Don’t you just love weekends?  Sleeping late, then hanging out for a couple of hours in your PJ’s watching Star Trek?  Hot coffee and Captain Kirk,  oh ya, good times.  As fun as that sounds, times a-wasting and today was the last outdoor Farmers Market till spring rolls around again.  Some of the regular vendors will continue at City Hall over the winter, but it’s much more fun outdoors. Today was cool enough to wear a trendy sweater or jaunty cap, yet sunny enough to avoid gloves. The perfect day to attend.

The market tables simply overflowed with all manner of garden treasure.  You’d almost think Fred Flintstone shopped here, look at the size of these zucchini and squash. They’d go good with his Brontosaurus ribs.  Some of the turnips were as big as  my head.

While Mr B was buying his usual fudge and cookies, I stopped to admire this colorful and low-cal collection of hand-made dish cloths.  I wanted one in every color so my tea towel drawer could look just as pretty.  I settled on three peach colored ones for a friend.

The best part of the market today was finding something special for our kitty cats, Petals and Blossum.  Take a look at this long and lean beauty, in sexy silver.  Multi-tiered with a little house to snooze in, pretty glam. I just knew the kitties would love it.

Unfortunately, level-headed Mr B reminded me that we don’t have that kind of room in the condo. Well, since when do things have to be  practical?  Finally, I had to admit it too.  We didn’t have room for the ‘Penthouse View’ model so settled on ‘Cute & Cozy‘.  There’s John, ‘The Cat Man’. He even delivered it at no extra charge (no he didn’t come down the chimney).

Thank’s John! Notice: John has a red coat and so does Santa….just sayin’.

While Blossum was all over it like sauce on ribs (Brontosaurus of course) Petals seemed happy to just sniff around.  It might take some getting used to.

Hey, how’s the view from up there Blossum?

Christmas is still months away, but looks like Santa Claws might have come early, HO HO MEOW!!

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

17 thoughts on “HO HO MEOW

    1. From a decorating point of view, I totally love the woven basket look so much more than carpet. I’ve not seen those here. That particular model is pretty cute. Hey, have you heard of kitty bubbles? I girl I follow is a kitty nanny in the UK..wait she also has a blog, I don’t just follow her..anywho, she blows bubbles for kitties she visits and they play…how cute. Here’s the post


      1. I agree! I was thrilled to see this at Petco. The carpet and glue give off a funny smell too. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

        Bubbles for kitty entertainment. How cute. I once tried catnip bubbles, but the cats left the room and I sat there feeling foolish. Hee!

        Must check out this blog. Thanks, Boomdee!


  1. Look at those lucky kitties! Mom and dad brought home a brand new toy! Most cats love to climb, so it’s nice they took to these right away. I’ve learned over the years that often the location of the item, more than anything, determines if they’ll use it.

    We have one about this size, but made from water hyacinth and burlap. I moved it from A to B to C. C did the job. Now Mouse and Lindy take turns using it.

    Love this happy post, Boomdee!


    1. They are lucky kitties for sure. In our tiny condo living room there are two scatching posts (one rug, one rope) a play tube, a cardboard box, their little blue kennel (Blossum likes to nap in it) and now a 4 ft tall kitty lounger…yep, if we were to have kids I fear they’d be spoilt silly….but how can I resist? I’ve never seen anything made from water hyacinth, how do they do that, dry it out and weave it? Neat. So Mouse really makes himself at home…that’s so funny. Thanks for your nice message 🙂


      1. Sounds like kitty heaven over there. We have so many sleeping spots around the house, that its comical. On my desk there is a box with a fleece liner, and near the window, the kitty condo.

        Both of the boys have cat “furniture” in their rooms. In our room, Lindy sleeps in a bed under our bed or in another bed in the closet when she needs to get away from it all. We have multiple scratchers, but you would never know it from the damage to the couch. Sigh.

        Yes, Mouse makes himself at home. We adore him.


    1. Thank’s Lizzy, they’d love that! There are Pro’s and Con’s, while they are they are a couple of cuddlers, the black cat hair is everywhere. I’m a bit of a tidy bug and vacume everyday. Our poor sofa won’t last long. I’ve always had a kitty or two and won’t want to be without them, so we totally ignore the con’s


  2. My kitties had a similar cat house/climbing frame… and they completely ignored it! Go Blossom!
    I love Sunday mornings as my husband makes me vanilla pancakes whilst I enjoy my first cup of tea of the day.


    1. Oh, what a lovely fellow you wake up with, vanilla pancakes sound scrumptious. I’m hoping Petals will take more interest. Blossum is hanging out with the birdies in the tree, she’s so happy, I can tell by her tail. Thanks for your visit PJ!


  3. Wish i would have gone to the market instead to the stuffy grocery store – superstore no less and everyone was shopping with their children – how did i ever do it with the 3 brats so many years ago, but then mine weren’t really constantly screaming like they do now – and touch all the produce – lol – LUL


    1. OMG, I had to read that one to Jim…you are so honest to call your kids brats…hahaha. Heads up Sherri, you’ve been told. I know what you mean about shopping though. I wear my Ipod and listen to beautiful music, & even sing sometimes..maybe people think I’m annoying…LOL, lu2 xoK


  4. I just happened by for the first time, and look what I walked in on! Kitties living big. Wouldn’t my two black critters love to see out the front window like that. Unfortunately, they are dogs, and we keep the couch away from the bay window, or they would easily climb up and stand inside it barking at all the passersby!


    1. Hi Jean, lucky me that you’ve happened along. I’m never sure how people find me (tags?) but to quote a girl I adore, “there’s always room for new friends” . Welcome! I’ll come by to meet your ‘two black critters’. I love dogs (& cats, rabbits, birds…you get it) and follow a number of Blogging Dogs. We’ve had a couple of beautiful dogs in our past and I really miss them. I think your sofa would thank you, maybe the passerby’s too. 🙂


  5. Great post to start my day. Petals and Blossum will enjoy their present. And now I’m getting some real hot coffee with dark chocolate. But where’s that Start Trek dvd…??


    1. Oh my, breakfast chocolate? Life is good! We used to just have a bar stool at the window, so this is big time, big city, living. Your day is just starting but is 1:10AM here, I should beam up to bed..Thanks for coming by. Have a great day! Go easy on the cat nip Bowie.


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