Recipe For A Deadly Party

Blood of bat, hair from rat,

by your side

a little black cat.

Call black birds to be of witness,

under full moon,

the dead are no longer listless.

Sing and chant and dance in darkness,

dare to ask for

Dracula’s black kiss.

Earth and worms will add some charm,

stir it all with

severed arm.

A dozen spiders,

two black bugs,

go ahead and add some slugs.

Hazel of Witch,

nightmares in your head,

repeat this twice

and raise the DEAD.

Original Poem by Boomdeeadda

All photos: Wikimedia Commons (except for Blossum)

Happy Halloween!!!

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by πŸ’›

24 thoughts on “Recipe For A Deadly Party

    1. Hi Robert, I think it might be a nightmare more so than a dream, LOL I like to dream of nice things. Once I dream’t that President Obama and I were on a bus together and he was giving me advice about life. Wierd but nice. Thank’s for your nice message! Sorry you have a headache.


    2. OH shoot Robert, man-o-man I came back to link this to a new post and here’s your beautiful message from last year, unanswered. I’m so sorry I missed it, such a shame. Well thank you for stopping here and I hope you had a wonderful year. Cheers Boomdee!


    1. Thank you my friend, sweet Blossum was happy to pose. I actually wrote for our last lake party. I had a whole corner of our livingroom set up with bugs, slugs, severed arm…eck! How’s your costume coming? I just have a little tiny project to do tonight. I guess as the Hostess of a party, you are maddly running your butt off.


      1. Oh what fun that must have been. Are you working on your mime costume? I finished the sewing earlier this week, but still needed a plastic version of a martini glass. I found one at a party store, then painted the inside with Martha Stewart’s glitter cranberry. I edged the top with glue and cupcake sugar crystals. I used a stir straw and a paper bat. I’m all set. Sharon’s costume has been done for awhile, and my fitness camp costume is really mostly throwing a few things together. Today I cleaned and organized, set up a few things. I’m looking forward to the party. Just need to shop for food and do a little more decorating. (I know, hard to imagine we need more decorating.) Thanks for asking!


        1. Very cool. You really have the knack for putting it all together. Your theater background is still paying off in Spades. The martini is going to perfectly emulate the inspiration card, the piece de resistance! I’ve seen Martha’s Glitter paint in the store and wondered if it would dry sparkly. How’s Mac’s inflatables? No giant spiders walking around the neighbors? What pray tell would Mr Prickly thing of that? HA! Do you have to be around a bunch of treats? We don’t get anyone here at all, so no worries this year. My costumes done, I was making some little banners…maybe a story there..hehe. Thanks for your message Alys, especially when you have so much on your schedule.


        2. Mr. Prickly! LOL.

          The key to reduced Halloween candy consumption, is to buy things I don’t like. So…no chocolate from this household. Suckers, Smarties (which I do like but don’t go crazy on) and Jolly Ranchers, always a hit with the kids, but not my cup of tea.


        3. Good Plan. When we were kids, we were allowed to eat only 1 thing a day from our pumpkin (remember those plastic pumpkin treat buckets), it would last a pretty long time. I probably wouldn’t even have the willpower now LOL


        4. Same with us…or at least a limited amount. But I wonder if it didn’t backfire. Now I take the attitude, well I’m a “grown up” so I can eat whatever I want. . You know what I mean?

          Those plastic pumpkin buckets are still around!!!


        5. I wish I had some pictures from Halloweens way back then. Those plastic Halloween Masks are so vintage. I haven’t seen those pumpkins at the door for years, but out at the lake we were lucky if we got 1/2 dozen gouls. And I do know what you mean about the candy thing….ask Jim, I’ve eaten most of an entire bag of licorice at the movies….he’ll ask for another piece and I’ll be like “oooppps, sorry”. Heads up, ha, if we ever catch a movie together. You’ll want to get in there early on.


        6. Oh yummy, I love black licorice but they don’t sell it at the cinamas here. I used to love those black cigars and pipes too. I guess they’d be polically incorrect now.


        7. When you come for your visit, I’ll take you to Powell’s Candy. They sell old fashioned candy from our childhood. That places is a blast. They have at least twenty varieties. In the back of the store they have five old theater seats, and they play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on continuous loop. It’s so much fun.


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