Man, It’s Really Cooking Out There

Is the weather crazy or what?  The forecast week in Edmonton is for several consecutive days over 30 C (85 F). While our southern friends may be used to it, this is somewhat unusual weather here in north central Alberta.  Or is it?  Dave Sauchyn, a climate researcher at the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaboration reports that weather extremes, especially on the Prairies are the “new normal”.  In an article posted at ‘The Western Producer’ on June 29, 2012 Dave states that we are in the start of a 60 year climate cycle: 30 years wet followed by 30 years dry.  They can see climate changes in the past by studying trees, amazing.  I found this quote “weather is what we get, climate is what we expect” very clarifying.

I hope you will all be enjoying these summer days where ever you live.  I was so happy to see this Hot Dog vendor in downtown Edmonton be  so mindful and caring of our four-legged friends.

What a kind gesture.  He not only wants to serve you a hot dog but look after your ‘hot dog’.  I love it!

Alys at Gardening Nirvana provided a great link to the The Humane Society of the United States in her post  “Independence Day Approaches” ,  and our very own Edmonton SPCA also shares valuable information at their website about pets in vehicles.

While we might be enjoying these hot summer days our pets may not, cause man, it’s really cooking out there.

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5 thoughts on “Man, It’s Really Cooking Out There

    1. I was also at the Farmers Market yesterday and I usually love visiting with all the dogs too, but yesterday I was just hoping their peeps were thinking about hydration too. I probably worry too much.


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