No Pain, No Gain

I was happy to spend a lot of time in my craftroom last week when that winter storm blew through town.  With the  evenings getting dark so early and the snow piling up outside, I got to building myself a cozy little nest inside.  Is it just in our DNA, like little squirrels preparing for winter?  Whatever the reason, I had the urge to entirely re-organize my craft nest, and it got down-right ugly. I went through every jar, cubby and box.

I managed to pile ‘stuff’ on every surface.  Then, when I ran out of room, I took over the hallway too.

Obviously, there was a well deserved break. Have you tried these 100 Calorie Fibre Bars yet? Yum!

No matter how organized I think I am, there’s always a desire to improve.  Do you get that way too?  Oh sure, you could head out to Wal-Mart or Homesense and buy the latest, greatest office accessories, but would they have any personality?  I always have more fun incorporating something vintage, remember these?

Well loved treasures just feel ‘right’ in my world.  A little dust, a crack or worn paint, only makes it more appealing. Forgotten things that once gave years of service in another home are now charming me in mine.  That’s what gilds my nest and makes me happy. On a recent trip to the Old Strathcona Antique Mall, I set my sites on finding some vintage items to help me realize my vision.  I found this little cupboard, it already has divided drawers and was a mere $23.00.

Then, I couldn’t resist this vintage pink bakelite sewing box.  It might have been for a junior sewer.  Maybe even someone’s Christmas gift?  I fell in love with the kittens on the lid. It’s pristine and at $12.00 was a ‘no brainer’.

(click on any image to enlarge)

I was so excited to get everything back in place and load up my new vintage organizers, I just love them.  I have all my tools at hand and I almost ‘sigh’ every time I open my vintage sewing box and see those little kittens. Feels good to be so organized.  What a big job, but hey, no pain, no gain.

I can’t wait to start a new project, but first, stop by on Wednesday to learn a cool scrapbook trick I used on my Halloween Collage. See you then!

Do you like to organize with vintage?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

27 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain

    1. Aren’t they adorable? It’s like a little sparkly beach find. When it does get out of control in there, it seems to come together pretty quick. I wish I could put up some shelves, that would sure make room. Next place for sure 🙂


  1. I love all of your boxes, suitcases and storage ideas…. they’re treasure chests waiting to be plundered! I need to sort out my dresser but will spend hours just playing with things, decide not to throw anything away and then feel guilty for not doing the ironing!!


    1. Ha, PJ I’ve done that myself. It’s easy to get off track. I’ll get all my recipe books out and flip thru them for an hour then put them all away and make the usual ol’ thing. If I had a garden as glorious as yours, I’d not be organized inside at all. 🙂


      1. I’m naturally a tidy person but there’s not enough time in the day – so many things get stuffed into cupboards or under the bed so it appears far tidier than it is!!! The garden is the same as the weeds are hidden by dense planting!


    1. Blossum & Petals will hang in the craftroom on their pillow all day…no matter what’s going on. If you bring in anything new, even a paper bag, they just must investigate. I wouldn’t say they are helpful really but they are good company. Thanks for visiting Clowie!


  2. I had so much fun playing in your craft room, visually. I loved the little cabinet. It looks like it would be perfect for thread. I like to keep mine dust free as dust will clog the machine. It would be fun to paint or decopage vintage art on them. Loved your blog as usual.


    1. Thanks so much Marlene! I don’t know what the previous owner used it for (it was very clean inside), but thread would do nicely too. I probably will leave it neutral since there’s sooo much eye candy on my desk, but I think decopage would look cute too. Thanks so much for your message!


    1. I tried to link and get onto MY own news feed and then can’t see it. So I tried to type Organized At Heart in the Search field and get an African Restaurant? What am I doing wrong? Maybe I need to be a friend?

      Well, THANK YOU for sharing there!! I’m blowing you a kiss, mmmmmmwwwwwaaaa !!


    1. Well if you ever find your way to Edmonton, you have a standing invite 🙂 Hopefully one day it’ll be in my own house and I can have shelves and artwork too. For now, it’s a happy little space. Thanks for your sweet message Katherine!


  3. For starters, I looked with just one eye open. Once assured this wasn’t a dieting blog (phew!!!), boy did I ever have fun. You bring such charm to the process of organizing. I love the way you merge the practical with the beautiful, really what good design is all about.

    That little sewing box is sweet. I re-organized my own sewing supplies a few weeks ago, but they look quite mundane stacked up against your vintage treasures. Nice!


    1. LOL, I would be hard pressed to write anything positive about dieting this weekend, glad I didn’t bore you with those escapades.
      It sure never stays tidy for too long but at least ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ makes it easy to tidy up again. Isn’t the little kitty sewing box cute? I couldn’t believe the price. There’s literally not a scratch, chip or anything on it.
      Thanks for seeing the charm in it all, that’s exactly what I was going for 🙂


      1. You have a lovely home. I find myself looking around corners and just beyond picture to catch a glimpse. Does that make sense?

        Crafting is like cooking. You make a mess, you clean it up, repeat, repeat, repeat. But as you say, if you know where things are, you’ve won half the battle. The fact that everything looks so darn cute. Well! Loads of fun.


        1. Hey, that’s awfully nice to hear. Thanks Alys. Our friend we rent from came by with his dad (I met him on our moving day) and gave us a nice compliment too. Kevin didn’t really do too much decorating while he was here, so no wonder it looks a lot different. Just needed a little sprinkle of sparkle…ta da!


        2. Thank’s for that. I think Kevins dad said something like “who knew it could look like this”…and Kevin said we’d have to leave it staged when we move so he could sell. His dads name is Rusty…isn’t that a fun name…such nice guys. We feel pretty lucky to be able to rent here.


        3. That’s a lovely story. It’s nice to be renting from great people and I’ve no doubt your style and imagination graces every room. I hope you can stay as long as you like so you can find or build the house of your dreams.


  4. I love your trinkets and treasures. I do the same thing. I completely reorganized my basement the other night when it was really cold out. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I run out of things to reorganize. I guess Ill re-reorganize.


    1. LOL, yah re-reorganize! I don’t know, by the time you’re all organized, something else in another corner is messed up…It’s fun though. Hey what happened in your basement? Will you post?


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