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One of my favorite shops in downtown Edmonton is The Artworks  Week after week, they have the most gorgeous window displays. One week looks like the Garden Of Eden and the next it’s all the glamor of vintage camping. Super creative eye candy!  There’s all kinds of inspiration at their Blog too.

The window is merely a teaser for all the fabulous goodies you’ll find inside.  All creatively displayed.  I could spend an hour in here just looking at their collection of cards, all very unique. You won’t find these at your local Hallmark store.

Every where you look is something wonderful.  I popped in to buy a couple of sheets of Cavallini Wrapping Paper. If you love vintage images, you’ll love Cavallini.  I’ve got many of their rubber stamp collections too and use them non-stop. The Cavallini & Co  website is to die for, check it out.  It’s almost too hard to decide, but I did leave with the vintage map and vintage dog prints.  I always get inspired when I shop here. Big thanks to the staff for allowing me to share photo’s of their shop at Boomdeeadda! Oh, I think I feel a project coming on, check back to see what transpire’s from my visit to ‘The Artworks’.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

12 thoughts on “The Artworks

  1. I missed these follow up comments! I’m so glad I stopped by. ME is salt of the earth. She sells Creative Memories products and is an avid scrapbooker, too.

    A job opening at The Artworks! Oh my oh my oh my. You’ll collect your salary and then spend it at the store. 🙂


    1. I’m sure I’d end up oweing them money on payday. Hey good for ME, our realtors wife used to sell Creative Memories, that’s how I got started long ago. Jim’s forever greatful (that’s sarcastic of course, hehe).


    1. I’m not sure how often the change the window. Seems when ever I go by it’s amazing and new. I think I wander in at least once a month. They used to have a big dog laying about and I’d snuggle him up. He wasn’t there last time and I was to scared to ask, I really should have though.


      1. I’ve always thought creating window displays would be an incredible job. How incredible to have your own store with that great big window to play with.

        Do you have Anthropologie stores in Canada? I visit our local store as often as I can, just to see the amazing displays.

        I know how you feel about asking about the dog. Hopefully it was away for the day. You can gently inquire the next time. I love shop animals. They add a wonderful dimension to the experience.


        1. We do have an Anthropologie at West Edmonton Mall (Acres & Acres of shopping). I love their store and have bought many things (must wait for sales, ha). Yes, they’re really creative…I love it! I wear an Eau du Toilette from there every day. it’s called ‘Oceane’ and their Mistral Soap in ‘South Seas’ every morning yummy!


        2. I rarely buy but love to look. I do have a favorite sweater from there and one or two thin cotton tops. I’ve purchased note cards and candles on occasion, too. I just love the interesting things they do with old newspaper, plastic bottles, bent forks, etc. Found art.


      1. Wouldn’t that be fun, ME? Unfortunately it’s in Canada. I’m saving my pennies for a private jet so we can go…and meet the blogger, too.

        Be sure to check out today’s post. I posted it to me Facebook wall.


      2. You know what else girls, there’s a HELP wanted sign in the window now at The Artworks! I told Jim and he wanted me to wait to see where we are living before job hunting…but very tempting.


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