Mime’s The Word


The art or technique of portraying

a character, mood or idea

by gestures and movements, Pantomime

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What’s so wonderful about having a friend like Deb since grade eight (go ahead, do the math), is how effortless it is to spend time together. Nothing you say or do can be too shocking.  They’ve seen you at your shiny best and if you’re human, at your tarnished worst. We grew up on the north side of town, when everyone was just hard-working and community minded.  A lot of people have moved on. Some, like my brother Wayne and Deb still live in the old hood, which is nice because you can still get all the neighborhood news.

Thanks for showing me a good time my friend, and for not making me sit at the table with the clown. You know they freak me out, but mime’s the word.

Let us be grateful for people who

make us happy, they are the charming gardeners

that make our souls blossom.

Marcel Proust

PS. We won $50 for 3rd Place Best Costumes!!!

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

27 thoughts on “Mime’s The Word

    1. Alys, you are up late! Let me see, I bought a Starbucks Sunday Morning and a couple of things for my Winter Pot and some Tiny bottle Brush trees for Christmas….that’s about as far as it went. I hadn’t seen that quote before, but when I found it for the post, I knew it was perfect in so many ways. 😉 I’ve been lucky to have a couple of friends from childhood still in my life. Funny how they’re both Debbies? Thanks for complimenting my photo’s. I had to fix them up in edit. Hard to get lit pumpkin pictures right with a cheapo camera. 🙂 Happy Halloween Dear Friend.


    1. Awww, thanks Sheryl but yah there were some amazing costumes there. I tried to take photo’s but it was so dark not too many turned out. The 2nd runners up were a couple dressed as ‘The Matrix’, pretty cool and the Winner was a girl dresses as ‘Poisin Ivy’ (I guess it’s from a spiderman movie?).


    1. Hi Anne, good old friends are a rarity so you bet, I treasure Debs friendship. Thanks for the thumbs up! Have fun tommorrow. We’re in a condo downtown so will not see any trick or treaters.


    1. Thanks Leilani, I already spent it of course. Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket 😛

      PS, I meant to say too, I think your little Broom treat bags actually looked better than Martha’s, 🙂


  1. It definately was an effortless fun night… reminded me of the “good ole days”…. good company, good food, good music (albeit a little too loud) all adds up to a good time.


    1. What? Speak up. I am glad you two enjoyed yourselves…..and you are right about the clown – worse than a zombie…


    2. I bet the under 30 crowd didn’t mind the music. What can we dress as that includes earplugs? A jack hammer operator? A DJ?….got a whole year to figure it out. Thanks Deb for the night out xoK


    1. xo ❤
      I said hello when Deb introduced us, John is a really nice guy. I don't know what it is about Clowns but I think I'd pee my pants if one came to my door…thanks for visiting little cous….hope you're feeling better xoK


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