Music Monday – Week 1

Week 1 Music Monday

Welcome to my new Feature post for Mondays.  Maybe you’ve noticed I revamped my Home Page a few days ago.  One of the ‘Links’ I used to have was,  “What’s Playing In The Craftroom”.  It didn’t seem like a big hit. Hey, they can’t all be winners right?

So in the spirit of “Wordless Wednesday” or “Silent Sunday”, Boomdeeadda begins “Music Monday”.  Every Monday I’ll  share a song from an artist I really enjoy.  Maybe you’ll like them too. At the very least, you can let me know who you’re listening to and I’ll discover someone new.  It’s just all about sharing some great music.

On Premier week, Boomdeeadda’s Music Monday is featuring my favorite Aussies, ‘Tin Pan Orange’.  I think their lyrics are so sweet and genuine in ‘Romeo Don’t Come’ , you can listen to it here at their My Space page.

“there’s a boy throwing rocks at my window, sitting on a bench down below and he says “come and spend some time, with me beneath the washing line”. He looks as handsome as the night, hands in his pockets, his face in daylight”

Just love that one.  When I hear this next song: I imagine I’m on a swing, it’s a sunny, warm day. I’m  kicking my feet ahead to get up as high as I can go, my pig tails swinging back and forth as I go.

But that’s just me.. here’s Tin Pan Orange singing La La La

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

4 thoughts on “Music Monday – Week 1

  1. Great music, thanks! You might also like The Staves from the UK. They opened for Bon Iver in May and were awesome!


    1. WOW, Kari thanks for the recommendation, I LOVE them, see I’m already reaping the benefits of ‘Music Monday’. Putting ‘The Motherlode’ on the Ipod.

      Hey everyone, beautiful harmonies, delivering a gentle message, also enjoyed ‘I Try’ : check out Kari’s recommendation here:


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