Count Down, 27….26….25

I’ve met a favorite celebrity once. We had a ‘moment’ after his concert. Ya, just me and 200 other fans.   It was Chris Isaak and oh boy, he’s dreamy!  I bought his pink T-shirt because Chris (since we’ve met I’ll just use his first name) only sign’s his own merchandise.  I babied that T-shirt for years. Only wearing it to special events, light soap, hang to dry.  Even with the best care, my  T-shirt is now faded but not the glee of shaking his hand and telling him how much I enjoyed his show.

What would you say if you met the ONE celebrity you most admired, loved and adored?  You’d only have a precious moment to tell them how much they mean to you and how the time you spend together brightens each and every day.

Ok, you’ve probably guessed, it’s Ellen.   I admire her for all the good she brings to people’s lives. I love how she closes every show with a positive message, “be kind to one another”.  I think Ellen makes me a better person.  I’m pretty sure we could be pals, we have a lot in common.  She loves animals, I love animals too!  She likes playing board games with friends, me too!  She makes me laugh, I love to laugh!  She lives in California, I’d love to come to California!  Ok admittedly, there’s a wee bit more in it  for me.

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Maybe, I could say something like,  “Hi Ellen!!, I just adore you,  it’s really nice to finally meet you”.

 You’re right, too mundane. What if, then I blurt out something crazy like “can I buy you lunch?”  Hey, it’s entirely possible no one’s ever asked.  It’s more likely she’d be looking over her shoulder for her crack security team.  Finger’s crossed, maybe this is the magical year I’ll find out.

Until then, join me and mark your calendars, Ellen’s 10th Season begin’s September 10th!!!!.

You don’t want to miss it!  It’s  going to be HUGE. I can’t wait, let’s count down,  27….26….25….

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12 thoughts on “Count Down, 27….26….25

  1. I hope you get those tickets!!! What fun that would be. I got to see Ellen live when she was doing standup before she was famous in a tiny comedy club in our community (probably mid-eighties). She used to do a bit about deer heads on the wall, a complete misdirection as only she can do, showing her love of animals and the absurdity of a mounted head. She is the genuine article.

    About that t-shirt: perhaps you could sew a pretty pillow using the best parts of the t.


    1. Wow, that must have been great, the genesis of Ellen. 80’s you say? You are an original fan then. Ellen got on my radar when she started her first sitcom in 94. I still watch them because they still make me laugh. Ellens humor is never at anyone else’s espense, it’s never mean. I really like that too. That’s a cool idea with the T, don’t know if I could ever bring myself to put scissors there and chop chop…something to think about. Thank’s Alys!


      1. I remember that sticom well. She bravely came out on that show, yet another thing to respect her for. You’re right about her humor…never at anyone else’s expense. Bill Cosby was that way too and Bob Newhart. Boy he can get me laughing with his dry humour/humor.

        My Canadian spelling resurfaces now and again. I had an American (English) teacher mark me down for spelling judgment ‘judgement’ instead. I even looked it up in the dictionary and showed her that both spellings were correct. Her reply: well you’re in America now. I’ve never forgotten that.


        1. Wow, she was a wee bit starchy (inflexible). I do hope Blogging helps me improve my spelling, even if I need to look up every 10th word, ha. (I just had to looked up inflexible and corrected inflexable…it’s a good challenge). 😛


    1. It’s the best part of my day. I especially love when Ellen start’s laughing uncontrollably. It just shines through how genuine she is and how much she loves people too. “Right back at-cha”, she really means it.


  2. Ohhhhh I adore Chris Isaak – and had him sign a poster after his concert. My daughter now uses it as a nightshirt.
    I would meet Andrew Denton. He’s an Australian media personality who had a series called ‘Enough Rope’. He is one of the most insightful and funny interviewers I’ve ever seen.
    Mind you, he’s not as delicious as Mr Isaak!


    1. Did you ever watch “The Chris Isaak Show”, I think it was on HBO. It was really funny. It was his actual band (except for the Keyboards) and all the antics of being a band on the road. Only on for 1 year…a shame. How does your daughter use a poster as a nightshirt? Is that a sewing trick? I like what Bill Clinton says on Mr Dentons goodbye video message “sooner or later a child is going to find out their parents aren’t perfect”, yep. Thanks so much for saying hello!


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