Interview With A Vampire

OK, I apologize to Twilighter’s (fan-pires) and Anne Rice fans, it’s really not a vampire it’s a world famous florist!  Well, now she is famous in Leduc I believe.

It’s actually my favorite florist, the effervescent Adele at Corinthia Flowers . Adele’s been working in the biz since her teen years, when she helped her mom at the shop.  The shops named after the area in Leduc, Alberta where they first opened their doors.

More disclosure, Adele and I are sister-in-laws!  She rings me up during crazy times to answer the phones, wrap deliveries or receive and clean new flowers for the giant cooler (Oh how I love the cooler…..but not more than Adele obviously).  Sometimes there’s so many flowers in there, you can barely move. I wish you could smell it in here, heavenly!

I recently stopped by to drink her beer **, talk to her about running Corinthia Flowers:

Boomdee**: What’s your favorite part about owning a flower shop?

Adele: Being a floral designer is the best part.

Boomdee: and your least favorite part?

Adele: [crazy laughter] alllllll the paper work!

Boomdee: If someone wanted to start a flower shop, what advice would you give them?

Adele: Get some good experience in the biz, work in a shop.

Boomdee: Have you ever done flowers for someone famous?

Adele: Actually yes, Corinthia Flowers has done arrangements for the Air Canada flights home for both Her Majesty The Queen and  in 1983 for a young royal couple, Charles and Diana The Princess Of Wales after their visit to Edmonton

Boomdee: Wow, that’s exciting!  So, what are brides asking for this year? What’s hot?

Adele: I do see Yellow & Silver making a big comeback.

Boomdee: I know it’s hard to pick, but so you have a favorite flower?

Adele: Number one is definitely Gardenia’s  for their heavenly scent, but they’re more for those special occasions,  I guess Stock would be a close second, they’ve got a really pretty fragrance too and they’re a good value.

Boomdee: Oh, I love stock too! So, what do you think you’d do if you weren’t a florist?

Adele: [more crazy laughter] NOTHING, relax! Oh, just maybe for a while.

Boomdee: Naaa, [laugh] I meant, if you didn’t become a florist, what did you want to be?

Adele: ohhh, I was going to be a professional chef with a daily cooking show on TV, like the Galloping Gourmet or even a nurse and maybe a marine biologist.

Boomdee: [giggle] that’s so like you! Go BIG or go home. I could totally see the cooking show thing!

Adele: You got it, Go BIG or go home! [laugh some more]

Boomdee: So what do florists do when the shop lights go out at night (PG version please)?

Adele: I love to travel, rejuvenate, spend time with the family, decorate our home, cook and entertain at home.

Boomdee: Well thanks Adele, you’ve been delightful as usual. Now I need some pretty flowers to take home please.

Adele: Oh ya, there’s lot’s to pick from in the cooler, at cost of course [giggle].

Boomdee: oooo thanks,  I like how that sounds!

While cooking and entertaining doesn’t sound entirely relaxing to me, there you have it!  That’s the skinny, the down low about life as a floral designer and business owner.  Sounds like a dream gig, and maybe some days it actually is.  What you don’t see when you receive your flowers at the door are the long hours standing on your feet, juggling duties and enjoying life as a working mom!

PS. This could have been you Adele, but then we wouldn’t be able to ring you up at Corinthia Flowers

** Acknowledgments: Thank’s for the nickname Alys, sounds cool for interviews don’t you think?

And  to oh-so-funny Jules,  thanks for all the chuckles, I used your trick here, Cheers!

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8 thoughts on “Interview With A Vampire

  1. Hi Kel your awesome thats a great write up your such a natural! journalist I love the add on galloping gourmet I’ve had fun watching the episodes I didn’t remember him being so funny that dry english humour good stuff! Thanks Sis! Love Adele


    1. Thanks for being part of Boomdeeadda! You should head to Youtube to see more of Graham Kerr, you’re right, he was a gas. I forgot he started that show with a chit chat and a glass of wine. Wouldn’t he be fun at a party? See you soon, xox K


  2. This is so cool! And with that kind of hook-up, man… I would be so shameless, LOL Fresh flowers on the daily!

    And I am very proud of your perfect and hilarious use of the ‘strike-out’ 😉


  3. Adele, I know it’s hard work, but it does sound like a dream job to me. Boomdee, you can add journalist to your bio now with your awesome nom du plume.

    I love the smell of a florist fridge. I know exactly what you are talking about. Mmmmmm….

    Thanks for the pingback.


    1. That’s very sexy sounding ‘nom du plume’ (I had to look it up), yes I could lunch with Katie Couric and I’d give her the Proust Questionnaire, Look out Vanity Fair! I would invite you and we could tell her how my pen name came to be..LOL


  4. Great interview with Adele – sheis a great florist and if I remember correct a great chef/ I presume she would do better than ur video of the Gourmet Chef???


    1. I know right, dinner at their house is always an event! I’ve wondered in a bunch of flower shops just to snoop and Adele’s design’s always stand out, and she just really knows what I like. xoK


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