If You Dare…..Mwaaa ha ha haaaa!

I’ve really been enjoying my first WordPress Halloween, reading all about your costumes and parties.  It seems like Halloween has gotten to be a big Holiday no matter where you live. When we lived at the lake, my long time friend Karen and I would coerce, bribe and shame friends and neighbors into attending our annual Halloween Howl. The hall we used was recently torn down, but over the years, there have been a lot of costumes and a lot of laughs. By the way, have I mentioned how freaked out  I am over flippin’ clowns?  Thanks Karen!

Not to brag or anything, but I enjoyed the reputation for being ‘the one‘  most likely to be covered in blood at these crazy parties.  Naturally, Mr B was a willing victim of my ghoulish sense of fun.

In 1976, Carrie was

“a shy young girl who didn’t make friends easily”, I wonder why?

It was a Prom that Bates High School would not soon forget!

Ladies & Gentlemen, James ‘The Magnificent’ knife thrower with a slight vision impairment, and his unfortunate assistant.

I repeat, “I am not a Monster!”

(But you should me my wife)

The Bride of Frankenstein and of course Frank.

Won’t they have adorable children?

My man of mystery, Austin Powers,

Yahhhh Baby!!

Karen’s Halloween finery always made me laugh the hardest.

 She claims not to be very creative,

I respectfully disagree.  Here’s a little teaser.

Come on back on Wednesday for a look into Karen’s twisted closet

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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23 thoughts on “If You Dare…..Mwaaa ha ha haaaa!

    1. Thanks Herman, is this much of an event in your neck of the woods? I might have to whip up a costume for the weekend, my girlfriend is going and might be able to get me a ticket, good times!


      1. I’m afraid not dear B, in this part of the woods there’s hardly a Halloween celebration. But I got a lot of candy in my house. Is that ok?


        1. treat or treat? (I don’t know any tricks)

          Have you heard that ‘old time’ saying….”candy’s dandy but liquor’s quicker”. I guess way back, a guy might say that to another guy when he bragged about a hot date.. but I’d go for either. 🙂


    1. My ‘Felicity Shagwell’ boots were from Winners, they’re a clothing discount store here. They’re regular fashion boots but worn with a 60’s attitute, HA Didn’t you just love the Munsters? I think Lily would be a cute costume, except no one under 35 would know who the heck you were 😀


        1. Oh, you’re a better fan than I. You remembered the neices name, good one Alys. Deb would be a perfect blonde Marilyn. She was a blonde Angel one year and looked hot! I’ll tell her….hehe. Another Blog I read, ‘Hollywood Unmarked’ is about stars who’ve past and don’t have any marker where they rest. Fred Gwynne was featured on a post recently. I can only guess his family doesn’t want to draw attention.
          Thanks for loving the boots, I should learn to walk in them LOL


        2. BTW, Ellen had Portia on the other day. She’s starring in a new weekly scripted TV show. It’s the Munsters but in current times. Not exactly a remake, more an homage. I think it’s called Mockingbird Lane, as in their house address. I recorded tonight, it’s the premier. Portia got a hair cut, looks really cute (of course).


        3. Portia is stunningly beautiful. I’m glad she’s conquered her eating disorder. They seem wonderful together, those two.

          I’ll have to look for the show. Let me know what you think.


    1. Hi Aunty, we don’t have a party to go to this year 😦 Maybe when we finally get into a house. I’ve seen all kinds of decorating ideas for the front door and put them on Pinterest (you can link to it from the bottom of my story) Did you use to get a lot of kids at the house in Crestwood? The Condo is gated, so no one can trick or treat here, double 😦 I’ll still make a Jack O’lantern though, just to keep the spirit alive. Thank’s for your message. xoK


  1. Oh how I wish you could all come to our Halloween party this week. All this talk of Halloween…who knew you were a connoisseur! You are so darn cute, too, even with blood running down your head. I loved the assistant with bad vision. That is a hoot.

    Thanks for the mention at the end. So nice of you.

    I’m off to share this with Sharon and friends. I’ve been thinking of sharing some of her costumes on Facebook. You’ve inspired me to get to it.

    Great fun…till tomorrow.


    1. Oh sweet Alys, thanks for that. I’m not entirely certain you’d want all these ‘characters’ at your party….ha, some crazy parties out there at the lake. I do recall some blurry eye’d clean ups the next day..”past the asprin” kind of mornings. I think my favorite was Frankenstein, I did Jims makeup and he looked so different and kept grunting at me all night…hehe. All the talk about Halloween at Gardening Nirvana had me feeling kind of nostalgic.

      I can’t wait to see what you’ve had brewing up with Sharon in the past. It’s fun to have a ‘partner in crime’ who has just as much fun ‘making’ the party. One crazy year we wanted scary music at the door and rather than buy a tape, we used an old organ, chains, box of broken glass and he husbands dress shoes on a two by four and made our own scary tape with screaming and all. Her poor daughter was little at the time and probably need therapy now…ha


      1. How great is that? You made your own music!!! You are too cool for school, my dear.

        Jim makes an excellent Frankenstein. I love the bolts in his neck. It sounds like you had amazing parties at the lake, too.


        1. Some were better attended than others, snowy years where no one wanted to have to use an outhouse (no plumbing in this tiny country hall)….but half the fun is making your costume and decorating 🙂 Jim was a freaky Frank, I sewed HUGE shoulder pads in that jacket so he looked so big…hehe


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