Some People Are Just So Talented

Another beautiful day in Edmonton to stroll downtown. Oh, not that far, that’s all the way back to 1913. It does look fun though.

I strolled to City Center park to take in ‘The Works’ . It’s an annual event highlighting many local artists. There’s music, photography, fabric creations, glass artisans and more.  There’s also a lot of food and drink for the weak of will (that’d be me). I just had to have a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade, o-so refreshing and as their cup says, ‘heaven’.

I always enjoy meeting new friends too. This handsome fellow (the one with the hat….and glasses….and fur) is ‘Molson’, he’s named after a Canadian beer. Could he be any more adorable?  His dad was happy to chat us up while we scratched Molson under the chin.  “Molson, you’re so special!”.

One display in particular caught my admiration. It was this fine example of fibre art by local Margie Davidson. Margie took photos for a year and then interpreted them as a knitted  ‘Calendar’.

Even the snow-covered landscape of winter yielded an interesting section of her knitted calendar. Not purely white but many shades of winter. Much like a fine painter, perhaps Renoir or Monet. They certainly wouldn’t have painted the ‘snow’ white would they?

I particularly fancied February with all the vibrant colors of a trip abroad, a little bit of a surprise.

A fall harvest of fruits from a garden yielded lovely purples, burgundy and blues.  All melding together to echo what Margie sees in her photographs.

The project in all it’s grandeur was displayed on the steps of City Hall, which I thought was very striking. Look how many steps it covered!  I just think the concept is so original, I loved her method of capturing her year both in photo’s and in her knitted project.  Some people are just so talented.

PS. City Hall is a great place to hang on a hot day, just ask the kids.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

6 thoughts on “Some People Are Just So Talented

    1. Isn’t he a personality? Adorable and loved attention so much which made me want to take him home. Mr Right is back to work on Monday and I will miss all the exciting outings, Lunch Dates and sleep ins. Usually when he’s up at 5:30am the Diva’s awake and that’s the end of my sleep.


  1. What an interesting concept. I particularly like the way it looks on the steps. Are the pieces on the display board, samples of the larger work, or more of the same?

    That lemonade looks delicious.


    1. Actually, what’s on the display board (all connected end to end) are 4 x 6 photo’s of each section of the project. (All filmed on a hardwood floor). It does look like a mini sample doesn’t it. The lemonade was very popular. That little gal made them faster than a speeding bullet, everyone wanted one. Delish! So glad you came by, thanks every so much.


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