Ode To Flip-flops

My dear little flip-flops,

I’ve worn you all summer long,

It’s funny, when I was little,

I thought you were a thong.

You’re always there to help me,

with errands on the run.

A different color every day

the sound you make is fun.

Orange, white or black, pink ones too,

for aqua I’m a fool.

But the leaves are changing,

and so must I,

when kids go back to school.

I’ll still flip and flop

around the house,

you can greet me at the door.

Since you’re all on sale,

I can’t resist,

I have more now than before.

I’m sad to see you put away,

in baskets all so neat.

I don’t like wearing socks, shoes or boots,

you’re like candy for my feet.

It’s not good-bye, just see you later,

now summer’s at an end.

My sweet little flip-flops,

you’ll be my life long friend.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

20 thoughts on “Ode To Flip-flops

  1. In Hawaii we call them “slippers”
    We wore them all year round.
    People wore them everywhere
    To work, to school, to town.

    Seriously, I will never forget our first few weeks when the kids were in school there, one of them brought home a note “field trip tomorrow – wear shoes.” 🙂 Hey Boomdee, you need to send that photo of your foot to the toemail blog. Have you seen it? It’s very original!


    1. Hawaii would be a dream, I don’t know why all of us don’t just move there…LOL oh ya, the island would sink.

      I have been to Toemail and follow. Are they fun. They posted my hubbies feet on Dec 11th. I also wrote about them on that day. He was standing half in Italy and half in The Vatican City…so he was in two places at one time…hehe. I didn’t even ask him first..LOL that’s how I roll.


    1. It seems kind of crazy doesn’t it? Since I’ll throw them on to flip-flop over to Starbucks for a Tall Skinny @ $4.04…why is coffee so darn expensive? Thanks for your message, I really appreciate your visit.


    1. Hi Auntie, thank’s for that and I only bought one pair because I already have all the other colors they sell, LOL. Maybe I should go get more….we’ll have beach Santa this year. xoK


  2. Great poem – the only thing better would be if we could see the faces of the people who were wondering why you were taking photos of thongs!


    1. Ahh good, I was wondering if that was just one of those Canadian things and if everyone else might not ‘get it’. And thank’s so much for sharing it Alys, you’re a good friend.


    1. I agree entirely, how can you possibly resist .94 cents? I guess you’re just coming round to summer, hope you have a good one! As they say when they jump into a pool here “Cow-a-bunga”! Thanks for visiting!


  3. It’s still warm enough for flip-flops here, but we don’t know for how many weeks more. My bipeds hate having to wear socks again, when the weather turns cooler.


    1. If I wait till this afternoon, it will be 24 C (75 F), but this morning it’s 11 C (51 F). So I could wear them part time, or wear socks with flip flops like a geisha girl. I’m so jealous that you still have summer days. Your bipeds can still flippity-flop along on your walks. Thanks for visiting with me (((( Clowie ))), that’s a big furry hug.


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