A Beautiful Place To Call Home

On my outing to the Royal Alberta Museum for the ‘Wolf to Woof’ display, I stopped to admire the garden of the ‘Residence of  Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor’. Today it’s used only for official occasions like July 1st, Canada Day reception.

Both the museum and residence are on the same gorgeous piece of land adjacent to the North Saskatchewan River in Glenora, We love to ride through on bicycle and admire the homes. This impressive sandstone mansion was completed in 1913. It served as the official residence for 25 years and was the setting for many regal receptions and social engagements. It’s easy to find yourself daydreaming:

It’s 1929, I arrive beneath the massive portico in our 1926 Chrysler Imperial Roadster, a wedding gift from Mr. B.  along with the  pearls that hang neatly over my mint green beaded flapper dress.  I was going to wear the matching cap but instead, I’m flaunting a stylish new hair cut,  The Bob, it’s all the rage in Hollywood. Once inside, the modern sounds of  Louis Armstrong signal a great party has begun and “yes please”, I do love champagne.  

Well now, that was fun .  Here in the circular front garden is a mass of  sunny Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan), purple Petunia and Sweet Alyssum (like sweet Alys and then sum**).  I wish I could bottle that scent, and take it home.   I really have to plant Alyssum in my next garden.

If your head is not yet spinning from the stately beauty of the mansion and generously planted Sweet Alyssum, tip toe past the white roses. They are perfection, standing guard around the base of our flags.  The familiar Maple Leaf is saluting the day.

While the Royal Blue flag of Alberta waves to picnickers who come to enjoy the expanse of soft green lawn. Surely it would’ve have been the most beautiful place to call home.

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** Personal note: Sweet Alyssum and Flapper Girls, remind you of anyone GN?


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17 thoughts on “A Beautiful Place To Call Home

    1. Thank’s for your visit Anne! Yes, I’m anxious to tour inside too. There was a family enjoying a little lunch on the lawn the day I was there. It was a perfect sunny day for it.


  1. What a lovely story, lived here most of my life but haven’t really vsited that area for ages. Guess it is time I did again!!! LUL


  2. I love that trio of plantings and what a great photo you captured on that glorious sunny day. I smiled picturing you back in time and also riding bikes nearby. What a glorious place.

    Sweet Alys and then sum…clever you!!!


    1. It was surprising, to me anyways, they only planted the 3 things but it looked so gorgeous. I guess big on impact. It was a beautiful sunny day, today is windy and cold so nice to look back. This is the post I was telling you about…wrote about a flapper and then, there you were, a stunning flapper…kizmit.


      1. That is truly amazing! Sorry to hear you are having a cold, windy day. It got warm hear again (high eighties) after one cool day. My garden knows better, though. Suddenly everything in the vegie garden looks spent: the cosmos are drying up and most of the seeds are gone. The Pumpkin vines are turning yellow and brown. True fall in three weeks!!!


        1. Awww, Bittersweet with an dream for garden grander next year. I wish we could grow palm tree’s here, They just make it feel like summer everyday (to me anyways). Do you have to mow your lawn all year round or does it also slow down?


        2. Our grass grow slower in the winter, but it doesn’t go dormant. We have a friend that mows the grass for us. I used to do it myself with a push mower believe it or not, but when the boys were small, I gave it up. Funny, but I didn’t mind mowing so much as I did edging.


        3. I used a little push mower in our driveway garden. Had a tiny island of grass there for Buddy to sit in the Shade. On the lakeside, we used a cordless electric mower. I always liked hearing the first lawnmower in the spring, like seeing the first Canada Goose on the Ice.


    1. Hi Steven, lucky you, I’d love to visit Sydney. It’s on the list for when hubby can take extended vacations…maybe retirement LOL. Thank’s for taking time to visit, I know you’re packing…have a great holiday!


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