in.  What I did like about moving to a lake was that we could keep our boat in the front yard and have a dog.  Young people have funny priorities sometimes, don’t you think?  It didn’t seem to matter that we were almost an hour’s drive to work.  If you’re a homeowner, you know the projects are never-ending.  These are the things you can’t put a price on when you sell your home.  All the years of lovingly tending your home and garden, then leaving it to someone new. It’s a little bittersweet.

A garden is the pride of many homeowners. It’s where you take family pictures, invite friends to visit, play with the dog, really life comes and go’s through the garden. I wonder if the new owners will be so diligent?  Do they have a green thumb?  Will they stake the Peonies as their giant blooms start to nod with heaviness?  What about the Poppy’s and Delphinium?  They certainly need some help to stand up tall. I hope they love my favorites like the Bleeding Heart, Lady’s Mantle and white Lilacs as much I as did.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pack it all up like the dishes and just take it with you?  I was truly sad about leaving the rose-bush we transplanted from my mother-in-law’s garden when she moved to a nursing home.  Fran just loved to see it in my garden, growing happily and bigger every year.

Seems perhaps a garden never really belongs to you, it’s just temporarily in your care. I knew one day we would leave the lake and leave the garden. But while it may be gone, it’s not forgotten.

Buddy in the Garden (1995 – 2010)

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15 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten

    1. So true. We have a wonderful water colour painting of Bud on our mantel. We still spend the day together and lots of wonderful moments live on. Thank you for your thoughtful message!


  1. What a fun house–and the flowers are wonderful. I especially like the heartwarming story about the rose bush your mother-in-law gave you when she went into the nursing home.


    1. Thanks for reading Sheryl. We’ve driven by a couple of times over the past summer when visiting friends there. Unfortunately the new owners are not gardeners…what can you do?


  2. Oh, Your beautiful lake home and stunning gardens…so cared for! And your beloved Buddy!
    I nearly cried seeing your precious dog…we have a dog so similar in appearance. Our Molly is nearing 14 yrs old and has started to show her age. We all know that her time with us is coming to an end, but are determined to make her last months happy and comfortable. As much as the whole family benefitted from the move to the country 5 years ago, no one was happier than our Molly. Free to run and chase squirrels and soccer balls. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt message Stacey and garden compliments. I hope your sweet Molly will enjoy a few more good and happy years. We adopted Buddy in 2002, he was already 7. A happy soul and good boy. We stayed at the lake just for him but when he passed away we sold the house. We felt it was a good time to start a new chapter. It’s the hardest thing to say good-bye to a pet but I wouldn’t trade all those happy greetings and wagging tails for anything.

      We never really knew what Buddy was, we thought part lab and husky maybe. Have you had Molly since she was a puppy?


  3. I’m not sure why I never saw this? Perhaps you published it before I was officially following you. What a beautiful home and garden you left behind. You’ve described my father’s feelings exactly when he left his garden behind in Canada. Like you, he started with dirt, and lovingly built a garden from the ground up. All those memories, all that love and care you put into it. Leaving it behind couldn’t help but be bittersweet.

    Oh Buddy, what a lovely, sweet face. I know you are dearly missed.


    1. Oh you know, I had fun reading that again too. HA. I said to Jim the other night “who knew I had so much to say” when we were talking about how many posts I’ve done. He just laughed. I new it was the right time for us to move along, but like your dear dad, I do miss it sometimes and I really miss having a dog. If I could clone buddy, that’d be great but I’m certain there are lot’s of sweet-good boys needing a home. Maybe someday. Thank’s for skipping back here Alys and for your dear message.


        1. Me too Alys, we talked about a trip to California over a bottle of wine on a patio of a great restaurant tonight. April looks favourable..exciting!


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