24 thoughts on “Black Cat Boogie

  1. ADORABLE!!! How did I miss this? It didn’t come thru in my reader. Petals and Blossum star in their own movie!!! Kitty is a tad jealous. You did a terrific job on this, I had no idea one of your many talents was making videos!! Hope you had a great Hallowe’en!


    1. Hi miss GJ and kitty! No need to be jealous one bit. I actually made the ‘Black Cat Boogie’ last Halloween. On a site called ‘One True Media’. You just upload your photo’s, pick a theme and song and presto. There’s a number of free themes, I actually bought a membership for a few months. I so appreciate your review!

      I finally took a course for iMovies and have done a few that way too. It’s not as easy to use but there’s a lot more options. We had a pretty quiet Halloween because we’re in a gated townhouse community. Maybe next year we’ll finally find a house. Fingers crossed.


    1. Aloha Pam, thanks so much for watching Petals & Blossum’s Halloween clip. We were lucky to visit Maui, Jan 2012 and presently are in California….so no white stuff here either, and we aren’t missing it much LOL. We found a wonderful pet sitter for our kitties. If you’d like to see her site, go here


      I think you both have wonderful jobs and thank goodness for you, we can travel and know our loved ones are safe and cared for at home while we’re away.

      Thanks for following, see you soon. 🙂


    1. We could really see that party, empty tuna cans everywhere, maybe some furniture fluff still caught in a claw..past out from excess of whiska’s treats..have a spook-tacular night Bowie, thanks for coming over to the dark side, meeeeoow Petals & Blossum


    1. Thanks so much Alys. I’ve just found ‘One True Media’. You can upload your photos, and pic a theme to use then choose all the movie overlays you like and presto. They are my ‘Little Monsters’ and I’m gaga over them 😀


        1. Haaa, I remember you mentioned your tix for January and thought I’d throw that in…hehe
          You’ll have fun at their site, hope we’ll get to see what you come up with if you decide to do one too 🙂


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