The View From The Top

I’ve recently made a pinky swear with the effervescent Alys from Gardening Nirvana . We made a commitment to get in better shape.   I have to confess, it’s a constant battle.  I’ve been up, I’ve been down and have several sizes in my closet. How do you fit exercise into your daily routine?  Mr B and I generally eat pretty healthy, but we are trying to make a bigger commitment to regular exercise.  Luckily, in Edmonton we have the longest expanse of parkland in North America and enjoy taking our bikes out on short tours. I met this energetic young man on our walk last night.

When I asked Christian if he was training for something, he flashed a smile and  said  “no, it’s just fun”. Isn’t that just awesome! Exercise CAN be fun, it’s all attitude.  He’s only been doing it for 5 month’s and says it keeps him fit for rock climbing.  There’s something that might be fun to try, thank’s Christian!  Your enthusiasm is infectious  (HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you…..and many more!)

Even if you don’t own any equipment or a membership to a posh gym, there’s lots of opportunity for fitness. I think Nike was brilliant when they coined ‘Just Do It’. It essentially comes down to just that. Whether it be a short bike ride or even a run, it all adds up.

Might it be a bit of an uphill climb? Sure, but I can’t wait to see the view from the top.

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13 thoughts on “The View From The Top

  1. Oh my! Thank you for that lovely compliment, Boomdee. Once my boys are back to their school schedule, I’ll be hiking as well. In the meantime, I’m enrolled in a Pilates class two mornings a week and a boot camp. It’s all for not if I don’t stop eating all this chocolate.


    1. Pilates and boot camp, holy crackers Alys you are dedicated. I have never been to pilates, I’ve heard that’s a great work out. O boy, I better giddy up and get with it, you’ll be running circles round me. I’m not too committed right this moment, I’m enjoying a Gin & Tonic with cheese & crackers on the Patio with Mr B. But tommorrow we’ll walk 18 holes of golf..Ying/Yang, hopefully it all works out in the wash! Good luck with the chocolate thing!


      1. I’ve always been an exerciser and find the key is to find the things you enjoy. I’ve had to change a lot over the years due to being rear-ended on several occasions in my car. I now have permanent nerve damage in my neck, chronic lower back pain and just recently, a small tear in my knee. Ugh! I used to take Jazzercise classes, then took up jogging. Eventually the running lead to horrible migraines so I switched to yoga. Even certain yoga moves hurt my neck. Pilates is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my back. It has improved my posture and my strength. About a year ago I signed up for a boot camp, thinking I would stick with it for three months and lose a ton of weight. Well. The weight didn’t budge till I joined Weight Watchers, reduced my calories, and worked out five days a week. Stubborn fat!!!! Now I’m doing all three and still struggling to lose weight. I would like to lose ten more, but will settle for five. I need to stick with the meal planning…but I get lazy.

        What are your biggest challenges?


        1. I know this is overused, but OMG…we are so destined to be friends. I have been on WW a number of times and successfully reach my goal quickly. Then I don’t do the maintenance and start over again. My challenge is evenings after 8pm, I’m a night owl and only sleep 4-5 hours a night…so I struggle not to snack at night. It’s so long from supper when you’re up at 2:30am. We CAN do it Alys, we are smart girls! Mind over Matter. Just golfed 18 holes and I’m pooped…super hot today. Felt like an accomplishment. Keep up the fight, sounds like you’re doing all the right things 🙂


        2. No worries, I do tend to ramble on. 🙂 I know what you mean. Somedays I have such good will power and the next it’s just out the window. One foot infront of the other.


  2. Keep fighting the good fight! I always love when I read a post that gets me inspired to keep lacing up my sneaks and get out the door. Thanks for sharing.


    1. We also had a dog for many years and it was never an issue because we loved to go out together. Lucky for you and Eko, you’re a great team. Thanks for the support, see ya out there!


    1. Isn’t it hard Aunty? I much prefer a brisk walk in the valley to the treadmill, but I should include that thing for more than a clothes hanger. I hope I’m as active as you after a few more birthdays! Thanks for coming to Boomdeeadda this morning!


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