Ipad Visitors and WordPress

Dear Friends with Ipads,

If you have been joining me via your Ipad,  you may not have been able to view Boomdeeadda today.  My apologies, I only became aware of this tonight.  Due to an update by Apple Inc. to IOS 6, the WordPress feature ‘Onswipe for Ipad’ is no longer available.  It used to allow Ipad users to swipe thru Boomdeeadda.

To see the regular full version of Boomdeeadda from your Ipad

  • scroll to the very bottom of this page
  • on the left you’ll see  ‘Full Site’
  • click on it

You’ll only have to do this once to activate it for all future posts.  You’re now seeing Boomdeeadda the way everyone else does.

Thank you for following Boomdeeadda, I greatly appreciate your visits and comments.  Please let me know if you are experiencing any problems related to this change.  Does new technology seems to go backwards sometimes?

Your Friend, Boomdee

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

6 thoughts on “Ipad Visitors and WordPress

    1. I did a bit of research. WordPress is phasing out Onswipe and doesn’t even allow new blogs to use it. They will eventually do away with it entirely. I went ahead and turned it off. Mine looks OK on an iPad and I prefer it to Onswipe anyway.


      1. According to the WordPress Forum, if you had Onswipe engaged before, it was to continue to work for some period of time (I’ve used it since the beginning). But today Mr B., who has an Ipad couldn’t see my BLOG. This would indicate that WordPress has already stopped supporting Onswipe, so I’ve also turned it off now. The steps noted are for anyone using iOS 6, Apple’s new platform. It was the fix recommended on the WordPress Forum and actually were required for Mr B to see Boomdeeadda correctly. It’s possible your Ipad isn’t operating on iOS 6, so you wouldn’t need to follow the recommended steps, which is A-ok.
        Thanks for the feedback, good to know not everyone is affected!


      2. PS, If you aren’t seeing it formatted correctly, head to the bottom of that post and click ‘Full Site’. That’s the recommended step in WordPress Forum and fixed up Mr. B.’s view


      3. I upgraded to iOS 6 last night. All I could see was a list of posts in a text format. When you selected a post it was mainly text in boxes with small thumbnails of the pictures. Basically a mobile format. In any case, it is now turned off so any of my visitors with an iPad will see my regular format. :-).


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