I’m quite enjoying fall in the condo.  Unlike my friends  who are working hard in their gardens, I didn’t have the usual chores we did for so many years at our lake home. No leaves to rake, pumps to take out, docks to bring in or gardens to clean up.   Instead we’ve been taking in the sites around town and near town. This past weekend we headed out to the Edmonton Corn Maze.  Here’s a bird’s-eye view:

Pretty cool right?  It was super windy the day we went, but the corn is so tall we didn’t even notice once inside.

When you arrived, you choose a page of clues to navigate your way through the maze.  We choose ‘Star Struck’ . It was fun to figure out the clues,  a little like Survivor – Corn Maze.  We weren’t as celebrity savvy as we thought and  decided we would probably be voted off the island.

It reminded me a little of that movie ‘The Shining’, when Jack chases his wife through the maze…scary.  I tried to hide from Mr B., but not too far because I have a terrible sense of direction and he was my ticket out of there, ha!  Glad he didn’t let me get away 😉

There was a cool bridge in the middle that you could climb on and look out over the maze (handy if you’ve lost anyone).  Look at all that corn!

I spotted this guy out back, looking for a hand out. I bet he knows his way around a farm. “Hey pal, do you know where I parked the car?”

If you live in the Edmonton area, I highly recommend a trip to The Edmonton Corn Maze. Please remember to take a little bag of non perishables for the Edmonton Food Bank (you’ll get a discount on your ticket too).  It was lots of fun, I think we’ll make it an annual. Thank’s CISN Country 103.9 FM for sponsoring this family friendly event! The afternoon was A-mazing 😉 !

Do you have a family tradition to

celebrate the season?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

17 thoughts on “A-mazing!

    1. We are living the life! Thanks Sunshine. This was probably the last of the warmer days, so lucky lucky us to have that on the long weekend. The corn maze was a hoot, we’ll go again next year!


    1. You would be in good company…guilty – I have NO sense of direction. I assume they have staff to collect all the lost people before dark. It’d be some scary after dark…yesh. Thank’s for popping in!


  1. Oh my that looks like fun! I remember the Shining. Good thing you didn’t have the musical sound track playing while in the maze. I’m like you, too: poor sense of direction. Do you remember the maze in the Harry Potter book?

    You like very stylish in your scarf, K. And that little goat is adorable. Was he able to help you find your car?


    1. I went to that movie with my friend Deb and she left cause it was so scary and I sat there by myself…in the dark…shaking. I confess, I’m the only human on the planet that didn’t read Harry Potter, I couldn’t get into the first movie and never got back to it? What did I miss, was it a great maze?
      Thank you for that nice compliment Alys, I’ve always loved the way they wore a scarf back in the 40’s and 50’s, it’s kind of old fashioned but I adore them.
      That little goat was adorable, he had his eye on a handful of gibble, so he would have been no help at all, HA. I would have loved to bounce on the giant blow-up pumpkin, but it was packed with little ones and I would have really stood out. LOL


      1. My mom was a huge fan of scarves. After she died, I made one of her scarves into a wall hanging for my sister. I’ve been wearing them more myself of late. They’ve really come back into style, and of course they always were a practical way to keep your neck warm.

        As for Harry Potter, I didn’t start reading the books until my younger son showed interest. She is an amazing writer so I understood what the fuss was about. I don’t know if the movies do it full justice. They never can with a book IMO. I’ve read the first five. Then someone wanted to stop and read it himself. 🙂


        1. Might have to give them another whirl, I’m sure Adele has the complete set. She must have make a ga-zillion dollars, what can we write about Alys?


      2. PS The maze in Harry Potter ends with a death. Very intense. The Shining was one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. Jack Nicholson is quite the actor. I will always picture him as that character.

        You poor thing. Sitting all alone shaking in a theater.


    1. Happy Spring Lizzy! I love that you bring that to this post, I bet you do have a huge job there with all the tropical foliage. You know how you had snow at the cottage in Tasmania? Me to now, yesterday it snowed in Edmonton, so I’ll look forward to all the fab photo’s on your blog.


      1. We had to take two trailerload of palm fronds to the tip today! And I’m wearing a short skirt and my Vogue 1247 top today – talk about all weather in one month! LOL


    1. Hey sweet Sherri, you know I don’t remember them either?? Maybe our dads thought, “why would we pay to go to a farm, been there done that”, ha! There were tons of families doing it together though…great fresh air. I’m sure everyone was hungry when they got home for their turkey dinner. Hope UR feeling better, maybe you can celebrate Thanksgiving, Ukrainiane style, two weeks later 😀


    1. Good Morning Aunty ;), I guess we were out there for about an hour, it’s way out past the Whitemud so it took just as long to drive there, Lol. If you click on the link to their website, you can see the other designs they’ve done…so fun! xoK


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