Things Are Magnificent!

This has been a crazy good week!  I’ve  found something that I lost over 10 months ago.  Something I was so, so sad about losing, I just felt sick. I went through our old house with a fine tooth comb. I moved furniture, appliances and emptied every drawer and closet. I turned out coat pockets to reveal all manner of junk.  My efforts were futile, it was nowhere.  I last remembered putting it in my pocket to put on a tight pair of gloves.  Have you guessed what it was?

 Yep, my wedding ring.  How could I have been so careless? I almost couldn’t bare to tell Mr B.

Worst of all, we were moving in just a few days. I thought, “if it’s here somewhere, I’ll just never know”.  In a panic, I even sifted through the garden compost. Had it fallen off when I worked the garden (I loved so much) for the very last time? No luck. I had just packed a home we’d lived in for 25 years, could it be in a box somewhere?   Mr B. was far more calm than I, “hon, maybe we’ll find it when we unpack”, he tried to assure me.  For a short time, I hung on to those words.  I must have set an all time record for moving and unpacking, I was so hopeful.  Yet, the truth was soon to be reconciled, I was never again going to gaze at my ring and remember our special day. Where could it be?

Fast forward 10 months. It’s a beautiful evening, “I really feel like a coffee hon, let’s go for a walk”. Off we go to Starbucks.  I place the usual order, “tall skinny with one pump of vanilla please”.  Mr B’s reading the paper while Boomdee (that’s me) waits patiently for a late night Java fix.

That’s when something wonderful happened.  I stuck my hand in the pocket of the summer shorts I had worn all day, “mmmm, I haven’t worn these for a while, what’s this in the pocket?”  I can feel a few things, there’s a hair elastic, a burette and what?

I actually screamed across the entire coffee shop, “HOLY sh#t, hon LOOK!!!!!! In my pocket, I found MY RING!!!!”  Now the other customers are looking on with only a slight interest since a grown woman screaming with joy, clapping hands and jumping up and down is not that unusual right? (admittedly there is a lot of weirdness downtown).

Have you ever lost something, only to find it later?  Maybe Professor Solomon could help. He thinks he’s got the full proof method of finding lost items. I Skipped ahead to his page 10,  #1 .”Don’t Look For It”.  Say WHAT?  Maybe I should just be more careful.

Needless to say, when not on my finger, I will now place my rings on my sweet little kitty cat ring holder.

Canadian Author, Doug Coupland said “There are three things we cry about in life, things that are lost,

things that are found and things that are magnificent.”

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20 thoughts on “Things Are Magnificent!

  1. I’m so happy to found your missing ring. What a happy story. I love your wedding photo, too. I”m so glad you included it here. Lovely!

    I “lost” a special pair of earrings that my husband had made for our anniversary many years ago. Like you I searched every where and like you, I didn’t want to tell him. I was so sad about it. I searched in all the usual places but came up empty handed.

    Several weeks later I pulled out an empty purse from the closet, one I’m sure I had searched before, and there they were, down in a corner under a fabric fold of lining. I shrieked in glee as well.


    1. Awwww, your hubby MADE you earrings? That’s so very sweet. Does he still make jewelery? I should go thru all my ALL my purses and see what’s there. Nice to have found them, had you ever broke the bad news? Oh, and thanks for the compliment on our wedding photo, that was 2001, we got married in Dallas at the Arboretum and had a lovely local man as our photographer. We splurged and had a limo for the day….so fun!


      1. What fun to have a limo. I’ve only been in one a few times, once for a girlfriends bachelorette party and sadly for a funeral overseas.

        Good idea to search your purses. Suitcases too. I’m always amazed at what I find, even though I’m sure I’ve been thorough.

        I should clarify that my husband came up with an idea and had a jeweler make the earrings. He bought me a few fire opals from Australia and had one made into a pendant one year and the earrings for another occasion. I did tell him after a few weeks. He seemed confident that I would find them, but was visibly relieved anyway when I finally did.


        1. yah yah, suitcases! Good idea, never thought of those. Your hubby sounds like a thoughtful man (even if he doesn’t craft his own jewelery, HA).


  2. Oh, I am so glad you found your ring, and what timing, too!

    My mother once lost her wedding ring as well. She searched and searched, even pulling up carpet in the corners, but they could never find it—so Dad actually bought her a new ring.

    A few years later, they were tearing up the carpet in my nursery…and wouldn’t you know, there was her ring under the carpet! Unbelievable. So Mom now has two wedding rings! The family jokes that I (a baby at the time it disappeared) “stole” her original ring, so she says one day that will be mine, and the other my sister’s. Good thing she only has two daughters.

    Really, I’ll bet this happens more often than people ever tell, don’t you?! So glad what was lost has been found. 🙂 Your relief must have been almost overwhelming!


        1. I do. I wear them all the time. I should take them off once an awhile for a thorough cleaning, but I’m so used to wearing them that I forget they aren’t a part of me.


    1. Oh man, I was really happy. Funny thing, we hadn’t ever put in an insurance claim or gone shopping for a replacement, I guess I refused to accept that it was lost and the universe finally relented. Jim has said I have a ‘stuborn streak’, I guess this time it helped, HA. Great news for your mom AND her daughters. I wonder how it managed to find it’s way UNDER the carpet? That’s somewheres I’d never think to look. That’s an awesome story and thank’s so much for sharing!


  3. This is certainly a happy ending story- how wonderful that u found it. They say u should pray to St Anthony and he will locate it, but here u r not even praying any longer and u find it. Congrats . LUL


        1. HA, want some help? We’ll have to hit a Starbucks first…I think they have some magic happening there! Hey Deb, you gave me this kitty cat ring holder in Grade 8, do you remember?


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