Hugs, They Mean Everything, Yet You Don’t Have To Say Anything

I grew up in time without video games and 200 TV channels.  When you got together with other kids, it was probably outside so that the grown ups could visit in peace.  Remember?  Most of my pre-teen memories include my cousin’s Sherri, Lee-Ann and Brian.  We lived pretty near each other, visited often and always had lot’s of fun.

Every one lives in different cities now so when we can visit together, it’s extra special.  When I heard sweet, sweet Sherri was coming to town I jumped for joy.  Sherri is super witty.  I think she should be a comedian because her Facebook page makes me laugh so hard.

Our dad’s were brothers and we will forever be linked by their strong bond. Her dad, John (Johnny) was a gem, a family man and a hard worker. My dad’s nickname for his little brother, in Ukrainian was “yutzko” (sounds like yachts-go).  I guess it’s some term of endearment, loosely translating to “little-slow-one”.  They were both great kidder’s and laughed easily. A couple of really good guys. We miss them everyday.

I wanted to make Sherri something from the heart, to welcome her home (her other home).  I decided a shadow box would be fun. Here’s the custom paper I started with, purchased at Treasured Memories.


I used a couple of my favorite Die Cut’s with the Big Shot. It’s fun making these little quilled roses and this Doily Die is brand new.

I chose a picture of her mom and dad I just love, they look so young and optimistic! It’s all girly and pink with a few hidden messages tucked in with all the bit’s and pieces. Cup of roses anyone?

(Click on Photo Collage to enlarge)

 I loved making it for her and got a big hug. I love hugs, they mean everything, yet you don’t have to say anything.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

20 thoughts on “Hugs, They Mean Everything, Yet You Don’t Have To Say Anything

    1. Hi, thank you for looking in and your generous comment. Sometimes I do bling and like you, sometimes I’m not into it, just depends what’s new at the store, I’m pretty much a slave to what they’re selling LOL…Glad you like this one though, it was fun to make for my cousin, cause she’s adorable. Is it ok to have favorites?


  1. What a beautiful shadow box, and what a lovely, personal gift. I’m sure she will treasure it always. You should think about teaching classes at Treasured Memories. Is that something to consider? You have the touch.


    1. I just adore Sherri, she’s a doll. A class for TM was something the girls mentioned a while back. We were living out of town at the time, too much driving at night on the hi-way. I might ask them again about it, maybe over winter when we’re all stuck in side again. Thank’s Alys, you’re always so encouraging. You can tell you’re a mom, lucky boys.


      1. That’s a great idea for winter (except then you’ll be driving in bad weather at night). Maybe a Saturday class?

        You could hold a series of classes: shadow boxes for the holidays, as a wedding gift, and any other special occasions. Oh what fun.

        Now I have to figure out how to get myself to your class.


        1. I just stopped there today and bought some cute cute cigar boxes. They often sell and display bit’s of antiques. I’ll fill them up with crafting stuff. (I’m always trying to organize the craft room). Hey, You would be a BIG hit at a scrapbooking store with organizing idea’s and techniques. Thanks for all the great support, I think that’s an awesome idea!

          Here’s those box’s on their blog


        2. Those are gorgeous. I dislike cigars but LOVE cigar boxes. Isn’t that funny.

          I’ve thought about offering a class at our local Scrapbook Island. I’ll have to give it more thought.


        3. I just love the art work on these little boxes. But you’re right on the cigar thing. I don’t get the allure. I saw our very own Wayne Gretzky & wife on the cover of a Cigar Magezine on the newsstand and was highly disappointed, so many kids look up to him. Bad choice I thought, but that’s just me.


        4. Agreed. Even if you want to enjoy them privately, to promote an unhealthy habit on the cover of a magazine seems both irresponsible and selfish in some way. Children idolize these athletes. Sad.


      1. I keep in touch with some more than others–but I always find that we have a lot in common when we happen to see each other. My blog has helped me re-connect with several cousins.


    1. Darn, here I went and done did got married in Texas, and guess what? We hug all the time, HA, I guess I got a broken one. hehe. But isn’t it nice to have joined the club of sloppy emotional folks….so liberating (you know you always wanted too). Glad to hear from you, thank’s for sharing!


  2. You did such a great job. But, while reading it it made me cry as it brought back many memories, many of them happy but just too short lived. Again thanks Kelly, u r a gem and u know I do love u and ur hugs too, LUL


    1. Awwwww, you’re going to make me cry. I hope your family knows how much you all mean to me and that they don’t mind that you are loving enough to adopt this orphan once in a while. Love you more xoK


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