How Fast Do You Have To Pedal To Out Run A Bear?

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near the Canadian Rockies, why not join me on

Look up, look way up and you’ll see the peak of Mount Robson towering over the Fraser River Valley at 3954 meters (12,973 feet). A glacier flows between the summit and the south shoulder, known as The Dome. Mount Robson is the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies, so you can’t miss it as you drive down Highway 16.

I just never get tired of the views. The first time I remember seeing the mountain’s was on a family trip when I was about fifteen. Dad drove a truck for a living so I’m sure the last thing he wanted to do was drive on a holiday, but with four kids and a tight budget, off we’d go.  I wish we had taken more pictures. Back then, half the ones you took didn’t turn out and you only found out AFTER you picked them up from the drugstore. No, ‘do overs’, remember that? Lot’s of things have changed, (like my hair) but not the beautiful Rockies.

 Our wonderful friends, Roy & Karen, hosted us last weekend.  Karen and I celebrated our birthdays. I gave her a vintage book I found at a charity auction for her little collection. We’ve been campfire friends for 20 years.

They’ve built the most gorgeous home you can imagine with beautiful mountain views. It has every convenience of city living.  Look, even the Loo is pretty as a picture .

A weekend in the mountains is action packed.  There’s hiking of course.  On one trip we saw bears just shortly after getting back in the truck.  The good thing, it was ‘AFTER’ we got in the truck. The bad thing, ‘IT WAS A BEAR’!!   I’m always a little nervous now. I’m like some bad guy, constantly looking over my shoulder. On this trip, we just saw these mountain sheep, they looked pretty harmless (click on collage to enlarge).

I really enjoyed a trip to Kinbasket Lake.  You take a short ride straight up the side of a mountain, a 4×4 is a must here. After navigating a dirt road with deep ruts you arrive at a quiet marina.   It’s $1.00 a day to keep your boat here, that’s a good deal and it’s worth the drive.  The waterfall spills in to the lake from a melting mountain glacier just on the other side of the hill, cool right?

It almost doesn’t matter that I’m a bad golfer, just look at the views!

If you’re not too tired from a 1.5 hour hike, 2 hour boat ride or a 3 hour golf game, why not bike ride in to town for supper (no kidding)?  If you’re looking for an active holiday come to the Canadian Rockies, it’s a wee bit of a work out, but worth it for the views. I wonder, how fast do you have to pedal to out run a bear?

Photo Credit: Google Images

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6 thoughts on “How Fast Do You Have To Pedal To Out Run A Bear?

  1. It all sounds lovely. I can almost smell that crisp mountain air. I’m no good at golfing, but the hiking, biking and eating sound great.

    What breathtaking views!

    I loved seeing the photo of you and your brother. Are you the only girl of the four of you? I’m one of three girls, my husband is one of three boys. Funny how those things play out. And yes, I remember all to well waiting on pictures at the drugstore. Digital photography is positively liberating.


    1. There’s probably box’s of reject photo’s somewhere that would be so funny to look through. Yah ya, I’m the one girl with three bro’s. That’s Wayne. He’s a sweetheart. Ha we both look a lot different now. My Older bro Ken, also ended up with 3 boys…lot’s of boy’s, & Adele & I.


        1. We were not the Ralph Lauren family for sure, ha. No one cared what label you were wearing back then. I think every thing I owned fit into a 3 foot closet. That’s back when I didn’t have 20 pairs of shoes. 😀


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