Hello, My Name Is Boomdee And I’m An Addict

Do you rely on coffee to wake you up and keep you going? You’re not alone. Like most adults in North America, I start my day with a cup of Joe, Brain Juice, Java, Morning Mud, The Fix…coffee.  I like it strong, no extras and piping hot.

I guess I  started drinking coffee back in Highschool.  We’d get a booth at ‘Big Boys’, one or two of us would order food, the rest of us would just drink coffee (I’m sure they appreciated it, ha).  I wish I had a tape recording of some of those coffee parties, who know’s what we talked about EVERY day for three years.

Dear youthful people, this (above) is a tape recorder.

My coffee habit grew at work like a bad weed. Just like bad weeds, it got out of control.  I had a super stressful job in customer service and pounded back up to 8 cups a day. Can you say ‘fast talker’?  I had a Mini-Maker right on my desk, it brewed one cup at a time.

I’m an early riser and now that I’m able to enjoy my coffee at home, I usually polish off 4 cups before I even start my day.  I don’t know how I got on to the Starbuck’s brand, I think I was trying to save a few dollars by not going OUT to Starbucks.

Well that worked out well, just look at the price of the stuff!!

Needless to say, it’s time to reconsider this vice.  I’ve tried other brands but I’ve not yet found one that’s a good as Starbucks French Roast.  Mr B and I are saving for a house, and being a team player I’ve decided I need to save on grocery (oh no, not craft stuff).  So, over the next  2 months  I’m going to try a few different brands, I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe I’ll try to cut back or  maybe I just need a support group. Hello, my name is Boomdee and I’m An Addict.

What’s brewing in your pot?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

25 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is Boomdee And I’m An Addict

  1. Coffee and dark chocolate – the only reason to wake up. There’s no Starbucks in my neighborhood, I got a Nespresso machine.


  2. Starbucks coffee addict here. Did you know that you can turn in your empty bags at a Starbucks location and get a free cup of brewed coffee? I keep my empties in my car for when I need a cup and I’m out running errands. (Or for when I run out of half-and-half, which happens more often than it should.) $12 for a bag of coffee is still steep, but the free cup helps make it go down just a little bit easier.


    1. Hello fellow Junkie, I didn’t know you could turn in your empty Starbuck Bags for a free cup of Joe, I’ll need to check at my local pit stop. Thank’s for the tip Anne & thank’s for coming by.


    1. Oh, a headache when you drink coffee, that is opposite from me. I remember once I was mowing the lawn and had a massive headache (I never get them), so I was struggling to finish thinking, OMG whats wrong with me. I later figured out that I’d not had any coffee yet (company coming no time). Don’t fear the buzz, that’s the good part.LOL. Thank’s for visiting this morning!


    1. Awww, thanks Alys. That would have been a bit of a coincidence. I have noticed that I often look at the clock when it’s double numbers, ie 10:10, 2:22….Mr B says it just seems like that…it sometimes freaks me out. I can never get back to sleep when I wake up like that, (no doubt to much coffee).


      1. Isn’t it funny what our minds do in the middle of the night? I notice how much I look at my watch when I’m *not* wearing it. I feel lost without it. I find myself looking at my wrist all day long.


        1. Oh very funny, I have a dream journal and it’s entirely banana’s. I met Obama on a bus once and he was trying to give me advice….yep, only in dreamland. LOL I bet you he has people who look at their watch for him.


        2. Hee!

          Great idea keeping a dream journal Do you refer back to it? I’ve had some doozies over the years.

          I used to keep a daily journal, but gave it up several yeas ago. Now I blog and Facebook (can I use those as verbs)?


        3. Absolutely, the new Websters includes ‘Man Cave’ so yah, why not.
          I usually only look at it when I’m writing down a new one, good for a laugh. Mr B rarely remembers his…don’t know why the difference. The ones he does relate seem pretty normal, maybe it’s a girly thing.
          I know what you mean about Journaling, by the time you check FB, Post on your Blog, Dream Journal, Poems Journal…I’m taped out…..don’t want to empty the bucket to early.


  3. I never acquired a taste for coffee, though I could smell it all day. Eight cups a day! Wow! That explains why you are a night owl. I had a horrible Diet Pepsi habit (over 100 ounces a day) which I gave up cold turkey in June. It owned me! I love my herbal tea, Zero Vitamin Water and the stuff from the (filtered) water tap.

    Growing up with a British father, we started out drinking tea. Mom drank Nescafe, black. Ick. My husband loves his coffee, and has a huge machine on the counter to make his morning brew and afternoon espresso. He’s true to his Italian roots. He bought that machine on eBay (I nearly cried when I saw it), but he refurbished it into a lovely appliance.

    Best of luck with your coffee brand frugality. Maybe you could offset the cost of your brew by selling some of your amazing crafts on Etsy.


    1. I had a girlfriend who also drank a lot of pop. At least it was diet. Some of the cup sizes in 7-11 just slay me, I think they ban them in New York. Good for you for giving it up. I should drink more water every day, it’s a constant battle. Nescafe, was that the instant stuff? I haven’t seen ad’s for that in a long time. I think it’d be fun to be your own barrista, brave to buy it on eBay, sounds like it was a good project. I have seen some fun things on Etsy. I’ve never looked into the details of selling there, it’s fun to snoop thru there. Have you ever bought anything? I was just looking at some beautiful soap there last night and Pinned this.

      Isn’t it amazing? Thanks for having the faith, something to think about but I’m not sure my projects get done fast enough…hehe.


      1. I have purchased through Etsy a few times and I have a few friends that have sold there. I bought an Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet that I fell in love with from Etsy, along with handmade greeting cards from Tyler’s Workshop. You would probably like his cards, mostly cats and dogs and a few rabbits an ducks. Let me find the link.

        Yes, Nescafe was instant coffee. It will forever remind me of my Mom.

        See what Petals and Blossum are up to when your back is turned: http://www.etsy.com/listing/59029163/witch-funny-witch-card-halloween-card?ga_search_query=cats


        1. O luv watercolors, thank’s Alys! I took a class a while back. I’ve actually had our Buddy painted for Jim in watercolors. Look at those kitties….ha, maybe pulling a Californian pumpkin! I also liked the Lab building a ‘Sand Cat’ and the Frog flying the “Bumble Bee Kite”. I’m crafting today and Jim’s got a cold, thank’s for the re-charge, I look forward to your messages and seeing what creativeness lies out there.


        2. Thank you, K. I look forward to yours too. You always put a smile on my face and give me something new to think about.

          I’m sorry to hear Jim has a cold. I hope it passes quickly and that you avoid catching it as well.


        3. Thank you, K. I look forward to yours too. You always put a smile on my face and give me something new to think about.

          I’m sorry to hear Jim has a cold. I hope it passes quickly and that you avoid catching it as well.

          I’m glad you enjoyed the Etsy site. I love his style and humor. Such talent. What fun to get a portrait of your Buddy. So sweet.


        4. I love looking at it every day, I put it on the Mantel for now so as not to make any new hole here. A girl from Victoria BC painted it for me, from a picture on our beach, so I have two happy taughts when I see it. Jim’s being a couch potatoe….I’m crafting, it’s all good. :o)


  4. I love coffee. I am addicted to lattes. I buy them, my theory is people make me coffee and I male myself tea. I’m also a major tea junkie. Black with one sugar.
    It’s my rocket fuel.


    1. Oh man, yah lattes “tall skinny one pump”…I’m limiting those to 2 a week at $4.04 a pop. I’ve never been a tea junkie but I love the packaging…so colorful. It looks nice in the pantry. I can’t believe you eat any sugar. ;o), thanks a bunch for your message!


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