Winter-schminter, Bring It On – Part 1

The madness that is ‘summer’ in Alberta,  is where we all try to cram in as much outdoor activity as possible into the four months (if we’re lucky) of glorious warmth and sunshine.

Alberta’s actually, known as ‘Canada’s Sunniest Province’. We average 312 days with sunshine per year. Doesn’t sound impressive? Well, many of those sunny days happen over winter. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to do in the winter too, you just have to dress for it, make sure you have a hat on your head.

It is nice to have some indoor hobbies to entertain yourself on those crazy cold and blowing snow days (weeks). As you may have gathered, I have plenty of hobbies to keep me out of trouble:

OK, admittedly some are more creative than others. My first project though will be to sew this ‘Summer Dress’. Yes, I’m a wee bit behind.  I bought the pattern and material a while ago, got it cut out the next day and then….back burner. I fancied the vintage vibe, like the little peasant dresses we used to wear back in the 70’s ( when I was just a wee youngster I might add).

Since I have a very basic sewing machine, I picked out a simple pattern with no button holes or zipper.  I think I can really bling it up later with some of my favorite vintage finds.

I say “winter-schminter”, bring it on!

How about you, are you looking forward to winter?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

27 thoughts on “Winter-schminter, Bring It On – Part 1

  1. No wonder you are so crafty! I do look forward to the cold for the same reasons, I lock myself up in my craft room and turn on my little electric fireplace… I almost want it to snow now…:)


    1. LOL, careful what you wish for. Calgary really got dumped on this week….they actually had to shovel…man o man, it’s way to early for that. I think that’s awesome that you have a little fireplace in the crafty room, how cozy! I’ll watch for your projects, I’m aways looking for some new ideas. 🙂


  2. I love that quote! I’ll have to borrow that for a future blog.

    I’m so glad Sharon is back in California and away from the driving, cold snow. She broke her hip the year before she came home, landing her in the hospital and than a rehab facility for a month. It was far too difficult to navigate so she often felt trapped at home. Where she lives now, she has underground parking, so on wet days she can get in and out of her car with her walker and then scooter, without getting soaked. It’s a bit more challenging at the VA, but she has a system where she covers her entire scooter and herself with a rain poncho so that everything isn’t soaked through by the time she’s done.


    1. I like that quote too and yes, Hal Borland, Journalist, naturalist, writer, lover of dogs.. please do spread his joy!

      I bet Sharons happy to be near you too. I can’t imagine being in a rehab and away from home for that long, how miserable for Sharon. Did you have KT for her then? It’s great that she’s mobile and maintaining her independance, Go Sharon !! Is the VA a ‘Veterans Auxillary’ Alys? I hope she can be on the sidewalk? Apparently in Ottawa, you can’t even ride a bike on the sidewalk.


      1. She can use the sidewalks, and if fact it feels much safer then the street or parking lot. It can be hard to see someone on a scooter.

        Sharon is working a contract job at the Veteran’s Administration.

        As for KT, she was originally fostering him, but she fell in love and decided to keep him. They are a great team. KT stands for King Tut, thought she didn’t name him. He’s so white with the cutest little turned up ears. I adore him.


        1. Awww. You are right. Never met a cat I didn’t like. I love dogs, too, and hamsters and mice and rats and birds and…well, animals. I don’t like keeping animals in cages, though, so I only admire the ones I come across. One of my clients has a sweet little dog, also a rescue, who sits in my lap when we’re taking a break from our work. It’s so much fun meeting cats and dogs wherever I go. She also has an African Grey that makes the sound of an old-fashioned telephone ringing. It’s hilarious.


        2. I understand exactly how you feel about animals cause I feel the same too. I really adore that in you. You’re right about cages, it’s one reason I don’t care to visit zoo’s. Karens daughter had a guinea pig at one time, but they’re bring it outside on the lawn and turn the giant cage upside down. What a great perk to your business, visiting with everyones furry friends. I’ve heard of employers who allow their employees to bring their pets to work, brilliant I think. My girlfriend has that old ‘british phone ring’ on her Iphone, I giggle whenever I hear it. Reminds me of some old Terry Thomas films, or ‘Faulty Towers’, a old British Sit-com. Is her African Grey very mature? They’re so clever!


  3. Oh, I’m DREADING winter! You’d laugh at what we call winter down here, but it’s still miserable for me. I get cranky and I lose my energy when I get cold. You picked the perfect dress for that fabric print. I can’t wait to see it all sewn up! But don’t wait for summer to wear it. Layer it over a long-sleeved tee, and wear it with leggings and tall boots.


    1. Anne you make me laugh. I checked Little Rock at Google just now and at 74 F today, you were a whole 37 degrees warmer than here. Today in Edmonton the high was 3 C or 37 F. So it was exactly 1/2 as warm here today, I guess you’d be a popsicle straight away. LOL

      Thanks for the fashion idea. I’ve seen girls wearing that and it does look soooo cute. I’ve set a deadline for an upcoming vacation, so no slacking it.

      Nice to hear from a southern friend. Thanks for your message!


  4. After the holidays, I like the slower pace of life during January and February. It gives me a chance to catch my breath–and make an attempt at getting caught up on all of the things that I never seem to get done. .


    1. Absolutely, as fun as they are, the holidays take a lot out of you. Jan & Feb are typically the coldest months here. It also gets dark by 5pm so there’s lots of time to catch up or even start a new hobby. Maybe I’ll take a class or something…..spice it up. Thanks for your message Sheryl.


  5. Fortunately I’m looking forward to summer. I loathe winter, I hate the cold and find living through the colder months an endurance sport, and it doesn’t even get cold enough here for a frost!
    Makes summer dress! I make summer clothes when it’s cold, it cheers me up, I call it ‘channelling summer’!


    1. Hi Lizzy! good one, ‘channelling summer’. We’ve been lucky to take a winter holiday most years to break things up, so sewing this summer dress might make sense for me too. It’s a giggle though that you think it’s cold there part of the year. We really acclimatize to our surroundings don’t we. Note, don’t visit central Canada between Dec – Jun…HA!


  6. I didn’t know you were the sunniest Provence. I learn all sorts of things on Boomdeeadda. You have a great collection of activities lined up for the colder months. I used to knit in the winter (I call myself a foul-weather knitter) and do jigsaw puzzles. I read year round, but I’m more likely to curl up in bed with a book on the colder nights.

    Did you make that adorable snowman? What is on his/her head? I love those eyes. Very sweet.

    Beautiful photos. They really tell a story.


    1. We are known as the ‘sunniest province’ even though Vancouver & Victoria are much milder. They get rain all winter long. I’m not sure which would be better, ‘freezing temps’ -vs- ‘long periods of rain’. Some kids in the condo across the park made the snowman, I think the hat is a popcorn bucket from a kids matinee (remember when you used to just get a little bag?). I thought he was cute too.
      Sometimes I worry that I add tooooooo many photo’s to my posts, but I think it’s true “a pictures is worth a thousand words” thank’s for that ‘oh so nice’ compliment my friend 🙂


      1. I think your photos help tell the story, so they work well. You’ve found a good balance. I’ve looked at a few blogs with 15 nearly identical photos and no text, and that feels tedious. You tell your story, illustrate it well, and post artistic, interesting and relevant pictures.

        I’ve had the same concern myself, so I do understand how you feel. When you hard on your blog, you want it to come across that way. You have succeeded!


        1. Ohhhh you…(hand wave past face), sheesh! You spoil me with your generous review. 😀 (big smile). You’re so good to me, thanks so much Alys. I’m learning a lot visiting everyone elses Blog too. How long have you been writing Gardening Nirvana? You seemed to be able to post a little Gem so easily and it’s always delish.


        2. You are sweet to say so. I started this blog over a year ago, but I didn’t post with any consistency. Earlier this year, I made a commitment to myself to post every day for one year. I just published number 292. You post almost every day too, so you know it’s a commitment.

          I love it though, I really do. The community is wonderful, the discipline of writing every day is both challenging and rewarding and I’ve learned a lot.


    1. Aren’t those Fab! My hubby bought them for me for my birthday in June. They’re Converse & I think it was a store called ‘Spring’. I love them too. He saw them on my “Get In My Closet” board on Pinterest……so I was super surprised! Do you get a lot of snow? We lived in the country for 25 years with a pretty long drive and never owned a snow blower. I considered it my excercise until 2 winters ago when it snowed ‘non-stop’ for the entire season and our snow piles were 10 feet on either side of the driveway…I had a meltdown and hired a truck and bobcat to haul it all away. It’s suppose to start snowing here on the weekend. 😦


        1. OMG Alys, you can’t even imagine the amount of snow we got in 2009-2010, it was obscene. Everyone still talks about it, like once in 50 years type snow….I pretty much had to shovel twice a day every day just so Jim could go to and from work, then he’d help when he got was wild.


        2. Wow! You can Sharon could trade stories, though with her disability, she couldn’t begin to do it on her own. She lived in Cedar Rapids, IA for two years, and one of those years had the worst snow in 70 years, much as you described. The City actually ran out of money for slow plowing services…that’s how bad it was.

          That must have been really, really rough. I bet you thought it would never end.


        3. No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn – Hal Borland

          In the country, a girl just does what needs doing. Even when it sucks. Poor Sharon, it must have been hard to be so far away from you and burried in snow. Now she can enjoy life in the California sun all year round, yah! I’m so envious.


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