A Girl’s Got To Do Her Thing

This might come as a shock but, I don’t usually get too excited about fashion.  In fact, I just hate going to the mall,  to the extent that I usually buy what I need at Superstore.  Yah, on my way to the bedding aisle, I grab flip-flops and coffee.  These guys have it all, and since I’m already there getting my groceries, I might as well get a new outfit for the weekend.  I bet Coco Chanel just inhaled her entire cigarette and  I think I can hear both Dolce and Gabanna sobbing.

One exception I will make is the Antique Mall.  I never go with a plan, it’s just fun to snoop around.  Have I told you how much I love the color aqua? Why are you laughing?  It’s an addiction, a fabulous, crazy addiction….check it out:

The back is just as pretty.

This little vintage beaded clutch was only $12.00 and is next to new.  It practically matches every thing I own, including my lovely vintage desk calendar.

It was one of those things that actually made me gasped when I saw it,  tucked into some old bowls in a eclectic booth.  Could I have found anything more perfect to  match my seafoam patent dress shoes?

I’ve been pretty lucky finding a number of things in this very vintage color, since seafoam is pretty popular with like-minded obsessors collectors.  I also recently scored this vintage flowered ‘hippy-chick’ necklace.  Doesn’t it  just scream the 60’s, peace, love and rock’n’roll?

My apologies to any fellows visiting Boomdeeadda today, I might have just bored you silly. Ok,  fifty lashes with a vintage noodle.  Sometimes a girl’s got to do her thing. 

Do You have a favorite vintage find lately?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

35 thoughts on “A Girl’s Got To Do Her Thing

  1. Beautifully aqua, awesome! I’m a gamer girl myself (played video games, computer games, and role-playing games aka rpgs). On my birthday one year we ended up at an antiques place and I found jar of old dice, all different sizes. While I didn’t buy it, I did take a photo. Love it!


    1. Oh! Old dice, they’re really useful on altered art. A scrapbook store I frequent sells them for 3-5 bucks each. I don’t play any on line games at all, I remember trying to play mario brother with my then 8 year old nefew, he kicked my butt, LOL. I have no idea how those go 😀 Thanks for your fantastic message Phaery Girl. I really appreciate you using the link 😀


      1. I enjoy video games, but I didn’t play through all the systems. We got Atari and the original Nintendo system. I would have loved to get the newer systems, but alas…

        In college I played a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, my hubby is so good with video games that when we’d play Super Smash Bros., he decimated everyone. We couldn’t even ban him for characters, since he wouldn’t have been able to play the game! 😛


    1. oh hello there, that’s a nice surprise. Since I have just received and accepted another award, I’ll just say thanks for thinking of Boomdeeadda and visit some of the other nominee’s…cheers


  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a find!! I have been totally obsessed with mint green lately. I even had a dream one night about finding a pair of high heel mint green lace-up shoes, only they didn’t have my size. Ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of shoes just like the ones in my dream.


    1. Hi Anne, it’s so funny you shop in your dreams. At-a- way to stay on budget. Thanks for your response, I do really love this mint green too. Good luck with the shoe hunt. You might have better luck in the spring.


    1. Awww thanks Alys, I do love vintage. I’m so happy I brought it home. I put it on my night stand, it adds a little sparkle there. I’ve always thought it would be fun to go to that huge Long Beach Antique Market…I would go banana’s there…it looks amazing for vintage hounds like me. I went to ‘Old Orange’ when we were in LA and that was fun. Jim just hung out at the Gazebo and read a book…he indulges me so. Have you every gone?


      1. I never have. Donna is my only other friend who likes this sort of thing, and it is near impossible for us to get together. I think you might need to extend your California visit to six months or so. You can set Jim up with Moby Dick, the Harry Potter series and some Will Shakespeare.


  3. Oh, the bag is gorgeous! What a great find—I love reading about others’ vintage scores. Shopping isn’t my favourite thing to do, either, unless, of course, it is at the antique mall or the thrift. Go figure. 😉


    1. Hi Jen, I thought you’d probably like it. I’m not sure if this happens where you live, but at the malls here, every store is in competition to see who can play their music the loudest…I cringe when I have to shop there. Bravo for the re-treads. Thanks so much for coming by, happy thrifting!


  4. I love your posts, they always make me smile – they come around first thing in the morning when I am dragging myself out of bed and it is like you are a cheery friend singing “good morning!”.


    1. Wow, thank’s dear hammering Heidi! That’s super nice to hear….I fancy myself a morning person right after the 2nd cup of Joe. Though I don’t do much singing till I get in the car…show tunes mostly and sometimes when I’m grocery shopping with my Ipod on. LA la la… Thank’s so much for your sweet comment…keep on building stuff, I love those posts!


    1. Ha, I think some of my friends think I dress kind of weird at times, but they sort of expect it. I’m sure if I turned up in something totally ‘off-the-rack’ they’d think I was abducted by aliens. I agree, emerald green is probably a better choice for the guys…more regal too. Thanks for your comment Steven!


    1. Thanks Katherine, I have a few haunts. I took my cousin there when she was in town, and she got some really cute stuff. That might be a good business opportunity…Very Vintage Vacations, Inc. Have a wonderful day!


  5. Everything old is new again. I was telling my daughter last week, I wish I had held onto my yellow gingham bell bottoms. I have my mother’s black beaded clutch and cherish it. It has been around the world several times now.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I have a feeling that there’s always been a group of us that gravitates toward vintage…even in the 19th century, those with means were collecting stuff. How fun to have a special purse. I sometimes wonder, when I buy things, where they’ve been…maybe this little gem has been to a party with someone famous…you never know


    1. Hey cous, glad your treasures make you happy. I think it’s brilliant to mix old stuff with something new and it’s tres chic to have a ‘one of a kind’ accessory. I wish you could come with every week, together we were dangerous. xo


    1. I saw a vintage pickup truck in this color a few days ago, holy molely is was cute. I had visions of me driving round in that pickup truck with a big smile on my face. Yep amazing. Thanks for the visit, hope your day at school is amazing too.


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