Hello Mr Heartache

Hello Mr Heartache,

I’ve been expecting you.

Come in and wear your welcome out,

the way you always do.

You never say if you’re here to stay,

or only passing thru,

Hello Mr Heartache, I’ve been expecting you.

I don’t think the Dixie Chicks were singing about the weather, but it sure seems appropriate today. Please enjoy this rendition by the Benn Sisters, Leanne and Carrie. Their cheery tone might melt some of this snow.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

27 thoughts on “Hello Mr Heartache

    1. Oh wow, you’re way back there! I had to go and look, LOL Well thank you my dear. I think winter was only beginning and I still had a smile about it. I’m standing on our High Level Bridge. It’s 157 feet up off the river. I just walked across last week when is was – 23 C….I had been out shopping at the antique mall and the car was in the shop so I could have taken the bus but decided on fresh air. Well it was actually too fresh, HA even for a northerner 😀


  1. Snow!? …. Suckers! 😉 JUST kidding….. I’m sure we’ll get it in Ottawa soon…. (Tho I wasn’t wearing a coat yesterday…)… Just sayin’! Hee… Hee…. xo


    1. Ha, cheeky :D, you forgot to knock wood..LOL How awesome that you still are enjoying sunshine. I think your winters are generally milder then us in the frozen north…..I’ll send mother nature a little reminder for you, “dear mother nature, my cousin Sherri says hello, please stop by and visit her, wear white”..hehe xoK


  2. S-N-O-W, that’s such a bad four letter word. We are so not ready for it here. It sleeted here in Cleveland, OH yesterday and we were like “oh no!”. Thanks for sharing your pics with us, brrrrrr. Bundle up Sweetie! 🙂


    1. Ha, I hear that. We’re not ready either yet here we go.
      The past couple of days, while not cold, were really bad driving days…all I can say is “SLOW DOWN” people, but that falls on deaf ears….lot’s of smashups. I was out yesterday and was tailgated non-stop for driving with care. Alberta drivers are very aggressive.


    1. Thanks Aunty, I’ve had that hat for 10 years or more, it’s Anne Klein, I love her stuff. Hope you have a wonderful trip, you will be missed. See you on your return. LUL 2 xoK


    1. Thanks Kathryn, that’s awesome to hear. I’m thinking the snow is not as bad as what others are managing this week. So, ‘knock wood’, our Mr Heartache is only a rascal, not a home wrecker. My heart goes out to everyone struggling on the coast. I guess you don’t have any crazy hurricanes in your neck of the woods either. I do know they’ve gotten the odd snowfall in Texas though…so you never know.


    1. Ha, thanks Jean. I don’t have too many country tunes on my IPOD, but we went to a Dixie concert back in 2008 and they were really good. Seemed like they would sing this yesterday, it was crazy time here. Have a great weekend.


    1. Haaa, there’s only good times when you’re young. Snow Angels, Snow Men, Skiing, Snowboarding…..I guess we should all start acting like teenagers and winter would be a breeze, ha


    1. Haaa, I could sent you a little love but it will be chilly. This actually isn’t our ‘First’ snow. The first snow melted in a couple of days. This might too, as it’s suppose to be +5 on Sunday…a few nice days followed by many cold…heck we’ll take em. Thanks for your message Steven, enjoy your day!


  3. Brrrrrrr…

    Boy it really came down this week. Bummer! Where are you standing so high up, sporting a cute little hat I might add? Love the bunny!

    Please let me know when you bring in your Halloween witch so I know she’s warm and dry. I hope you have a warm fire and a hot toddy in your weekend future.


    1. A crazy crazy day here in the Northpole….well, not really but OMG, it snowed for most of the day. It was only -5 (it 0 this morning), so not cold, just very wet and caused all kinds of traffic mayhem. I walked out to the High Level Bridge on a walk about. The river already has ice floating by…yikes, it’s too early. It probably won’t melt till Sunday, when we’re forcast for +5 C or 41 F. I know that’s not California weather but not bad for here at this time of year. The cute witch is actually on my neighbours porch. She looked lonely out there, needs a raindeer or something to join her LOL. Thanks for your message….I’m going out today for lunch with Aunty, so we don’t let a little snow slow us down. 🙂


      1. Its so fun for me getting updates from where you live. You have “real” weather. We had a bit of rain yesterday and by Monday we’re back up to 81F. That is warm, even for us!

        Enjoy your lunch with Aunty. I see her comments on your blog. Is she your Mum’s sister or your Dad’s?


        1. 81F might be a tad warm for me, but how glorious that everything remains green. I think I’d like that part. ‘Real’ weather, ‘Real’ drama…driving today has been a challenge.

          We did have a lonnnnng lunch. Ha, that server was probably wondering if we’d ever leave. Aunty Kathleen was married to my dads brother, John. Uncle Johnny was a real gem, very much like my dad. He had a wonderful sense of humor. We miss their antics. Her kids, Brian, LeeAnn & Sherri have made appearances on Boomdeeadda. Aunties off to Colorado for a month to visit her son, so well miss her for a time. Thanks for asking too. 🙂


        2. So nice that you have the family you do. They must love being included in your blog, too.

          When Sharon lived in Iowa she really struggled with the driving, and the ordeal of getting in and out of her car in poor weather. She had to use her walker to get to the back of the van, then lower her lift, back out the scooter, etc. She started using a large rain poncho to cover her and the scooter so she stayed dry during the transition. What a slog!

          Stay safe.


        3. Oh dear Sharon, I can’t imagine her struggling all alone. It couldn’t have been easy. I imagine she’s so thankful for you. Looks like you have a lot of fun together. I always thought I missed out in that regard. I’m lucky to have the brothers I do, Wayne & Ken are good guys, with busy lives. But when we do get together we enjoy each others company.


        4. It’s great having a sibling you are close to. I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to have brothers. I feel like I missed out on that. I’m glad you and your brothers can have a good time together. It’s great that you have aunts and cousins, too.


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