Overcoming The Superstition Surrounding Black Cats

Thank you Lauren at ‘The Catnip Times’ for allowing me to share your post. It’s such an important message, especially coming close to Halloween. Lauren also volunteers at her local shelter! Please stop by her Blog sometimes and show some love. I love all kitties, but have black ones because they’re sometimes the last to find a forever home.

The Catnip Times

With Halloween coming up, there will be a surge in advertising and imagery showing black cats as a symbol of mischief. For most people, the association is harmless.

But employees at pet shelters around the country say the inaccurate belief that black cats are somehow unlucky or are linked to supernatural traits has a negative effect on their adoption rates, making them less likely to find a home than cats of other colors.

“They get placed less and they get overlooked when they shouldn’t be,” said Lange Foundation adoption counselor Jonathan. The Lange Foundation is a nonprofit, no-kill pet adoption center.

However, there are some positive stories that buck the trend. The video below shows the successful adoption of Pierre, a black cat who waited two years for a family to take him home.

“I don’t know, I always thought black cats were pretty cool,” Pierre’s new adoptive

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20 thoughts on “Overcoming The Superstition Surrounding Black Cats

    1. I’m so glad yours picked your house!! So many strays out there. Alys at Gardening Nirvana (also has a black cat) just rescued a kitty from a shopping area and actually reunited him with his owners, it had been away from home for a long bit….I love happy endings. Our family seems to have their share of black kitty’s too…..seems like they must bring good luck.


    1. Congratulations Clowie, those treats look plenty Yummy, I will pop those on my Nomination page and link it back to your fabulous blog which I adore so much. Thanks for thinking of me.


    1. I think the folks in the WordPress community are extra special. Thanks for your message Sheryl. Hopefully these old ideas about ‘bad luck’ and what not are fading.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that. We also had a black cat named Paco before we got Petals & Blossum, before that we had Ginger, before that it was Dillin…..It’s so hard when they pass away. Will you consider giving another needy cat a forever home?


  1. How sad. We’ve had black cats over the years. I always thought it was silly superstition. I didn’t realize until recently that people avoided adopting them. Great share.

    We love our Slinky. I’m so glad you gave Petals and Blossum a good home


    1. Slinky is such a cute name. I know so many WordPress friends with Black Cats and all of them have their own story. My two monkeys keep me such good company all day. From the moment I open my eyes until we all say night night, they are loved. I know you feel the same about all your furry friends and I love that you pick up strays and find their family’s too….you have a gift Alys!


      1. Awww. That is sweet to say. My mom always took in strays. I’m just carrying on her good work. When I left home, she had five strays, all that had arrived on her doorstep. I wish people took better card of animals. Our current crew: Lindy from the animal shelter, Beijing and Slinky as strays, Mouse…neglected at home and knows a good thing. It’s so good of you to have a pair of black darlings. They sound like characters.

        I hope I can come to Canada one day and see where you live, meet your kitties, etc. That would be so nice.


        1. I would love to show you guys around Edmonton or even a side trip to the Rockies…..that’d be fantastic! It’s nice that Mouse can wander over and be part of the family…he’s a lucky kitty.


        2. Oh, now I’m dreaming. In just a few years, our boys will be young adults and it will be much easier to get away on trips like this. The Rockies!!!


  2. We love black cats at this house! We have three of them and they all three have such distinct cat personalities. I hadn’t ever thought about black kitties being harder to adopt.


    1. Wow three, how lucky are you! I guess some people think they’re bad luck or something. I do know there’s more little black ones at the shelter than other colors, but we know better 🙂


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