Tis’ The Season

Does it look like this at your house this morning? Good grief!

Spoiler alert, Christmas is only 47 days away. Very soon,  Santa and his magical Elves will be visiting malls all over town.  I’m pretty sure most of your names are definitely on the ‘Nice List’.  As for the rest of you (and you know who you are), best of luck next year 😉

Families will soon line up at their favorite mall, their precious little ones in their festive finery for the annual ‘Photo With Santa’.  Lots of fun for the kiddies. Oh my, I think this Santa was having a wonderful time here too!

Click Here to see more Santa photo’s at The Poop

The first department store Santa ever visited was in Brockton Massachusetts, way back in 1890. Bearded store owner, James Edgar, dressed in a red suit to great shoppers.   Of course Boomdee got in on the fun over the years.  Notice anything weird in this photo (besides the look on my brothers face)?

Some Santa’s are definitely better than others, This guy wasn’t fooling anyone.

Do you ever wonder what ‘Mall Santa’ does the rest of the year?   It’d be a tricky commute from the North Pole, but here’s a  job opportunity currently listed in Edmonton, they’re looking for drivers.

Now, who’s a better driver than Santa?  He handily navigates the globe without incident every year.   I’d be inclined to just say “Welcome to our team”, no resume required.  I should think that would put me at the top of Santa’s ‘Nice’ List’, which is important as Tis’ The Season.

Do you plan to visit Santa this year?

 Click here to skip the mall and take our personal shortcut to Santa’s House!!! Let’s Go…..

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

24 thoughts on “Tis’ The Season

    1. Wicked, oh no Jean. You have alergies? That’s miserable. I don’t think you want any of this weather. Maybe ‘Alberta Winter Lite’. We’ve gotten slammed over the last two days…I haven’t been able to get anything done. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂


    1. I’m a little envious Steven. No snow means no mittens, scarves, big pouffy coats, clompy boots…man what do you do with all that spare closet space? I can send you some, we got piles 😉


  1. Great story, and I love the picture of u & Ken. Sorry to see all that snow, but I wonder if u noticed that here in Denver it is 70F and no snow yet, but I understand there will be some this week-end. LUL


    1. Hi Aunty, thanks for visiting allllll the way from Denver. Doesn’t Kenny have the funniest look on his face? I think he was maybe 5 and I was 3? Not sure. You’re lucky to have missed this crazy weather…it took forever to shovel, really heavy stuff. 70 sounds devine, are you enjoying Brians new landscaping? Hope you are taking pictures! Have fun! LUL xoK


    1. Hi Clowie, you might have enjoyed it outside here today…your fluffy coat would keep you warm. You might want to find a pair of booties for your cute little doggy paws, it was really really deep snow. I’ll cross my fingers that you won’t see any white stuff too soon. 🙂


    1. Hi PJ, good eye. Yes, I wonder if Santa had that digit up when he shouldn’t have. Watch out for nibbling Reindeer! Otherwise, I do think Santa looked really good that year. Thanks for the good advice. Sitting by the fire presently, enjoying your visit…it’s cozy 🙂


    1. Felt and Smelt? That could be a new holiday tradition. Todays snow blizzard (totally nuts) was super heavy snow that pretty much burried us…next week it’s suppose to be back to seasonal 1 or 3 C….before then, deeeeeeeep freeze. -17 C on Sunday they are saying..oh man. Batten down the hatches.


        1. Ya, if we could put that into a candle weez be rich! I like the smell of the dryer vent outside on a cold day….but my friend says only a very sick woman likes the smell of laundry..hehe.


  2. Wow, that looks cold. Beautiful, though. We had fog this morning. Does that count?

    You are so adorable on Santa’s knee but what is he doing with his hand? I only sat on Santa’s knee once. I was more like the little boy in blue. My boys were terrified so we gave it a wide berth. It was a sad day though when Mac learned who Santa really was. A “friend” told him. I actually pulled over to the side of the road to talk about it. He got quite teary. It was a painful moment for us both.

    Anyway, back to the brighter days ahead, loved the link, love this post and I love you. I’m pretty sure you are at the top of the Nice List. If you’re not, it’s time for me to write the big guy a letter.


    1. You are such a lovely and lovable lady, thanks for your sweet sweet reply. Santa would definitely have you on the top of the ‘Nice List’. Dear Big Guy….LOL, that’s funny.

      You bet fog counts. Any kind of ‘weather’ counts in California given it’s probably a carbon copy of yesterdays perfect day, 355 days a year. I wish this picture was more clear, but did you notice Santa only has 4 digits? I’m pretty sure we didn’t notice at the time, LOL. Thanks for popping over to the Link, those Santas earn every dime. I think they should have a tip jar really.

      Oh dear, what a heartbreak for poor Mac, there’s so much magic watching a believer Christmas morning and I bet you were sad for him to miss that. I actually remember my friend Debbie from BC telling me the same news in grade 3, I remained in denial for weeks but she finally convinced me.


      1. It was very sad. He had such faith and we had such fun. When we took our fireplace out during the remodel seven years ago, we tied a key to a ribbon and had him leave it on the front porch with carrots for the reindeer. I love that picture of him looking so happy.


        1. O, broken heart! Carrots for the reindeer, that’s adorable. He’ll love having that memory his whole life. You’re a good mom! See, now he can have a tradition with his own kids and re-live the fun thru them. 🙂


        2. That is sweet of you to say. I enjoyed believing in Santa for the years that I did, and don’t have any trauma around learning the gig was up. I guess it’s different for everyone. I like the idea of him passing on those traditions.


    1. You are smart to be trepidacious Bowie, it was completely nuts out there today. It seems like a cruel joke alright…it was snowing sideways because of the wind…say what? 😦


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