I’m Getting There

Growing up, we never had a new car.  Daddy  had every tool known to mankind and did all his own maintenance.  He tried to teach me, but it didn’t take.  Naturally, he never drove new cars. It was always a car that everyone wanted 10 years ago.  We were, how you say, “always behind the curve”.  The first car I remember  him having was a Desoto, it was red and white with the bat-wing tail lights.  It was pretty hip, all chrome inside too with electric windows which was very classy in the day.

(photo credit unknown, clipped out of a magezine years ago)

Daddy drove that for years, then parked it on a farm.  He was going to restore it one day but I think it’s probably sitting exactly where he left it.  Then we got an older model Chrysler, silver with a black roof. When we  first got it, we all went to the mountains.  One of our few family vacations and that was only a long weekend. Dad had to work in the summers.

When I was 24, I bought my very own car.  It was pretty girly, a baby blue Camaro Rally Sport.  Dad helped me with a down payment.  I loved that car, it had an eight-track player. Oh good lord, would you look at my hair…LOL.  You know you’re getting older when a picture of your first car is yellowed.

I currently have a PT Cruiser.  It was super handy when we lived at the lake.  I could haul around yard stuff from the gardening center or take Buddy with me too.  Since he had bad knees, I’d just back up to our deck and he could walk right in to the hatch back.  I loved seeing this face in my mirror.

Well, the ol’ PT is dieing a slow death.  You know, like when your car starts to nickel and dime you?  I’ve kept an eye out for something I might like to drive, but just like dad, I seem to have an eye for older model vehicles.

  • Vintage Limo

  • Vintage Vespa

  • Vintage Taxi

  • Vintage Aqua Car (does it matter that I don’t even care what it is?)

Maybe I should just get a bus pass, we hardly even need two cars living downtown.  Oh wait, that’s vintage too. The PT is still running so I haven’t made any decisions yet, but I’m getting there.

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25 thoughts on “I’m Getting There

    1. Hey, thanks Alys, that car was so fun to own. I think it was a 1977 Camero Rally Sport. I bought it in 1985 with low mileage so I guess I was 24 years old there…holy crackers where do the years go? I really loved that dress at the time. It was pure silk. The Budster, Buddykins, Budmeister was such a happy boy. His tail was gone when we adopted him so he just had this little stubby that would wiggle. He had blonde eyelashes too. Yep we thought he was a prince, thanks for saying so too ❤


      1. Budster sounds like a dream boat. I know you were heartbroken when he passed.

        I remember when silk came back into style. It was everywhere for awhile. It’s so nice to sew with. I love the way it drapes. The problem in California, though, is it is often too darn hot. I do love it though.


  1. Call me crazy, but I’ve been dealing with chronic neck pain for thirty years due to an accident in an old Dodge Dart. I vote for any car with a headrest, an airbag and a three point harness. 🙂


    1. Alys, thanks for that & that’s is a wise choice given the way people drive now (constant speeding and tailgating). They actually caught a guy doing 200 km/hr (124 mph) on a freeway here where the posted limit is 80 km/hr (50 mph). I think they should impound his vehicle for a year and he should think about how he’s going to get to work then. It’s outrages. The safest car you can afford is what you should drive! Seat belt always (it’s the law here). Sorry you’ve had such a mess with your neck, that’s drudgery. How do you manage with all the gardening you love to do? This guy I used to hang with in high school also had a Dodge Dart, hopefully we’ve come a long ways on safety since then. 🙂


      1. Aw, thanks, Boomdee. People drive in ways that baffle me daily. The thought of my two boys actually driving in a few years has me freaked out.

        I like your idea of impounding the car for a year. It took MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to finally reform drinking and driving laws. People used to get off with a slap on the wrist. Once someone is under the influence, a car is a weapon.

        I’m often in bad shape after a day of hard gardening. I can’t prune overhead any more without real neck pain for several days. Lately, I can’t kneel either due to my bad knee. Forget about trading in the car. I need a trade-in on the ole bod!


        1. You still got pretty low miles on you 😉 But I hear you on that. I’m actually lucky but Jim is forever having aches and pains (& he’s younger?). He’s already had surgery on both knees. I’m a really fast walker, I practically zoom through grocery stores and he never keeps up if he’s with me. When I finally find him again, I’m all done. Ha.

          You’re right, these guys should be held for ‘assault with a weapon’ or ‘reckless endangerment’. It’s basically a 1/2 ton weapon if you’re driving in and out of traffic at excessive speed.

          I’d totally be freaking if I had kids who were beginning to drive. There’s so many times a day where, if I wasn’t watching, some knuckle head would have hit me. You have to have 360 degree driving skills downtown, not to mention the pedestrians that casually walk on to the street with out a look….it’s nerve racking.


        2. It is nerve racking. Some days I wish I was driving a tank! Crazy. Sorry to hear about Jim’s aches and pains. He’s younger than you! Mike is younger than me! I’m a fast walker too. Woe this is amazing all these parallels.


        3. Just yesterday, in St Paul Alberta some 46 year old ran a speeding van down a lane, through a wire fence and into a brick school wall. 3 grade six kids were seriously injured and I’ve just heard on the news, one little girl passed away. Heart breaking. The driver of the van apparently was extremely violent with police, a firecheif stepped in to help arrest him. Makes me so angry.

          I’m glad you’re a fast walker too, we’ll be able to cover a lot of ground when we get together….leave the guys in our dust..hehe.


        4. Oh how awful. To think your children are safe at school, only to have a speeding van plow into the side of the building. My heart aches for those parents.

          What a sad day too, for that community.

          On a happier note, yes, we’ll cover lots of territory with our speedy legs.


  2. The vintage aqua car.

    When I took the poll, I thought that I’d be the only person to select it–It’s kind of dorky when compared to the motor scooter–and I was surprised that it had been selected by the highest percentage of poll participants. My car preferences must not be as unique as I thought.


    1. Hey you’re right Sheryl, I just went and checked. I guess we’re in good company, Aqua-holism is catchy..hehe. My Aunty thinks we should have a girl day with wine in the Limo, I might postpone my decision and try that one too. Thanks for your message and for voting! 😀


  3. I think the aqua one is the right colour for u, but for fun riding around town and the countrysides I think the limo would be ideal then all the girls could go along and have a lovely picnic, and of course we would have to have a handsome limo driver, so the wine would have to come out?????


    1. Oh, I like how you’re thinking. Wouldn’t that be a gas, I think that sounds like a good birthday idea for the three June birthdays. You had me at handsome limo driver but wine sounds good too, LOL. Thanks for your message Aunty! See you this afternoon! xoK


    1. No problem, I’ll tell Santa to look for one with a booster seat so you can see over the Wheel. You do believe in Santa Claws don’t you? 😉


  4. I think the aqua car would suit you. I like the yellow taxi, but it could get complicated when you’re out in that – you don’t want strangers climbing in when you stop at a junction!


    1. The Aqua car is beautiful and seems to be pretty popular too. There’s lots of room for big fluffy dogs to ride along, so that’s a bonus. Have fun in the garden today!


    1. Ha, I am a creature of habit..can you imagine? Jumping out of this Aqua beauty in my Aqua runners with jaunty Aqua curly scart wrapped carelessly around my neck….sounds like a dream. Thanks for visiting, have a great day!


    1. Good Morning my lovely Sherri! I’m going to have coffee with your mom and Lil today, wish you were here to join with xo. I’ve always wanted a Vespa. Did you ever see the ‘Corner Gas’ episode when Wanda got a vespa? I died laughing because the narrative in her head is what I imagine I’d be thinking as I rolled thru town. I’m not sure where that Limo was going but I have to consider it on some group outing..so cool right? xoK


    1. I’m on board with that Lizzy, wouldn’t it be fun to go on a road trip in that beauty, with maybe a vintage picnic basket and old chenille bedspread to set on tucked in the back….I think my next car should be Aqua. Thanks for your message!


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