That’s A Wrap

One of my favorite craft room projects is to make gift packaging for special friends.  It’s another great way to use up little scraps of paper and leftover embellishments from other projects. They work up pretty fast.

The big ‘pillow’ gift box was cut with Coluzzle by ProvoCraft, remember them?  It’s fun to have the latest greatest die cutters, but I try to remember to use my old stuff too.  If you don’t have the Coluzzle template, you can get a free downloadable template for the ‘pillow’ gift box at Crafticious. Elaine does a super job on a whole lot of tutorials there, check her out.

I always like to incorporate one piece of multi-colored paper. This allows me to use a wide range of embellishments.   For example, this paper is a combination of  mauve, peaches and aqua. It seems like a unusal combination.

I probably would never come up with it on my own.  While it sounds a little gaudy, the results tell a different story. Suddenly a seemingly un-related hodge-podge of left-overs can come together into a little collage you can add to gifts, cards or tags.  Here’s a view of what I used (click on collage to enlarge).

The Scalloped Oval die cuts are Spellbinder Nestabilities, The Dress Form die cut is Tim Holtz.  All other embellishments and ribbons are bric-a-brac left over from past projects.

If they’re not personalized too much,  the recipient can re-gift them to another friend.

As they say in the biz, “that’s a wrap”.

Why not come back on Friday for  ‘That’s A Wrap – Part 2’ ?  I’ll put the coffee on, see you then 🙂

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

21 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap

  1. Those are fabulous! My daughter does that kind of thing mostly at Christmas. We never want to open the gifts. I’m not gifted that way. I make the gifts, she wraps them. I’m going to show her your blog. You are so talented.


    1. OMG, that’s really nice of you to comment and share it too. Thanks so much for that. I’m already seeing Christmas Idea books at the checkout in the market. So I guess I should giddy up and think about it. You and your daughter make the perfect gift giving team, I’d love to see what you guys put together.


  2. These are stunning, Boomdee. You do have the gift with paper. It wouldn’t matter what came in the package…I would be happy with the box.I love the way you pull together all the details into a cohesive whole. Great use of a weekend alone, too.


    1. Thanks Alys, I’ve been having a ball in the craft room this weekend, like a little crafting hermit….alas, we’re all equally looking forward to Mr B’s return today. I’m glad you like them, I have something in the works just for you (see you on FB tommorrow). 😉


  3. Wow. I have a tough time coloring in the lines, so I can’t even fathom how you do this. Very cool and unique cards.


    1. Hey thanks Will, somehow I think you’d be pretty good at it cause you’re a creative kind of guy…ha, nope can’t see it happening. Hope your day with Eko is full of adventures. 🙂


    1. Morning Aunty! I’ve ignored all my chores and survived on cereal and sandwiches….it’s been a bit of a lark. Mr B is home today after work so I have to make like a busy bee and buzz through the house work. To bad I can’t Wrap Up my ironing pile and gift it away. 🙂


  4. I Heart those BIG TIME!! Just lovely!! I really think paper crafters have a unique talent. Not everyone can do that. I consider myself a creative and well stuff like this is just not my forte. Well done!


    1. Hi Sunshine, thanks for your sweet message. I wonder if 50 years from now people will look back and say…”oh ya, I remember when they did that”. I’ve been enjoying it for a while and even worked in a store for a couple of years until my closet was over flowing, it just seems to get bigger and bigger.


    1. Hi Steven, thanks for commenting even though ‘scrapbooking’ is probably not on your radar. What do you like to do to be creative? I’ve seen your wood block buildings, they’re neat. Anything else up your artist sleeve?


    1. Bonjour Sherri!! I’ve been in the Craft Room all weekend since Mr B was away…his turn for a mini vacation, but works out well for me too. Thank’s for that nice compliment xoK


    1. Thank’s Lizzy, these ones are pretty girly. It’d be interesting doing one for a fellow but a guy might not appreciate the detail as much as a girlfriend….I think I’ll stick to pretty. How’s the snow?


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