Hey, You’ve Got To Start Somewhere

Dare I say it, ” I used to be a very picky eater as a kid”.  I bet some parents out there can relate.  I basically grew up eating sandwiches. Some of our favorites would curl your toes.

  1. SPAM with diced pickles and mayo (on white bread naturally)
  2. Bologna and mustard (again, on white)
  3. Cheese Whiz (OMG, so processed)

My parents were not about to allow me to eat sandwiches for supper.  Did your parents use this one on you, “We aren’t running a cafe you know?  Naturally, I sat pouting through most suppers, sometimes in tears.

“I don’t want to eat those”: green peppers, brocoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, eggs, curled up pork chops, wieners, steak, milk, green beans, kidney beans, canned peas……you get the picture.  The list was pretty extensive.

Photo credit: Lambert/Hulton Archives

No wonder we were a skrawny bunch.

I mean, really how many sandwiches can one kid eat in a day?  Truth be told, those days are long gone.  Having reached middle age, it’s no longer as easy as it once was to stay slim or trim.  That’s why, a few weeks back I made a commitment to return to Weight Watchers.

While you don’t REALLY have to give up anything, lets face it, you shouldn’t have peanut butter and toast at midnight.  It has been a challenge. With Christmas around the corner, it’s bound to get tricky.  What  am I missing the most?

Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Can you relate to any of this?

Got any meal tricks to share?

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22 thoughts on “Hey, You’ve Got To Start Somewhere

  1. I have a picky eater in this house and he would eat a sandwich for every meal. It is a challenge that drives me BONKERS! I used to stuff steak in my bra though. I know now however that it had more to do with my parents not knowing how to cook a steak properly. 🙂


    1. That’s so funny, steak in your bra..hehe, that’s were a dog comes in hady. Sorry you have a picky eater too. Is it “what goes around comes around”? 😉 I still don’t eat steak but the list is pretty long…olives, feta, beef, pork, kidney beans….oh well, you get it.


  2. Seriously? You have to give up wine? There’s no way!!! Several years ago, I had to go on a seriously low-carb diet due to Candida. I didn’t think I could do it, but I somehow managed to cut the sugars and carbs out. Dark chocolate chips are a low-sugar way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Not sure about Weight Watchers points, but I know I can get a small handful of them and nibble away. They’re especially good paired with a glass of red wine (cause I wasn’t kidding when I said I couldn’t give up my red wine).


    1. OMG, Anne you made me laugh. I really would prefer to clink your glass & drink to that, but I was so naughty over the summer, my fall clothes were unbareably tight.
      I had to look up Candida, hope you’re better now. I’ve never been a chocolate eater (I’m a weirdo I guess), but I have been rocking the Jello with a couple of tablespoons of whip cream..also sweet and low cal (& points). You and my long time girlfriend Karen would be so dangerous together…she loves her wine too! Cheers, thanks for visiting.


    1. Unfortunately we never got the real Kraft Dinner, it was always the giant box of elbow macaroni with bulk cheese powder, eck…I do remember Donald Day loved it and Wayne too, with lots of Ketchup..man that kid loved his Ketchup, LOL xoK


  3. I used to be able to eat anything I wanted. I’m quite resentful of these middle age eating restrictions. LOL!!!

    Great post, Boomdee. I love the photo of everyone in front of the Christmas tree. So cute. Are those all sibling, or does this picture include a cousin or two?


    1. Thanks Alys, you know how I feel. The Christmas picture includes cousins: Brian, Lee-Ann & Sherri on the left. Then there’s my bro’s Wayne, Ken and Trevor and me with a new Barbie. My cousin Sherri started a Blog, she’s very witty (and adorable)…but I’m bias..hehe


      My Aunty Kathleen, her mom, follows Boomdeeadda too, you might see her sweet comments around…just a bunch of Ukrainian girls cheering each other on.


        1. Welcome,
          Sherri’s a doll, a wise cracker and a softy…all wrapped up with a smile you can’t resist. She’s passionate about things and won’t hesitate to tell you…She’s the youngest out of all of us. 🙂


  4. Squeezy cheeese? Never seen that over here, LOL!! Tastes generally become more varied as we grow older as do our waistlines. Good luck with Weight Watchers Boomdee x


    1. I’d like to say “you’re not missing anything” but I guess some folks think it’s a healthy choice…jury’s out. Anything that has 91 calories in 2 tbsp with 51 of those calories being fat won’t be on my menu. Thanks for cheering me on, I really appreciate it!


  5. Kids don’t even get sandwiches in a lunch box anymore or a sac lunch. It’s assumed kids will be eating school lunches. I tried with my high schoolers to have them bring packed lunches, but with working it is a chore to remember to keep “lunch food” in the pantry and then remember to have them take it out the door in the morning.

    I never ate school lunch (except on Thur, pizza day) Because I ate so many sandwiches during school, I’m not a sandwich fan now.

    BTW, Cheese Wiz, or squeezy cheese as I like to call it, is actually healthy! Next time pick up a can and read the first five ingredients. https://ndjmom.wordpress.com/2011/03/11/day-96365-midnight-snack-starts-off-right-with-squeezie-cheese/ Most of the brands are real cheese with just more milk added to make it semi-liquid. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it LOL


    1. Most nutritional experts will confirm, whole foods are a better choice than processed foods. Cheese whiz is too high in fat and sodium for me, & I don’t like the taste like I did when I was a kid. There’s a lot of really yummy low cal snacks I do like. I can’t imagine going all day without lunch. I’d have a big headache, but I know other people who do that too (most of them are smokers and don’t have time for both lunch and smoking..yuk).


  6. You make me laugh, then reminisce. I was born 13 pounds with a sweet tooth firmly in place. In Germany, we had beer for dinner everyday and I have since developed a taste for fine wines. Any diet that allows a good imported beer or a glass of great wine will be on my list. Yes, I’m fluffy.;)


    1. Dear Fluffy, you make me laugh more. It’s no wonder I have soooo many sizes in my closet. I’m good working up to a vacation, then I lose my mind and go back to old habits, till the next holiday then I start again….can you say yo-yo? I know better, I just like too many yummy things. I’d be on board with with fine wines for sure. 🙂 Thanks for your visit.


    1. Hi Steven, glad they’re good memories. It was fun to walk home for lunch wasn’t it? I pretty sure most kids get rides to and from school now. It’s a shame. I suppose no one’s home at lunch so most schools have a lunch program. I used to watch either Bewitched or the Flinstones at lunch too…lots of fun! Have a great day and thanks for your comment.


  7. Ahhhh… It is such a struggle. Damn that thing called metabolism! I remember crying at the kitchen table when my dad made me eat the over- cooked carrots (sorry mom!)… And he scrunched them in my otherwise yummy mashed potatoes…. Yuck. 🙂


    1. Wouldn’t it be a breeze to just eat anything you want? Like sewbusylizzy.worpress…has the body of a model and eats whatever….urg. I’m trying to balance enjoying life and eating right but most social occasions include yummy yummy food….and I’m not talking over cooked carrots (sorry Aunty). We were at a restaurant yesterday where the kids didn’t have to eat anything, they didn’t even have to stay at their table…..some parents today don’t make you do much of anything, but I find that annoying too. So maybe carrots in the mash was actually making a different point entirely? Food for thought, literally.


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