Shaken And Stirred

Are these the eyes of friend or foe?

Could these be the lips of a gentle lover?

Have throngs of woman whispered their

darkest desires into these ears?

Yes, yes and yes.

It’s Bond, James Bond, 007.  Why do we love you so James?  I know why I, only recently, jumped on board that fast-moving Bond train.  Isn’t it obvious?  While Daniel Craig is a guys guy, blowing up evil villains, riding motorcycles with reckless abandon and getting the prettiest girl in the room, he also manages to be the ultimate chick MAGNET. Let’s face it ladies, with his smooth english accent, he had us at “hello”.  Did I mention the steely blue eyes, slick suits and killer cars?  Sorry Mr B., I’m only human.


Not even Edmonton’s frigid temperatures could dampen our excitement  of the latest 007 movie,


We bundled up and headed out to the midday matinée.  A very fit and dashing Daniel Craig thoroughly entertains for almost 2 hours.  Along with the lovely Judi Dench, handsome Ralph Fiennes and gorgeous bond girl, Naomie Harris, Bonds fights the deliciously wicked Silva played by  a blonde Javier Bardem .  Silva is ex MI6 with an axe to grind and Javier plays one of the best Bond villains I’ve ever seen..he’s so crazy.  The stunts are equally crazy…..crazy fun!  The saddest part of the movie, for me, was when Bonds classic Aston Martin is totalled…..I wanted to scream NOOOOOoooooo, NOT the car.

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

I can’t tell you any other saucy details, but believe me, you will leave the cinema shaken AND stirred.

Click here for the Skyfall movie trailer

Seen any movies lately you’d recommend?

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17 thoughts on “Shaken And Stirred

  1. LOL! He is dreamy, that is for sure. Love him,and the rest of the cast you mention. Since this one gets your stamp of approval, I will go check it out. Oh my that snow looks cold. Good for you for braving the elements. Does your theater sell hot coco? Shaken of course.


    1. Dreamy yes! PJ thinks Daniel Craig is funny looking…say it isn’t so. LOL Are we just enamoured by the British accent? AKA ‘Joe Everyman’ where lovely PJ lives. Does Mike like Bond movies too? It warmed up since yesterday, -3 now or 27 F….whew, heat wave. LOL. I didn’t stop at the goodie counter..but they shoud sell cocoa, it’d be a big hit. Yum, Bond and Chocolate.


      1. Bond and chocolate. LOL! By the way, I managed three weeks chocolate-free. Mike brought home a delectable bar from Argentina, so, well…I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or anything. 😉

        He does like the Bond movies and has probably seen more than I have. Some of the older ones are so degrading towards women. I think they’ve come along way.

        Heat wave in Boomdee Town! Hurray, hurray.

        I saw PJ’s comment. You’re right, maybe since she’s surrounded by British accents she’s not as charmed as we are. My dad was British and people used to ask if he had an accent. Of course to us he just sounded like dad. I wish I had a recording of his voice. Lots of home movies, with no sound.


        1. Ha, it was the only polite thing to do after he was so thoughtful. 😉 I’ve only become a Bond fan since Daniel Craig took the role. You’re right, the older ones were pretty chauvinistic and maybe campy. I saw him in another film with Nicole Kidman, they were scientists fighting a plague..pretty good.

          I don’t have a recording of dad’s voice either, maybe Ken does. Dad used to go watch their boys play hockey and I think Ken may have taped some games. I’ll have to ask. It’s nice you have the movies though of your dear dad. (((Alys))).


  2. Saw JAMES BOND in Skyfall on Saturday with Brian & Paula in IMAX. Very impressive except abit too loud for my sensitive ‘old’ears. Loved it!!!!


    1. Hi Aunty, Ohhhhh IMAX would be impressive! The Cinema was playing the previews very loud but once the movie started, it was ok. I don’t know what’s with the volume, why do they do that? I don’t know how they top it every time, but can’t wait for the next one 🙂 xoK


    1. Was the cinema packed Katherine? I have seen all the previous Bonds, Sean Connery, Roger Moore (liked him), and Peirce…..I have to say, I never looked FORWARD to a Bond movie until Daniel Craig. I loved it too. Thanks for your support!


  3. I haven’t seen this yet but will probably go and see it in a couple of weeks time. My husband is a huge Bond fan (he loves anything with anything with gadgets and cars…) but I’m not too fussed about it and (gasp!) I find Daniel Craig a bit funny looking – although a man who looks good in a sharp suit usually does make my heart flutter! It’s had really good reviews so I’ll look forward to it x


    1. Gasp, is right. I guess he’s not everyones cup of tea LOL. There is a gadget guy in the movie…maybe he’ll turn your head. He’s to young for Boomdee though LOL. Thanks for you review on Daniel Craig, I bet you’ll review the movie a wee bit more favorable! Cheers P


    1. Thanks Herman, you inspired me. Hey I’m currently watching North by Northwest…another great classic with great old cars. My favorite part was the train sequence and Javier in the subway tunnel…what a riot!


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