Gorilla’s In Our Midst

A crazy thing happened on the way to the park,  somehow we ended up in the jungle, or that’s what it seemed.  There were gorilla’s everywhere we turned.  Did you know Mountain Gorilla’s are one of our closet relatives? They actually share  98.6 percent of our nuclear DNA. Look closely, can you tell?

Big ones

Little ones

Girl Friends



Guy Friends

Friends with benefits

Jackie and Owen finished early enough to enjoy a snuggle

Friends with Skirts

Jim, in the pink tutu, is a lovely chap from the UK.  He’s on vacation and said he’s always wanted to do this. What a good sport!

They all gathered in the Edmonton river valley, Victoria Park for the annual Gorilla Run. It’s a 5 km fun run to raise money for the Canadian Friends of the MGVP (Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund).  The organization fights to save the lives of mountain gorillas and to carry on the life work and dreams of Diane Fosse, who sadly was murdered in Rwanda in 1985.  Through fundraising efforts like these, programs in Africa continue to make sure locals become qualified in wildlife health management and medicine. Some funding raised, aids in the care of the orphan mountain gorillas at Le Centre Senkwekwe located in the Democratic Republic of The Congo.

Needless to say, they’re an impressive group of organizers and fundraisers. Please visit their websites to see all the important work they are doing. I’m humbled  and thankful to see these gorilla’s in our midst.

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A Personal Note

To my dear American friends, I’m thinking of you today and hoping with all my heart that you will never again know the fear and heartache from that terrible day back in September 2001. I’ve always loved the message in Patty Griffin’s song ‘No Bad News’. Quote: “We’ll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers among us, till there are no strangers anymore”. As many of you may attend Memorials today, please know you are in my thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Gorilla’s In Our Midst

      1. She was indeed. People that dedicate their entire lives to something like this are inspiring. Thanks for the link. Lots of fun photos on the page. They must get incredibly hot walking/running in those gorilla suits.


    1. It is pretty fun to see how everyone does up their customs. Those fellow’s were so great and friendly. Why wait for Halloween, when you can dress up for a good cause. Nice of you to pop in and thank’s again for your message.


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