News Flash, At Least I Got A Souvenir!

Boomdeeadda was casually enjoying a quiet afternoon at the sewing machine, here’s a wee peek (future post),

When all of a sudden……


BIG crack of thunder followed by lightning and then the familiar but dreaded sound of hail stones pelting the house, patio furniture and OH NO, THE PLANTERS!!!!….run Boomdeeadda, run (think Forest Gump)!!!

Luckily, everything was moved before too much damage but I can’t bring in the trees, look how many leaves got pummelled.

With Mr B’s help, we even brought a couple of planters in the house that didn’t fit under the porch.

Boomdee got good and wet, and the kitties REALLY didn’t like it,  but at least I got a souvenir!

If you don’t get hail in your part of the world, check out this YouTube also from Edmonton back on August 7, 2012

Wiki answers says:

Hail consists of large ice particles that have a layered structure, and are produced by intense thunderstorms that form in a very unstable air mass, that is, one that was relatively cool dry air overlying very warm and humid air. The unstable air is necessary to produce large updraft speeds — fast enough to keep a developing hailstone from falling to the ground. Some of these updrafts can reach 60 mph or more. Small ice particles that form above the freezing level in the thunderstorm collect rain water on them, forming a water shell that slowly freezes. If these growing hailstones fall into another updraft, they can continue to grow, until they finally become too large for the updraft to carry them, or they get caught up in a downdraft, and they finally reach the ground.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

17 thoughts on “News Flash, At Least I Got A Souvenir!

    1. I was a little nervous, it sounded so hard on the windows. But, you know how much work gardening is Clowie, I would have been too sad to see it all messed up. Have fun in your garden today!


    1. The weather is fickled, today it’s far cooler with a stiff breeze. It’s a shame you can’t have a crystal ball because our poor weather reporters can’t even figure it out most weeks. Hopefully it was early enough to replant your seedlings. Fingers crossed, that’s the last of the hail for both of us. Thanks for your visit PJ Girl 🙂


    1. Hope they’re not bad memories. You grew up in the ‘Sunflower State? Alys at Gardening Nirvana just wrote about her sunflowers yesterday. I love their big, bright, sunny faces, what a delightful state flower!


  1. Great article – so glad u saved ur plants, they were so gorgous. We had hail here but not as severe as u guys – LUL


    1. Here one minute, gone the next. I walked to the market when the rain let up and most had already melted. Jim had just moved the car in 1/2 hour b4…luck was on our side. See you soon! xoK


  2. Wow! It’s extremely rare to get hail here, and when we do it’s in the winter. I do remember clearly watching my mom return from the grocery store on a warm summer day with a sudden burst of hail. I’ve never quite forgotten it.

    I’m glad Mr. B was there to help you bring in your plants. They look good!


    1. Funny what little bits of days gone by that get etched in our minds. It also stormed last night. Lightning, thunder and buckets of rain, today when the sky’s darkened I put a couple of planter’s under the patio table because they hadn’t even dried out from yesterday….good thing too. Thank’s Alys, they really have filled out and would be such a crime to get all mashed up now.


      1. I think I discovered your blog (and you) the day you posted those plants/planters. I know winter is coming and all, but it would be a shame to see them battered by a hail storm before their time.


        1. Was it just then Alys, I feel like I’ve know you for a long time. If I baby them, we might enjoy them well into October downtown (usually the last place to get frost). Do you replant annuals in the winter?


        2. It does feel like we’ve been long-time friends. What a great feeling.

          I try to plant a few winter annuals, like primrose and cyclamen. Last year I planted my first winter vegetable (broccoli). It bolted ahead of its time.

          I guess winter annuals are out of the question for you if it gets that cold?


        3. People will sometimes fill their pots with branches or cut greens like spruce, pine, cedar. Then add some curly willow and berries. (lights and balls for Xmas). Then water and they’ll freeze and look fresh most of the winter. Unless like last winter when we continually had warmer days above zero…


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