I Guess That Makes Me Rich

No Boomdeeadda didn’t win a lottery.  It’s 1897, I have $100 (birthday money) to spend and our Sears Catalogue.  As an independent young woman, I do believe I’m going to plan a day of bicycling in the country. I would think it will be entirely civilized with my generous budget don’t you? Let’s start shopping!

Of course I’ll need a bicycle. This one with an ornate chain guard includes a tool bag.  Yellow would be divine.   Wow, seems pricey, but at $56.50 I’ll still have money to spend on some fashion finery.

The proper attire is a must. I can’t go without these stylish bicycle  boots for $3.25, ladies gloves $1.69 and a silk parasol only $2.37.  Now I’m spending money like a drunken sailor.

It’s 1897 and I usually sashay about in some frilly frock. But to climb aboard my new bicycle I should dress in something a wee bit more sensible. Like this tailor made bicycling suit.  I really fancy how tiny my waist will look in this new outfit, maybe I should get two.

I best take a hat,  but nothing girly will do.  It might earn me a few disapproving glances in town, but I’m going to order the mens fancy golf cap.  This fine addition to my wardrobe is only .21 cents.  I should buy one for Mr B as well.

I do love to take pictures when I’m out and about.  Hey look, this camera is  only  $11.90 and  I’m a wiz with new technology!

I will have no trouble carrying a new Tourist Spy Glass, at $15.00 it comes with a strap. Perfect for 

watching  deer in the fields or birds in flight above the golden farm fields.

Mustn’t forget a good read or two, you know how I just love my books. Do I dare order 23 for $1.00?  Perhaps 4 will do for now. Oh, I love so many of these titles: Cleopatra, A Little Rebel, Blind Love and The Evil Genius. That’s the best .28 cents I ever spent.

Finally, I must find a shoulder bag that will allow me to take all my lovely books, camera and maybe even a little picnic along.  While not entirely fashionable, this Creel should do nicely. It’s only .95 cents.

How much is this bicycle trip going to set me back you say?  Well, I’ve spent the grand total of $99.86.   I still have  .14 cents  left over.  Can you believe how far $100 would go back in the day? Too bad the annual household income**  was only $411/yr.  I guess that makes me rich.

** Reference attributed to Miller Center University of Virginia

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

7 thoughts on “I Guess That Makes Me Rich

  1. That was fun! You’re so clever.

    Can you imagine riding a bicycle with all that fabric around you? The boots are cute, though and the sueded gloves would help prevent skin rash if you fell off your bike.


    1. LOL, are you sure we’ve never met? You seem to know me too well. Yes, I would probably be the one to fall off my bike, I am a total klutz and have many scars to prove it. Growing up with all brothers takes a toll, ha!


      1. Me too! I grew up with sisters but I was a Tomboy through and through. I climbed trees, road bikes, skateboarded…you name it. I thought I would never have smooth skin for all the scrapes and bruises I collected. I am always bumping my head on things, too.


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