Some Of My Hang-ups

Optimizing closet space has become a necessity in our little rental condo.  My old walk in closet was a luxury I’m not privy to in our temporary digs. Nor do I want to drop any major dollars on anything permanent.  What’s a girl going to do?  Snoop around Pinterest of course. You’ll find all kinds of great organizational ideas on Petals Pinterest Board

By the way, did you know people used to buy spoons when they travelled?  Then they’d hang them up on plagues in their kitchen and polish them once a year. I’m I really dating myself?

Photo Credit: for sale on Kijiji

What I like to bring back when I travel is a scarf.  There’s one from Paris, London, Venice…they’re fun to wear because they remind me of our wonderful trips. There’s also the Swirly Scarves I learned to knit this summer, remember those?

My dilemma was, all these many scarves seemed to be ALL OVER the house.  I’m always running up the stairs or down the stairs looking for the right one.  I guess that is cheaper than a gym pass. I settled on an expandable tension rod (used for shower curtains), shower hooks and a weird little contraption from Ikea for my scarves.

 In total I spent under $20.00 and it’s all something I can use in a second bathroom in a new home when we move.

I hung the rod in what would otherwise be wasted space. The shower hooks are great for holding all my little black purses and hats too.

It’s not fancy but it was economical, quick and it’s portable. Now you know some of my hang-ups. 😉

What’s that Blossum?  You want mommy to organize you too?

Maybe later, time for a little break!

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

23 thoughts on “Some Of My Hang-ups

  1. I like all your scarves, how do you decide?? I do remember those spoons my belgian grandmother and her sister collected them. I do believe that people used to try to have more spoons than their neighbours, it was a competition on who had the most, whether you ordered by mail for a spoon or travelled to buy it. I remember my step father coming back from a trip and he gave me an Elvis spoon. LIke what the HECK is teenage girl going to do with that?? So it sat in my hope chest for a decade until it was given to goodwill in mint condition. I bet it was worth a fortune. (not)


    1. hahhhaa, isn’t it funny the gifts you get and if you’re like me you feel bad to get rid of it right away. When we moved last year, I had to be ruthless. I always think I’ll be on Ebay one day and see the works there. HA.

      The whole spoon thing was an interesting phenom, I actually saw these on a Web Sale Site called Kijiji….timewarp for sure.

      Grandmothers often have lovely things to pass down, but this wouldn’t be one of them. Thanks for sharing your stories Sunshine, they were so fun to hear 😉


  2. Wow, I really like how you have your scarves organized! Looks great. Mine are all on a hanger *blush*.

    My grandmother used to do the spoon thing, and has a little cabinet just like the one you’ve posted full of them from all over the world! I don’t know that I’ve seen such spoons in my travels lately, though, other than at antique shops. Perhaps it has gone out of fashion.


    1. Hi Jen, thank’s for that nice compliment. I’m sure those spoons were fashionable when your Grandmother collect them, but these are for sale on Kijiji (on line garage sale), so I guess they don’t think so anymore. I love travel, but it’s always nice to be back at home too, I miss my kitties too much.


  3. Loved all those great ideas. I have lots of scarves. Some for dressing up, some for keeping my head warm. A real necessity since the Bells Palsy hit. I found tie hangers that take up very little space in the closet. The dressy scarves are in the bedroom closet, the warm scarves in the coat closet. Finally I can see what I have and it’s where it should be. When you finally unpack those boxes in storage, it will be like Christmas. I’m still unpacking. Found pots for cooking yesterday. 🙂 Isn’t Pinterest great! I could spend hours there. Unfortunately, I do.


    1. Thanks so much Marlene, I can see you’ve already organized your craft room and I have to tell you, it looks great. I admire all the worktop space, the ‘L’ shape is always clever. Good thinking with the ‘Tie Rack’ idea, your right, they barely take any space at all, the hubby has one (I’m always suggesting he edit it LOL). A lot of our storage stuff is the things that ‘make a house a home’, like books and music and art so it will seem like Christmas…I like that thought, thanks. Will I ever do 1/2 of all the fab Pinterest craft ideas I’ve collected? Probably not, but it’s sure fun collecting them. I enjoyed your visit, thank you 🙂


  4. I love this idea. Well done, Boomdee! Thanks so much for the shout out as well. We used to buy Christmas ornaments when we traveled. It’s a fun way to remember the places you’ve been, and since they only come out once a year, it’s fun to rediscover them each time they’re unwrapped.

    Collecting scarves from each place seems far more practical then a spoon, too. You’ve got the organizing gene! I love it.


    1. Aww, thank’s Alys. I appreciate that so much coming from a pro like yourself. I also like to buy a Christmas ornament when we travel. Saltzburg, Austria was a great destination for Xmas Decor. I also love a couple I got at Buckingham Palace. Jim’s an old pro at spotting Xmas Shops…hehe. Getting them home is always a worry the way guys chuck around your luggage. But so far, so good. I just love putting up the tree (Dec 1 usually)


      1. I know what you mean. We’ve been lucky, too though, getting ours home. We set up our tree on the Friday following Thanksgiving. It’s a four day weekend for everybody, so we have time to string lights, set up the tree, etc. It’s always fun. The boys really get into it.

        We’ll have to scout for the perfect San Jose ornament when you’re here.


        1. Absolutely, a San Jose ornament will be a must. I just put up our small tree last year. This year since we are still here I’m going full tilt. I’ll just have to haul it all back to our storage locker….or leave it up till we move LOL


  5. Great organization, u can come do my closet now. I know all about the spoons, which I have loads of, plus I used to collect mugs and plates from places we visited over the yrs, and guess what I did with all that stuff when I had to move to an apt. from our house?????Like ur idea of scarves, or any other smaller items. LUL


    1. I love all the stuff you can buy for organizing, I saw aqua velour hangers at Winners the other day, I resisted though. I tryed to do the garage sale thing before we moved but it was hard in the country. I ended up taking a lot of really good stuff to good will. Hopefully someone’s enjoying it all. We could do your closet and blog about it???? Seen you soon xoK


  6. I crave organization, especially in my clothes and my jewelry. Too bad they don’t make something that doubles the size of your dresser drawers, or somehow magically lengthens the hanging rod in your closet. In the meantime, clever solutions like your scarf rack will do the trick.


    1. We are currently shopping for a house and may consider building since it’s taking a long time to find what we want. I would so love to plan the perfect closet if we’re lucky enough to build. Thanks for your kind response, Ikea has some pretty cool stuff or organizing hounds..I might go back again. 🙂


    1. You know what? In Europe you can usually buy one or two from street vendors so they’re not even a big investment. I love all the ideas on Pinterest and it’s so easy to go back to a great site. What did we do without it? Thanks for popping in, or maybe you swooped in 😉 (Wonder Woman).


  7. Good idea for hanging your scarves. You spoon pictures bring back memories of seeing many different collections of them in people’s houses. They are still seen in tourist spots around the world. I saw many of them in Israel last month.


    1. Really? I haven’t seen spoons around much anymore. I also like to bring back a Christmas ornament for the tree, we have them from all over Europe. I’ll have to see how the scarf thing pans out. Hopefully I’ll hang them back up after I wear one ;), thanks for visiting Steven, always nice to catch up with you.


    1. Welcome my dear, hey I could write a few of these. We’ve only been here a year and we’re already re-organizing…maybe we can live without out that stuff still in storage? I almost forget what’s there. LOL


    1. Hey, with shows like ‘Hoarders’ scaring the be-jeezers out of you, I shutter to think what would transpire if I didn’t love it too….so don’t feel too weird. Don’t know if you do Pinterest, but there’s ton’s of great ideas out there. I love snooping in someone elses closet. I should have been a realtor. Thanks for your message & complimenet!


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