For Someone You Adore

Have you started to think about Christmas yet? The whole gift shopping thing is almost too daunting. I for one, am not a willing shopper.  I generally go about it like a crazed bank robber. Race in, get what’s on the list and run out the door.

Hence, I always try to make some part of a gift.  I don’t know if people like receiving homemade gifts (I always do) but making them is sure fun. Much more fun than going to a mall. Here’s a little gift idea I recently made for a favorite gal.  You might already have what you need at home.

I thought it was really cute when I spotted it on Pinterest.  Penelope at Modern Minerals also made a really cute button wreath, you can see all the details at her site.  I choose aqua, seafoam and lime green buttons, but you could make it any color under the rainbow.  Why not your favorite color combination?

Here’s how Boomdee did it

  • Pick out  14 buttons in gratuated sizes in a color(s) you fancy,  including a star
  • Lay out your button combination from smallest to largest
  • Pick out five small buttons all the same size for the tree trunk

  • Cut a piece of twine 18 inches long
  • starting with the trunk, string twine through buttons one at a time
  • when you add the first ‘tree’ button, tie it to secure

  • Continue stacking all your buttons on your twine
  • Top with a Star shaped button and tie

A little button tree for someone you adore

Are you thinking about Christmas Yet?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

30 thoughts on “For Someone You Adore

    1. Hi Sunshine, thanks for your fab reply, I’m in the process of cleaning the craft room to make room for Christmas projects…hopefully a few more little trees too. Have a great weekend, I always love hearing from you 🙂


    1. I was at a mall today to birthday shop for Mr B. It was super crowded and hot. I came home had a glass of wine and took a nap, that’s how stressed out I was LOL, I think everyone will get a button tree for Xmas, I can’t bare to go back. You’re right, they’re really fast, it took a while to find the buttons I wanted to use then BOOM, done! Thanks for your message Sheryl! 🙂


  1. I think about it everyday but I keep putting it off,,and today I actually pulled my ass into a quirky little store that is in the mall where I go to school and actually saw some cute little gifts for family and bf. I’m going to mom and dad’s this year,so that means I need to travel light ’cause I’m taking the Bus, so most will be gift cards and a few nick nacks I buy in the small town they live in,,in the end tho it’s being with the one’s you love right?


    1. You got it Canuck girl….great to be with loved ones and sounds like will be way organized. I haven’t done to much xmas shopping yet either, but will be gearing up as soon as some of this snow melts. Thanks for stopping in!


    1. I can’t take credit fo coming up with it but thought it was so cute I’d share it. Thanks for your great message! I like a gift someone took time to make too, but they’re all good! 😉


    1. Don’t you just love Pinterest for ideas? I can really get lost bouncing from board to board, hours really. Yey, I actually can cross one off the list. Thanks for your message too, have you made anything you’ve Pinned?


      1. Yeah, the paper mache pumpkin that I am working on! I saw a neat post on how someone created pumpkins with paper mache and decided to try it for myself. Also, I saw the Pinterest post on skeletons in a yard holding a styrofoam coffin, and we recreated that in our front yard (purchased the skeletons from KMart) and I made the coffin from a pallet instead. (you saw the photo’s of this on our blog, I think! I just LOVE Pinterest!


  2. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing, I’m inspired to make something for my mother-in-law to cheer her up, she’s a massive Christmas person and I think this year will be a little quiet for her. Unfortunately my FIL collapsed with a major heart attack on Tuesday.he survived but is in intensive care, poor fella, fingers crossed he pulls through.
    Must make cheery Christmas craft!


    1. oh no Lizzy, I’m really sorry to hear you FIL has suffered a heart attack. My poor dad, with a heart of gold, also had a heart condition. I can only say it’s hard on the whole family, and especially the patient. I think my dad really worried everyday that something bad would happen after the first time. We lost dad in 1999 and I think medicine has made some advance in this field in the past decade. Thank’s for visiting while you must be so worried. As a seamstress you pobably have a lot of buttons. I glad this little tree brought you some cheer today, it comes with a hug. I’ll be hoping for a speedy recovery for you FIL xoK


      1. He’s much better today – jus tincredibly lucky he went to Emergency when he didn’t feel well and had the attack right under the admitting nurse’s nose! He’s the one-in-a-million survivor apparently!


        1. (((Lizzy))) I’m so relieved for you. That’s the best possible outcome! Thank goodness he listened to his body, lot’s of men don’t and aren’t so lucky. I’m soooo happy for you. ❤ ❤


  3. Adorable! I love buttons. My friend Laura’s mom has a huge collection. She invited me to come over look at them with her. Each type has a story. It was such fun.

    I’m also wearing my own button necklace in my photo, below. That’s how much I love buttons…I wear them around my neck.

    I love this little tree.


    1. Hey, I’m early on this post…Surprise two in one day. HA…
      Does Laura’s mom collect vintage buttons. I’m a bit of a easy mark for those at antique shows. I remember admiring your necklace from the very beginning. That’s such a fabulous photo, gorgeous! I’d like to make a few more as gift toppers. I don’t know what color yet. I’m looking for the right wrap. I’m so happy you’re enjoying it 🙂


      1. You are early! I’m so impressed.

        Laura’s mom collects vintage buttons and has for 40 years. She’s amassed quite a collection. She has them sorted by shell, brass, wood, etc. They’re incredible to dig through. Her mom also makes the most incredibly art dolls you’ve ever seen. She’s won contests for her work. I wish we could get them displayed at a local textile museum. They are incredible works of art.


        1. Don’t be impressed at all Alys, this post was suppose to be for Friday…must have made a booboo when I scheduled. So now Friday might be a bit of a snooze-fest.
          How fun to collect something for so long, how does she display them? We have a shop here called ‘The Alberta Craft Council’. They display and sell local artists. Every manor of creativeness you could imagine. Does she have a Flickr or Etsy? You’re right, so much talent needs to be shared.


        1. 🙂 I have a roll of aqua paper (that’s hardly news worthy, ha) but I’m thinking of Aqua and Lime Green with hit’s of white sparkly for all my wraps and planters and door wreath. So must shop for more buttons.


        1. PPS. Mi piace come si pensa, ora parli la mia lingua. Non so perché il vino mi fa cosa parlare Italiene, ma dobbiamo metterlo in lista per la mia visita. Bere vino rosso con Alys, controllare!
          (hehe, hope that translate back correctly)


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