They’re Out Of This World

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn’t belong. Can you tell which thing is not like the other, before I finish this song?

Have you seen this exotic fruit in your market?  I’ve walked by these before, thinking “what on earth IS that?”  We generally just pick up the usual applies, oranges, strawberries, watermelon and the like.  Today I was feeling adventurous, ready to go where no man woman has gone before.

What is this strange creature? It reminds me of some alien thingy that takes over the Screen on the bridge of the Enterprise. “Spock! Analysis?”

No, it’s not actually a strange creature from outer space. What you have here is a ‘Dragon Fruit’, grown mainly in Vietnam or Thailand. They’re gorgeous and colorful and make for a pretty stunning display at the local market.

They feel a little like a plum on the outside, but have  tails like a colorful comet.

You simply peel and serve. They taste a little like Kiwi crossed with pear.

Hey look, they’re the opposite of outer space, the final frontier!

White with black dots and they’re out of this world.

Sulu, plot course for Delicious! Warp speed! Engage!

 Happy 46th Birthday Star Trek! Original Episode September 8, 1966

Do you have a favorite Star Trek episode?

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16 thoughts on “They’re Out Of This World

  1. Yes, I posted about these also. I thought they tasted very bland and was expecting them to taste between a kiwi and a melon. I took a humorous approach too. How could you not with a name like Dragon fruit? lol.


    1. They just look like a joke waiting to happen don’t they? I actually liked the taste but they’re a little expensive for our fruit bowl on a regular basis….I’ll keep them in mind for maybe a brunch or something. Thanks for checking out my post.


  2. Probably the Trouble with Tribbles. What a fun post, Boomdee. I would never have guessed that they felt like plums. They’re beautiful. And to give you an idea of where my mind is, I wondered how you jumped from fruit to a plate of cookies. Then I re-read and still didn’t get it. Finally (head-slap) I realized you had a plate of sliced Dragon fruit. LOL.

    Your posts always make me smile.


    1. Well aren’t you sweet to try and figure it all out….hehe, made sense last night at 2am but you’re right it could be more clear. Their fruit, like the Kiwi is full of very very tiny seeds that you just eat. I think it’d look neat on a plate with starfruit and Kiwi. Thank’s for the nice compliment too. The Trouble with Tribbles is my friend Karens favorite episode too. I bought her that episode along with a tribble in Vegas at the Hilton Star Trek experience one year. It even made the little tribble sound…you know you’re on vacation when you spend money on round fake fur circles. LOL


    1. I love cracking you up, that’s the nicest compliment ever. Thank’s for visiting. They are pretty crazy looking aren’t they (the fruit, not the Star Trek crew). Do you think you’ll try them? They’re really yummy.


    1. Hi Aunty, can you imagine a Baba in her garden, tending to these? I guess they don’t have Baba’s in Thailand..LOL According to Google, in Thai, a grandma on your mom’s side is ‘ya’ and on your dads side is ‘yai’. Were the Beatles singing about their grandma when they sang ‘ya ya ya…she loves me ya ya ya’ ? Thanks for visiting! xoK


    1. Mornin Cous, you know I usually am ‘THE One Trick Pony’ when it comes to food I like, but these are tres yummy…..why not bike to the market today and get a few (hehe, inside joke). xoK


  3. I love this post! So wonderful. So funny. Star Trek is my all time favorite TV-show. My favorite episode..? There are so many… I can’t choose…


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