A Sign Of The Times

I love advertisement.  Especially clever ads featuring animals.

I got a real chuckle reading That Mid-Century Fella the other day about marketing with a vintage flair.  Before there was television, internet or even my personal favorite, ‘magazine stands’, companies got your attention with large ads painted directly on to the side of buildings.  Surprisingly, many of these advertisements have survived and are still visible on old buildings around town (click on photo to enlarge).

 I noticed this one on the side of The Union Bank Inn, on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton.

Cunard has been in the travel biz for over a century. Prior to 1958, when Jet Airlines were introduced to the public, they were the only way most travelers crossed the Atlantic.

I still thought it a rather odd advertisement to see in downtown Edmonton.  Residents of the day would have to travel a fair distance to board an ocean liner. We are after all a prairie province, 1,158 kilometers from Vancouver.  I imagine travelers back then would go by car through the Rocky Mountains on what were no doubt, ‘less than perfect’  roads.  Cunard Line of today continues a long tradition and offers luxury travel aboard their Queen Mary 2 .  I just think it’s neat you can still see these vintage advertisements around town, the fact that they’re  faded is just a sign of the times.

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5 thoughts on “A Sign Of The Times

  1. What charming old buildings and how lucky you can walk to them.

    So…you have a magazine habit, eh? They can be pretty addictive, especially the ones stuffed with home decorating ideas, organizing, and oh-so beautiful clothes.

    Fun piece!


    1. Yes I single handedly have been keeping the magezine biz a-float. HA. I’ve spent much less lately since we’re in town and now I have the net. Thank’s for linking back to that story Alys. I hope they’re getting lot’s of love at my old library, they were hard to part with but at the same time it freed up cupboard space in the craftroom for other stuff, Oh no, ha. 😛


      1. Hurray for extra space! I must say, Pinterest helps fill some of that magazine love. So many pretty pictures to ogle without buying a thing.

        Thanks for doing your part for the economy!


    1. Thank’s Auntie for always reading my post! It’s a perk of living downtown, you can actually walk everywhere and then I notice all kinds of fun stuff. The Union Bank Inn is really cute, we should have lunch there one day. We can take the train instead of walking too. xoK


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