Can One Desire Too Much Of A Good Thing?

It’s probably something you’ve heard before.   It’s actually attributed to Shakespeare, but I think it definitely can be said about scrapbook supplies too.  The creative people at companies like: My Minds Eye, 7 Gypsies, Tim Holtz and my favorite, October Afternoon, are constantly putting out new temptations. All their beautiful collections eventually find their way to my craft room.  Besides the coordinating paper, I think the best part are the accoutrement, the do-dads, the little bits. They take your memory pages from ordinary to  extrordinary.

I’m constantly looking for new and creative ways to use up all the leftovers. That’s why I just love Pinterest.  It’s a never-ending source of creative idea’s. If you’re not yet addicted, here’s Pinterest 101, “it’s a virtual personal bulletin board that lets you ‘PIN‘ item’s of interest you find any where on the web to your very own board(s). You can then go back to that original site when ever you want, by simply clicking on your ‘PIN‘.

No need to tear up your favorite magezines any more, you’ll just PIN IT.

I recently ‘PINNED‘ a fantastic Art Card idea.  You create a three-fold easel, then add some little bits. It’s like a miniature table top collage. Here’s three I recently made for some of my favorite gals.

My favorite one for my favorite Aunt

 Shakespeare once wrote,

Orlando: And wilt thou have me?

Rosalind: Ay, and twenty such.

Orlando: What sayest thou?

Rosalind: Are you not good?

Orlando: I hope so.

Rosalind: Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?

As You Like It Act 4, Scene 1

Stop by Boomdeeadda on Friday for the tutorial on making your very own ART CARD, I’ll be using some of these leftovers.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

9 thoughts on “Can One Desire Too Much Of A Good Thing?

    1. Thanks a bunch, I’m having a gas making them. The craft room is a disaster too…very creative looking place LOL. & for Pinning, maybe someone will pop back for a look-see. I really like what you said a bit ago, “always room for new friends”.


      1. Thank you! Yes indeed, creativity is never tidy. I just go with the crazy mess and then clean up when I’m done. Even being as organized as I am, I don’t see a way of letting your creative juices flow while keeping a tidy desk. It is the ability to find things after you’re done and return them to a logical place the works well.


        1. I do try and keep a place for everything so I can tidy up fast. I like to start in a fresh organized space the next time. Luckily Jim’s a tidy guy too.


    1. Good Morning to you! I’m having fun making them too. I just have to find an appropriate sided envelope to gift them in. Sometimes leftovers are better the next day. Thanks for supporting my Blog Steven, when it’s super hot out your Gravatar evokes a feeling of coolness.


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