From Wolf To Woof

Attention all lovers of dogs and dog owner wannabe’s (that’s me).  There’s a wonderful show at the Royal Alberta Museum (until September 16, 2012), called  ‘From Wolf To Woof’. You won’t want to miss it.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the evolution of your family pet,  (Buddy, Jasper, Simba, Haley, Tessa, Teemo, Wishbone, Daisy ***) will be revealed and/or confirmed with this delightful presentation.

(*** Boomdee shout-out)

Make sure you bring lots of Kleenex, you’ll need it to get past the entrance.  There are three categories showcased: Hall of Fame, Wall of Shame, and my favorite, Best Friends Forever.

Each Pet along with a heartfelt story was chosen by jury to be part of the display.  I bet those judges were crying buckets.  The stories, both happy and heartbreaking include a photo of the dog (I wish I could share some of them, but the curator asked not to take direct photo’s of any one pooch). The love in their little faces will put a smile on your face (or tear in your eye) to be sure.

Did you know, not only is the Grey Wolf the dogs closet relative, it’s also the species that gave rise to the pets we love today?  Many rock art images have been found showing dogs helping our prehistoric ancestors hunt. This indicates dogs must have been domesticated long before our written history. This rock art reproduction is from South Africa, it’s from the latter Stone Age/Iron Age transition period, 500 BC.

I especially enjoyed reading the history of  ‘The Service Dog’. According to the display, the stiff harness they wear hasn’t changed much since its original design in the 1920’s. Back in 1929, ‘The Seeing Eye’ was the first organization to train dogs for service to be matched with a human partner. Today, you may often see Therapy Dogs visiting hospitals, schools or even disaster zones. Therapy Dogs differ from Assistant Dogs as they must learn to be friendly and affectionate to many different types of people in a variety of settings.

Being a big movie buff, I also liked the section that highlighted the career’s of famous furry Hollywood stars and their films.  Interesting, a number of these Hollywood marvels were rescued from shelter’s or pounds.  Just another reason to make a shelter or rescue dog your first choice when considering a new pet for your family.

As an adult, I’ve been lucky to have two wonderful dogs as an important and much-loved part of our family. You can read all about Jasper here, he was the smartest little guy and so easy to train.

I always miss Buddy, I wrote about him here. I was just thinking about him again this morning when we finished a jar of peanut butter. It used to be a treat we’d gave him to polish up. He’d work on that jar for hours until it was spotless.

It’s hard to imagine our lives without our dogs. They give us so much and ask for so little in return.  If you live in the Edmonton area, do try to see ‘From Wolf To Woof’.

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8 thoughts on “From Wolf To Woof

    1. Thank’s for your message Alys. Jim calls me Elly May as in Clampet. I get excited when I see a squirrel, or he’ll point out little birds on garage. But dog’s have a special spot in my heart. I really adore Eko & Will’s stories at Marking Our Territory, what great friends they are and Will’s a clever guy with his posts, do stop by there for a giggle.


    1. Oh, from Chicago it’s a quick left then right. I loved reading all the stories for sure. I could see Eko up there on the BFF Gallery, what a good pal. Thank’s for popping in, appreciate your message!


    1. I’m lucky enough to be able to cycle to the museum so I hope to take advantage of many of their shows, and yes this one hit home. Thanks so much for reading back to Buddy’s post. It’s been 3 years but I still miss him so much. Have a great day (or run if that’s in the works today)!


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