The Diva’s New Pillow – Part 1

My sweet little Blossum & Petals love to hang with me in the craft/sewing room.  Their sad-looking kitty pillow just wasn’t up to snuff.  All flat and a terrible dark green color, it  didn’t look very Boomdeeadda worthy.  So while I was shopping for a fabric for the Vintage Hawaiian Shirt Pillow’s, I also scored these lovelies (all on sale).

 “I will sew them a pillow that will shine like a new penny in a Sunday plate”, I thought with a smile on my face. Then it occurred to me that it’s 2012 and I need to update my ‘favorite old sayings’.  Well, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Very cute, very diva. Here’s a little teaser, more on the new cover tomorrow.

Today I thought I’d share how I refurbished the kitty pillow insert (really, really cheap).

Once I took off the old natty cover, I decided the insert was too flat and out of shape.  I had planned to just add a layer of foam.  But I was shocked to find that a piece of foam,  34″ x 26″ was over $25.00.   Instead, I bought two regular-sized pillows at Wal-Mart for $3.98 each. I sewed them together to make the perfect “pillow-top”,  just like my own bed.

Next,  I sewed a cotton cover using  sheeting (one you already have or buy the yardage, it’s cheap) and snaps. The snaps will allow removing for laundering.

If you’ve never installed snaps, there’s an excellent tutorial, FYI Music playing, adjust volume.  


Here’s the refurbished kitty-pillow insert, totally luxurious.   Visit Boomdeeadda tomorrow to see

The Diva’s new pillow.

See you tomorrow, the Diva’s new pillow turned out Tres Chic (that’s how a french kitty would say it).

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

12 thoughts on “The Diva’s New Pillow – Part 1

    1. O man, that is a really, really nice house. Ashli has really done a great job. I just loved all the photo’s in the tour. I’d live there in a heart beat. Isn’t her little fur baby Max adorable? I’m so glad you sent me over there, I can’t wait to see it all…..I’m eye-balling her napkin tutorial…might be up late! HA Thanks Alys.


  1. Nicely done! Makes me want to drop everything and go sew. Love the vintage fabrics, too.

    Is that an area rug or upholstery pictured below the white pillow? I love that pattern.


    1. That is an Area Rug, I got it a few years ago at Homesense (discount Home Decor store here). It was marked down soooooo many times. I could see how it would be hard to decorate around, but I’ve always loved it! Thanks for noticing. Do you like to sew too? I’ve not sewed in a while and forgot how fun it is to make EXACTLY what you want.


      1. I love sewing. I actually worked as a seamstress for a few years for local theater groups. I loved it, just not the inadequate pay check and unsteady hours. The work itself and the people I met, were grand.

        It is a lot of fun. I made a cover for our garden swing back in May. I’ve got extra material to make pillows as well, but I’ve not had the time to get back to it.

        The rug is beautiful. How nice to get such a great deal. I follow another blog called Mini Manor (she’s based in Vancouver) and she mentions Home Sense from time to time. You should check out her blog. It’s all about home design, color, some sewing and cooking. I really enjoy her site.


        1. Theater group would be fun, all those fantastically arty people. I did try and type and it didn’t come up. Have I mis-spelt it I wonder?


        2. I’ll send you the link. I don’t think she’s on WordPress. BRB

          It still has the old URL

          But she now calls it Mini Manor


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