Mantel Of Memories

It’s surprising how much ‘stuff’ you collect over the years. That was the conundrum when we moved into our temporary digs.  The problem was solved by renting a storage locker for most of it. I knew it might be a while before I’d see my favorite things.  So I went around our old house and snagged one or two things from each room and placed them in one single box.  The plan? These treasures would become my new mantelscape at the condo.  A collection of  our ‘home away from home’.

None of it matches, but all of it’s priceless, in a sentimental way.  There’s a watercolor of Buddy, a birthday gift to Mr B and the antique Viewmaster I gave him for another birthday.  Mr B’s had a few, but still not as many as me, dang.

There’s the Eiffel Tower purchased in Paris on an unforgetable holiday together and an antique tea-cup from Auntie Kathleen, brought all the way from London. What makes these things so important to me?  I guess I just like the feeling I get thinking about when I got them and who gave them with love in their heart. I consider the mantel a gallery of our lives. Filled with memories we’ve made together and one-of-a-kind, ever-changing treasures.

I do have a favorite little thing that will always be on my mantel.  It’s two love birds standing by their little home.  I brought it back from Virginia. It’s where we got engaged, in a garden at the Hope & Glory Hotel, it was a beautiful surprise.  The vintage trinket was a mere $7.00, but I shall never part with it.

On a trip to Venice we included an excursion to Burano, that’s where I picked up the hand-made lace doily. They’ve made exquisite lace there for centuries. An aqua blue Murano glass paperweight is also from Venice. It’s the most magical place I’ve ever been to and I think of our wonderful trip whenever I wander by the mantel.

Of course there’s always room for new things too. Things I’ve found since we’ve moved.  Things we can take with us to our new home as a fond reminder of our adventure’s in the big city.  Like vintage books from the charity book sale, a glass crown and a gently used clock.  It had a face only I could love and just like me, it’s made in Canada, eh. Unfortunately,  it tick toc’s far too loud. Oh well, I still enjoy imagining who’s nightstand it might have graced.  Maybe it woke a groom on his wedding day way back in ’55’ and  got him to the church on time.  That’s the thing with cast-aways, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’.

It doesn’t all have to cost big bucks. Somehow, if you collect things you love, with those you love, it all comes together quite nicely. If it’s something special to you it should always be part of your mantel of memories.

PS, a little bird told me you might have some mantel tips too, why not share?

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14 thoughts on “Mantel Of Memories

    1. Well thank’s for visiting and that nice comment. I have a pretty basic digital camera. It was tricky to get the full mantel without standing pretty far away. Then everything was so mini…don’t know how the pro’s do it.


  1. What a charming idea, gathering together precious memories on your mantel. You are a wonderful planner. Most wouldn’t think to set aside a few items to make the new house a home, no matter how temporary.

    We no longer have a mantel or fireplace. We knocked it down when we remodeled several years ago, pushed out a few feet and added a picture window.

    What I ended up doing as hanging a few shelves in my tiny laundry room. I spend enough time in there, so why not have my tiny treasures on display.


    1. your remodeling sounds very sensible given the weather you enjoy. I imagine the view is marvelous. We do enjoy the gas fireplace most winter evenings and it’s handy if the power goes out and it’s – 30 C, which hasn’t happened in the city but was often out at the lake. It’s nice to have momento’s no matter where you find room. Thank’s for always sharing an interesting thought, I look forward to them always.


      1. Oh what a lovely thing to say. Part of why we replaced the fireplace with the window was for the opposite reason you needed one. It is so rare for it to get that cold here. Further, they no longer allow new or remodeled homes to have a wood-burning stove since they are terrible polluters. It’s so nice you have a gas fireplace to keep you cozy on those cold winter days. I bet your kitties love to nap nearby.


  2. Love ur memory mantel. One never has too many memory things and it is always hard to part with them, so don’t if u don’t have to. LUL


    1. I’m a real nester, I surround myself with little things that make me happy. Hopefully, We’ll find a forever home for everything soon. Thank’s again for the T-cup, it looks perfect here! xoK


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