Just Like Christmas, 1965

Have you noticed my countdown calendar this morning?

No? Well check it out!!!

Only three more days to go and I’ve cleared my entire schedule (LOL, if  you only knew how outrageous that comment is). Actually,  I’ve been psyched up for almost a month now and shamelessly spammed begged her via email for tickets to the show.  Just like a dedicated Olympic athlete, I’ve trained hard for the BIG event.  I’m getting back into  my ‘Laugh, Dance, Stalker, Biggest Fan’  mode by:

Photo Credit: Pixar

  • Re-visiting Ellen’s books.  I found her entry for August 1, 2003** perplexing. Clearly the entire office at Pixar have been in a coma for 14 years. What do you think?


Finding Nemo is now the highest-grossing animated movie of all time! Can you believe it?!

Hang on, my phone’s ringing. It’s probably Pixar telling me they want to make a sequel!

Bye, Journal! Talk to you again when I’m rich!

(** excerpt page 36, Seriously…..I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres)

  • Reading all about Ellen’s summer,  including a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Photo Credit: showbiz.com

Well, you get the picture. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. One year,  I really wanted this mod, circular doll house from the Sears catalogue. OK, and maybe I went on and on about it.  I ogled that catalogue for over a month. I was NOT disappointed when it finally arrived.  I went crazy, it was everything I could have wished for. No, it was more than I dared to dream.  I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s going to be on Monday. Oh Jeez, I’ve got butterflies, just like Christmas, 1965.

Do you have a favorite Ellen Episode?

Here’s mine!

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11 thoughts on “Just Like Christmas, 1965

  1. I am a huge Ellen fan! I’ve been watching her show since episode one with Jennifer Aniston as her first guest. She always makes me smile. I think Gladys has been one of my favorite segments too.

    I didn’t like it when Tony left and they tried other DJs. There are so many segments I like, it’s hard to pick a favorite ;0) I currently have 100 episodes on DVR to get through.

    I have so little time to watch TV and try to catch up when I can. I just watched the season 10 premiere. I’m gonna try to stay caught up this year, and catch up on my reruns in the off season.

    Knowing you’re an Ellen fan makes you okay in my book!


    1. Hiiiii Sharon, so nice of you to pop in! I almost feel like we’ve met. I remember that show with Jennifer like, she brought a Welcome mat. Isn’t she too cute? If I lived in California, I might be tempted to park myself at her show everyday until I got in. I wonder what ever happened to Striker, he was fun but yes yes Tony’s the best. Holy Crackers you have a bit of catching up….good thing is the only thing that changes is Ellen’s hair, she’s just always herself: loveable, funny, caring and of course entertaining. Glad I’m in your good book, come on back any time…PS your sisters adorable too!


    1. Oh man, I wish we could all watch it together. You, Sharon, Slinky, Beijing, Lindy,Mighty Mouse from next door and oh, I already invited my Aunty Kathleen and lovely Lil…the more the merrier. Doesn’t Ellen’s laugh crack you up? I’ve watched that so many times but it still makes me laugh.


        1. Did you see the episode with Portia? Ellen was so amazing cause Portia got really choked up and Ellen was so loving and supportive. I’m sure it was hard to see her wife so upset, but she gently finished the show like a pro. She’s one of a kind.


    1. Thank’s Nikiland, ya ol’ Gladys is a hoot…she comes by it so naturally….I just love it when Ellen cracks up. She has a funky laugh. Will you tune in on Monday? Make sure you’re PVR is set if you’re a fan!


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