The ‘Far Side’ of Boomdeeadda

I’ve always been interested in what dreams mean.  Some people think they are precursor’s to something that may happen in your life.  Could a person really make predictions based on what they dream about?  I really hope not because I had the craziest dream the other night about a grizzly bear.

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In this dream……

I’m pulling into a parking lot in an old model red car, like the ones I imagine they drive in the middle east.  I can see my cousin Sherri folding laundry on the lawn and she looks upset. When I go to give her a hug she quietly whispers in my ear “there’s a bear right behind you” and runs towards the hotel, while I run towards my car with this grizzly quickly catching up.

I’m then in a restaurant with my Aunty Kathleen, telling her what just happened when suddenly people are running and knocking over chairs.  I look up to see the grizzly wandering into the restaurant.  I jump up and kick out the screen in the window and throw the long drapes out along the side of the building to slide down.  It’s not too far and I assure Aunty that we’re safe.

Next thing you know I’m on a train, telling travelers about this crazy weekend I had when I hear people screaming and I see that darn grizzly walking in the next car.  I panick and climb out on to the side of the train. As the train is speeding along, I shimmy my way to a window and knock with one hand while hanging on for dear life with the other.  Some guys finally notice me and help me in.  I was about to tell them about the grizzly when we see everyone in the next car falling down and the train is tipping.  The last thing I remember before I woke was thinking “oh o, the train is coming off the tracks”.

Crazy stuff right?  Ha, maybe I’ve said too much.  I seemed to be a fearless ‘Born Identity’ chic in this dream, climbing down buildings, outside of moving trains.  Boomdee is usually a real chicken, so that’s somewhat liberating.  I wonder if Spielberg could use any of this?

I don’t usually remember every detail, so that surprised me in the morning. The more I think about it, the more I see the parallel’s to Boomdeeadda.  I have in fact recently posted about my cousin Sherri, doing laundry and bears.  Wow, it’s a little nutty how your sub-conscious put’s it all together. That dream really was off the rails.  Is it a cryptic clue to life or was that just ‘The Far Side’ of Boomdeeadda?

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15 thoughts on “The ‘Far Side’ of Boomdeeadda

  1. Great dream-I’ll have to look up my dream book and see what it says- I’ll do it tomorrow as it is past my
    bedtime now. LUL


        1. PS, I’m watching a Colbert Report I recorded last night and guess who his music guest is? Grizzly Bear!!! This is getting weirder and weirder. The Bear is everywhere!


    1. That’s a thought, maybe it goes back to our aboriginal neighbors. The bear in their culture could mean strength and hard work. Are you scared in your dream? It seemed to me I always had a plan in this dream. So I wasn’t too scared really.


    1. You’re are just the best, Alys. Thanks for all the awesome support, you’ve been a great friend to Boomdeeadda and me. I love it and need to update my home page to share sites I’m enjoying too! Especially yours. 🙂


  2. Dreams are fascinating. It sounds like you had quite an adventure. Have you been watching The Colbert Report? I know he blames bears for most of the world’s problems. Tee-hee. My interpretation: you’ve really expanded beyond your fears. You’ve probably resolved something without being aware of it. You’ve brought your family, people you care about, along for the ride.

    Or…you had spicy food for dinner. 😉


    1. ha, I’m not sure my family would want to be on this ride. Resolving matter’s, that works for me. Thanks for your interpretation Alys, I like it! I really can’t remember what I made for dinner that night but you’re right, it could be as simple as that. But I prefer your first theory. We never miss Colbert, he’s may be the wittiest guy on the Tele, I bet his writer’s have fun!


      1. I think it would be great fun working on one of those shows. The writers are amazing, and his delivery always brilliant. Let me see if I can find the article/interview I read a few months back. I think you would enjoy it.


    2. PS. Alys… mentioned Colbert and I’m watching at this very moment the one I recorded last night and guess who his musical guest is??? Grizzly Bear!!! That’s the name of the band on (according to Steven, he’s giving them the Bump). I also follow a post called Bramans Wanderings (above) and Steven wrote about Grizzly’s today too…..Something very strange in the cosmos…it’s a bear palooza!


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