Head In The Clouds, Feet On The Ground

Astrology has been around forever and a day (actually the third millennium BC).  As a teen, just for fun, I’d read my daily horoscope in the Edmonton Journal. Dad had The Journal delivered to the house and he’d sleep under read the whole paper every day.

According to the  good people at  Zodiac Signs Astrology, persons born under the sign CANCER share the following traits:


  • Loyalty, Dependable, Caring, Adaptable, Responsive


  • Moody, Clingy, Self-pitying, Over-sensitive, Self-absorbed

Oh dear, those are a mixed bag aren’t they?  I’m not sure how you could be caring and self-absorbed at the same time?  I might agree with  some of them:

  • Loyal,  yes to a fault.
  • Caring, well who doesn’t want to be caring?
  • Moody, ok Mr. B might have commented at one time.
  • Over-sensitive, definitely. My itty-bitty feelings do get hurt easily but that’s only because I’ve been so caring, dependable and loyal, how dare you hurt my feelings!

I must say, I’m not buying into any of this.  I checked out three different horoscopes yesterday and I don’t know if these astrologers ever compare notes, but really, they couldn’t be more opposite.

Horoscope.com says:

Boomdee says: Right then, don’t hold back, the world’s your oyster. Be adventurous and don’t worry about the consequences. Sounds impulsive.


Lifewise.canoe.ca says:

Boomdee says: What’s that? Avoid impulsive move’s, OK.


The Globe And Mail.com says:

Boomdee says: Don’t waste time trying to make sense of it because most likely, it will make no sense. Bingo, it all seems like silly nonsense.


Oh, here’s a bit of good news. Boomdee will be a loyal friend:

Oh, wait just a minute, what’s this? Look out, Boomdee is also hugely temperamental:


So there you have it in a nutshell. I agree, scary stuff to be sure.  If I were to believe any of it, you’d figure I’m some kind of crazy, split-personality, prone to tantrums. Doesn’t that sounds like the Incredible Hulk?  Honest, last time I looked, there were no torn-up cloths in my closet, but I have been told I have a green thumb.

I guess I’ll do my best to get through the day without the stars pointing the way.  Rather than search for direction or meaning in the sky, perhaps I’ll just keep my head in the clouds but feet on the ground.

What about you? Do you read your daily horoscope?

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31 thoughts on “Head In The Clouds, Feet On The Ground

    1. I wonder if you got an actual horoscope prepared by a truly knowledgable person whether there’d be any logic to it? Apparently Mrs Reagan (Ronald’s wife) used to consult her chart often. I guess I’d like to believe some of the positive traits were true but then I’d have to accept the ones that aren’t so flattering too…..eeeeeek. LOL Thanks a bunch for reading!


    1. It can be a bit of fun right? A paper I use to see around the office also gave lucky lotto numbers to play for the weekend, LOL. Sometimes I’d play them and think how fun it would be when they’d ask how I decided what numbers to play when I won 10 bazillion dollars. I’d then proclaim that they were in my horoscope!! hehe

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  1. How did I miss this in the 400 e-mails I am behind on??? I don’t know if I read it the first time you posted it but it all seemed new to me.
    I had just sent a note to Alys asking when your birthday was. Now I have a better idea. A cancer, ehh?
    I’ve had my chart done and my daughters. It can’t be specific but can give you a few general ideas. Mine is pretty on target. I don’t read the daily things because they can’t apply to everyone born under that sign. I’m a Virgo all the way through. Critical, picky, need order. I wouldn’t marry another Virgo. Been there done that, didn’t work well. Neither did the Aquarius.

    It’s good entertainment if you need it and a place to look and see where you need to work on things but not to live and breathe by.

    Rambo laying on dad or uncle on the sofa looks like a softy to me. Those were the days. Please don’t let them bring them back. 🙂 You have itty bitty feelings? Good for you but I bet you get over hurts just as quickly. Loyal and caring, absolutely. Self absorbed??? Not so much unless you are working on a project. I think they call that focus. As for moody and temperamental, aren’t we all? I enjoyed the flashback. Thanks.

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    1. Hello dearest! How nice of you to pop by and leave a generous message too.
      You-R-awesome ❤ So, you're a Virgo? That's interesting, I dated a virgo through my teenage years. He was very possessive, controlling and according to my dad, "dangerous".
      Why do we want to take broken things and fix them when we're younger? Sounds like you have had a similar experience. Thank goodness we've outgrown that.

      Rambo was my brother Wayne's doggie really. But lived at my parents house. Wayne's on the crazy-butt sofa. The wall paper is kinda of like fingernails on a blackboard too. We just loved Rambo so much. He was the gentlest dog. A big lump. I'm thinking this photo was in the late 80's or early 90's. That's dad in blue and now that I think of it, he was probably not much older there, than I am now…that's kinda neat. I'm with you, not all vintage decor needs to be repeated, LOL. It's a little funny too that gold is making a big comeback in fashion, decor and scrapbooking……o-ohhhhh 😉

      The attributes they describe are true to a point. But I wonder if they're true for 'anyone'? Truth? I do get hurt easily and depending on whether or not I think it was intentional will dictate how long I feel crummy. I don't know if I get over thing easily but I am an expert at diverting my attention to something better. Something that makes me happier is always easy to find. Pet the kitties, talk to a friend, take a walk, work on a project…..I've made a cozy nest that's like a shield of steel and lined it with all kinds of wonder. That of course includes you xoxoxox mwaaaa K

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      1. Your Virgo sounds like my first husband. He was 2 days younger than Me. I’m easily hurt too. I just got hard inside. I guess it depends on the degree of hurt. I’m glad you have a cozy nest to make it all better. I’m working on mine. And yes, all the projects help. Thanks for being there. Hugs. M

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  2. Bubba and I share the same zodiac sign. I like to cut them out when they’re good, like, “treat the one you love with extra TLC tonight,” and put them where he can’t miss them!

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    1. Good Morning Johanna and thank you for your fab message. I used to think there was more to it but as I was telling Wendy at 1/4section, my ex was a cancer sign too and we were not one bit alike personality wise. LOL, not that I wound up with him based on his sun sign, that’s even too hippy dippy for me 😀 xo


  3. Great reblog! I used to follow my horoscope and signs, etc. but honestly, somehow I’ve kind of forgotten to keep an eye on any of that because I like my life to be like me – unpredictable. I don’t want to know what I’m supposed to be like, or do, or think or feel – I’m perfectly happy just bumbling along in my own “Pam-way” – in some ways I have to admit I’m a perfect Libra but in others, I’m a mish-mash of craziness! Is there a sign for that???? (no fair saying yes there’s a sign and it says “This Way To The Loony Bin” !!!!).

    Love and Hugs, Pam


  4. Hi Boomdee 🙂 I never read the forecasts for my star sign but have read a bit of personality stuff and do tend to ask people what sign they are when I know them well enough. I have a friend who is a Cancer and this description nails it for her, she is all those things 🙂 I did have an astrology reading done by remote, a man offered to do me one in return for something – he knew neither Roger or I from Adam but blew us away with his accuracy of our funny ways and our pasts – and how we got on together!
    I was thinking this is such a different type of post for you, then read a vintage one 🙂

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    1. That sounds really cool Wendy. I’ve never had one personalized and I’m sure there’s some truth to most personality attributes. I became suspicious when I got married to another Cancer. My first husband and I couldn’t have been more different. I always told him he was adopted, LOL.


  5. Reblogged this on Boomdeeadda and commented:

    My friend Julia and I were talking about the Zodiac this morning and thought you might get a kick out of this ‘vintage’ Boomdeeadda post. It made me laugh so I hope it’ll do the same for you. Sometimes I crack myself up 😀


  6. I loved seeing your family photo at the top. This post really gave me a chuckle. I used to read my horoscope years ago, but got out of the habit. I don’t even know if I ever had a happy coincidence. Great idea for a blog post, Boomdee!


    1. Oh you are so dear for that, thank’s Alys. Yep that’s my sweet dad, brother Wayne & his dog Rambo. Rambo was Wayne’s dog but lived at my dads, I hear that happens a lot, ha. Check out that room…it’s a flashback to 1987, holy smokes can you say “tacky” :oP


      1. Rambo was well named. That dog is huge! Well loved too, I can see.

        We had wallpaper in the eighties too. Its funny how things seem so hip at the time, then years late we shake our heads. Can you say “curly perm and parachute pants?” LOL


        1. Rambo was a big baby. Perms, yep in the kitchen over the sink. Man those smelt so bad. I finally gave up because my hair naturally just wants to be poker straight. Remember stirup pants…ahhha, I hope they never come back.


  7. Read several , from different sources, every day, and find them full of ……? Myself, I think some of the best people are ‘Cancer’, speaking from experience, lol – LUL


    1. Ha, great minds think a like, we are a rare breed. LOL. Oddly enough, some of my favorite people tend to be my sign? It’s not entirely exclusive, but we do make good pal’s don’t we. Thank’s for visiting Auntie LUL, xoK


        1. LOL, it’s “not exclusive”!!! You know you are my sweet exception Deb, “I just can’t quit you”. Aunty K and I have birthdays 1 day apart, sorry inside joke.


    1. You got it. I’ve read that Nancy Reagan often consulted with an Astrologer? So maybe there are good one’s who know something if the price is right. Ha, I can’t say I’d spend the money, but the free ones are entertaining anyways. Thanks again for you message! 🙂


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