Like A Walk In The Park

Does having a hobby for over 20 years mean I should be good at it? If you answered yes, my next question is, “but what about golf?” I must say, since I joined a ladies league and golf every Tuesday with my pal Kari, I have at least learned the proper rules. That’s something right?  Why do I continue to embarrass myself you say? It all comes down to having something fun to share with Mr B.

Mr B. takes it a wee bit more serious than I do and actually keeps his score the entire game. I usually stop counting around the 14th hole.  One thing I really like about golf are the crazy outfits you get to wear.  I mean really, where else could I possibly wear a mini skirt with weird pink graphics at my age?

I guess I might golf a little better if I wasn’t so busy meeting the locals.  I know they’re not too popular with the grounds keeper but these little gophers were just adorable.  They just seemed to be having the time of their life, running back and forth across the greens.  “Hey little pal, have you seen my ball?”

Most golfers probably have an image in their head about how they look when they’re swinging.  Maybe they think of their favorite Pro (mine is Ernie Els).  I’m glad no ones photographing me, cause it’s really hard to look cool in these action shots.  Take my word for it, Mr B is way cool.

So I’m thinking, if I keep at it and even apply myself, I might actually keep score an ‘entire’ game some day. But until then it’s really just like a walk in the park.

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6 thoughts on “Like A Walk In The Park

  1. Great shots of Mr. B – how come he didn’t take some of u???? I’m sure u had fund and look gorgeous – LUL


  2. For some reason, the tags at the end made me giggle: golf, gophers, hobbies, husbands. 🙂

    I tried becoming a sailor for the same reason you golf. I’m anything but! I even took a women’s sailing class, a one day course with four classes on first aid at sea, knots, sailing vocabulary and then actual boat time. I had a migraine by day’s end and had to sleep it off. I’m a weak swimmer, nervous on the open water, I get sea-sick and I burn in under ten minutes. Hey…I gave it a shot.

    It looks like you’ve evolved quite a bit more than I have. Lucky Mr. B!


    1. Good Morning my dear American friend. You’re so right, those tags seem to be quite varied don’t they? Good eye, ha! Your efforts on the high seas are to be admired. Even though I’m an excellent swimmer I’d be leary of being responsible for a moving vessel with loved ones aboard. I do however think the attire is fab, and of course those Kennedy’s made it look so romantic.


      1. Thanks for sharing that great photo. They look so happy and carefree don’t they? Of course they weren’t. But we all wanted to believe in Camelot.

        I’m with you on the moving vessel part of it too. That is a lot of responsibility.

        It’s a good thing your hub likes golf. And you do look cute in those shorts/skirt.


        1. Yes, those Kennedy’s had the glow of youth and fortune in that picture. I loved Katie Holms playing Jackie in the mini-series. That’s how I imagine sailing to be.

          These golf clothes are so well tailored, it’s easy to look spiffy, but thank’s Alys for such a nice complement.


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